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About the intensity of energy with relation to yoga

What I’m seeing going on is….the level of frequency and intensity of the energy downloaded through yoga -> leads to the extent of energy blockages being triggered and removed. 132 more words

Ten Life Energy Practices That Will Change Your Life

Keep your head in the game.
Practice living consciously or being aware. Have you noticed what happens when we try to run around in the dark? 761 more words

Spiritual Practices

Sarasota Life Energy Series | Michael Barrett | Ella Ellis | Mind Spa

Starting in August and September, we are launching a new series of lectures and classes at Mind Spa in Sarasota, Florida. The first lecture series is about:  218 more words

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Boost your energy without coffee and energy drinks

Some people can’t even imagine to start their day without their usual morning cup of Joe. I used to be one of those people until I decided to stop drinking coffee, well I still have it once or twice a week, but I used to have it every morning or even 3 times a day when I was studying or at work. 738 more words



An age old question for human beings is why do we die – sometimes in a senseless, violent manner?  Why do good people die young? This is what self-conscious beings ask. 544 more words




  • I practice Qi-gong and Tai Chi. The physical and psychological benefits of these practices have long been documented and known. Even if I experienced Qi, I have often wondered is this real or a suggestive fantasy?
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