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The End of Something Beautiful. The Start of Something Better.

918-130= 888

888 days of living together.

I recall, in Harry Potter they use a Pensieve to view memories. These memories were collected in form of tears and then later poured into the Pensieve to view them at leisure. 55 more words

The Silver Lining

What kind of Christmas are you having?

I can hardly believe that it’s the 1st of December already! Where did the time go? This can only mean one thing that we’re on the countdown to Christmas the advent calendar doors will start to be opened around the world, the elf on the shelf games will start with small children and if you haven’t (like me) started to think about Christmas gifts then perhaps you should. 391 more words

Life Celebrations

Wanted: Positivity

Lately I’ve been tweeting how miserable my life was during the last days of our first semester, almost flooding my feed. Until today, there’s still a hangover of it that I’ve decided to just write about it and post as one of my blogs instead of separate posts that surely have pissed many of my twitter followers. 513 more words

Life Events

Sweet Sunday Night.

This weekend has been a whole bunch of abnormal events one after the other.

Normally, I spend the whole weekend at home, cleaning, watching tv, and doing homework. 244 more words

365 Day Challenge

Photo/Poetry Collection Coming Soon

With all of my different photos I have taken, I have decided to put together a short photo collection with some poetic verse and  inspirational writings together. 88 more words


The Hopes and Fears of All the Years

The year was 1988. It was the start of a new family. There were only five months left until Christmas to set in history the markings that would forever be on our Christmas tree. 278 more words


OH MY GOD! I finished my draft! Finally! It came in at 71,397 words pressed into 24 chapters. I can’t believe I’ve finally finished an entire book. 132 more words