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Watch ""Oz" Part 1 - The Wicked Witch (Anthony Walker)"

Part 1 of our life development series looks at the wicked witch. Ever notice in life how the more you try to get closer to your goal someone is always trying to block you? 25 more words

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Evaluating the next step.

Awhile back I posted about a possible career change and making that leap. I had thought about possibly going to Auctioneer school. I’ve always been fascinated with auctions and that chant. 545 more words


#4 Always Do Your Best

It’s the fourth and final entry for this life development series, the #4Elements to finding peace in your life.

Just like seasons change, your best will change from time to time, moment to moment, when you are healthy as opposed to sick. 15 more words

Life Development

#3 Don't Make Assumptions

Most people feel they know everything. The hard truth is that you only know what you know. (This is why people with mentors tend to swear by them, i.e. 129 more words

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Which me is reacting to you? (A guide to understanding tour reactions)

When Shrek told donkey that ogres were like onions he wasn’t wrong. We are all like onions we all have layers. No matter who you are on the surface today, there is layer beneath layer of your past and personality bubbling just under that surface. 1,116 more words

#2 Don't Take Anything Personally

We took a few weeks off due to the Hurricanes and we are excited to continue our life development series #4Elements below.

Lets start this off with the hardest thing for people to understand: 230 more words

Life Development

#1: Be Impeccable With Your Word

Your word is the greatest currency you have in this world. Spend it wisely.

When people think of the 4 Elements, fire, water, air, earth, they think of the four things that are essential for life.

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