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Why You Shouldn't Wish Your Life Away

I grabbed one of these little weeds yesterday and walked out onto the rocks on the beach. My plan was to take some photographs in macro. 432 more words


This Is Your Journey To Walk Your Way

My son is in college and beginning the process of making huge life decisions. He has dreams in his heart for how he wants to travel his journey. 281 more words


After the Goosebumps [Bringing REAL and LASTING Change To Your Life]

Just yesterday evening while returning from work class work (you won’t understand), the radio jingle for a very popular annual event (in Lagos, Nigeria) came on air. 1,014 more words


10 Principles for Strong Relationships Found in the 10 Commandments (even if you are not religious)

Have you ever experienced the pain of a failed relationship? Walking through each day numb, until a tidal wave of hope or rage or fear hits and sends you to bed, shivering, crying, and staring into space in terror. 1,665 more words


Do Your Best, Work From The Heart

Do your best.

That is excellence.

Excellence is working from the heart.

Passion fuels the effort.

The result is a job well done. Quality.

The reward is satisfaction. 118 more words


How To Help Teens Learn Decision Making Skills

Where’s that parenting manual when you need it most?

Whether you have one child or 19, like my husband’s grand grand mother did, it doesn’t take long to realize that parenting is the toughest and most rewarding endeavor you will ever take on in life. 1,216 more words


Rock Bottom

“Rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” -J. K. Rawlings

Kaikora, New Zealand

Cozy Nook

Riverton Beach, New Zealand

We have learned to start over since childhood. 251 more words

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