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Life Energy Within Each of Us

Joy or Sadness – Your Choice

Joy not fully expressed is sadness. The other day I was thinking about Life Energy and where it comes from. 267 more words

Self Help

On Observation

The advent of each day brings us joys and challenges, each of which have the ability to alter our life-state in some way. Joys tend to raise our life-state, challenges may lower it if we let them, and therein lies the conundrum. 233 more words


Congress of Red Mouths

We were all lovers
At one point or another
We all met behind ruins
And stared at flowers in eyes

And briefly became somebody else… 134 more words


Thermodynamics of Life

Thermodynamics and Life, or,

A conversation between Grandfather Rohani and Grandson Nimbu.

* * * *

Reader:    5 is Nimbu’s enneagram type, and as the observer, he always liked to figure out how things work. 1,492 more words

Capital P For Practice

As you know, my Buddhist Practice is a way of life. A routine that I go through every day, Gongyo, Daimoku, even writing this blog. But routine is also another word for boring, mundane or even hum-drum, so it’s important to keep in mind why we Practice. 280 more words


life lesson: 'life energy...is important.'

A major lesson for me in this lifetime has been to learn – through no less than devastating experiences… that life energy is important.

I am highlighting this issue because I very rarely see other individuals who seem to fully comprehend this topic. 539 more words

Master your own Potential Energy You Can Proud of

No matter what power you have, you need energy for it. There are 7 types of energy called Chakra. Everyone have all types of them basically. 579 more words