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No matter the label thrown in your face, only you can define yourself”- Unknown

We all label and we allĀ get labelled that is normal human behaviour but the most important thing is if you accept the label and let it be fulfilled and in this case I’m talking about negative labels.

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A queen

A star

God used Esther to save his people

A young girl filled with big aspirations

A source of motivation for lots of people… 108 more words


Just Getting Started (finally)

I woke up early this morning with excitement for the day. A few years ago I could barely get myself out of bed, and when I finally did I wanted to disappear. 739 more words

How is your life going right now? One off life quality assessment and coaching this spring (2 min read)

I want to ask you all 3 important questions :

  • How is your life going right now?

  • Are you on top of your game with a balanced, successful and sustainable lifestyle, or can you sense that the quality of your life is not quite the way you would like it to be?

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