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Healing the masculine and feminine

We live in a crazy, topsy turvy world. Or at least it can seem that way sometimes, especially these days as chaos seems to reign supreme. 1,919 more words

Rich Like We Were

Our dreams have a way of regressing us, don’t they? In our waking hours, we can remain masters of our own domain (or so we like to think), but in our dreams we may become the lost child we all fear we are—the kid who forgot to wear pants to school or the one stranded and alone in a shopping mall the size of a small city. 611 more words


Day 2 in Berlin

I arrived just in time!

I spent my first day trying to find a place that would make/sell birthday cakes. It’s not an easy task in Berlin! Happy birthday Selin! : )

I don't want to fall in love off of subtweets so, let's get personal

finally starting to feel better after a solid week of being sick (unprecedented, yes) and it’s a relief because I have something big coming up on monday at work. 1,788 more words


Late Night (Not-so) Mini Journals -- Grace Retreat 2018

My English is getting a bit wonky do bear with me HAHA I’m fixing it!

Day one-done
In the first sermon, Pastor Josh called for an altar call. 1,259 more words

Thought Logs

I hear what you hear!

In March I wrote about my discovery of having tinnitus and hearing loss here:  Do you hear what I hear?

The next day I got my hearing aids. 3,762 more words

Life Transitions