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#1: Be Impeccable With Your Word

Your word is the greatest currency you have in this world. Spend it wisely.

When people think of the 4 Elements, fire, water, air, earth, they think of the four things that are essential for life.

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August Life Development Series: #4Elements

When people think of the four elements, they think of earth, air, fire and water.  The four elements are believed to be essential for life. 84 more words

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Work In Silence, You Shouldn't Have Anything To Prove (Part 3, C.S.I.)

People who do alot of talking about how you are chasing your dreams have time to do all that talking for a reason. When you work in silence you erase 80% of the noise. 233 more words

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"Quit Lying About Your Grind" (C.S.I. Part 2)

This is part 2 of our Life Development Series “C.S.I.” Character, Strength, Integrity”

I recently came across a clip I wish every person and community based organization could view. 102 more words

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We all want to be bosses in our everyday life both at home, school, workplace etc. I’ll be teaching you how to be a boss in this post. 176 more words


#lifelessons101 What to do when when your past attacks your now (3 min read)

Recently I watch a short video on Facebook about the Syrian ballet dancer Ahmad Joudeh, it is immensely powerful and inspiring. However one thing he said struck me on such a personal level… 898 more words

C.S.I. Part 1 - "Do Not Disturb"

June was Pride Month. For some it was the one day they put all their issues to the side and spend the entire day FREE. Some people dressed in a way they wish they could on a daily basis, some were able to come out from the shadows and blend in with thousands who took to the streets. 359 more words

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