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Everybody is a star!!

 Before you can expect anyone else to think of you as special, you have to know that you are special. Realizing that you have been made beautifully, wonderfully, and uniquely by God you are going to carry yourself in a new way. 32 more words

Life Empowerment

What Scientists forgot to tell you

A star-inspired self-help poem:

What Scientists forgot to tell you

Love is a state of Being
You can enter that place
At anytime, at will… 188 more words


A Power in Choice

I think what many of overlook sometimes is our power to choose. The idea that we are capable of literally choosing what we do or what to do. 333 more words

10 Things to Do to Pull Yourself Up By the Bootstraps

10 Things to Do to Pull Yourself Up By the Bootstraps

Seasons change and so do our moods, feelings and emotions.

Here are 10 things you can do TODAY to pull yourself¬†up by the bootstraps… 249 more words

Self Care

Question 1: How Can We Empower The Youth In Our Community To Help Themselves?

Question 1. How can we empower the youth in our community to help themselves?

This is an awesome question. Before I say anything about empowering our youth, I want to say that they are our future. 469 more words

Energize Your Thoughts

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Question 1. Richard A. Cross has a remarkable life experience to share and motivational insights we all need to hear and embrace. Follow him here and at Energize Your Thoughts...I only wish I had experienced the words of Richard A. Cross years ago. This inspired motivational speaker shares philosophy with his audience through a voice of vision and determination. Share in the dream and share it with others.

More About Me

First off, thanks to the people that started following my blog already. I do suck at blogging regularly which is why I’m trying to get into a routine before I try to advertise it. 332 more words