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First Week

I have officially completed my first week of training as a Fire Marshal.  To be honest, most of my first week was incredibly boring.  I had to do a lot of online training for my Fire A-D certifications, Hazmat training, and the usual Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment type stuff. 314 more words


House Hunting

As I mentioned in a previous post, a lot of my spare time has been used up frantically searching for a house for my family.  I say frantically because up until a couple of weeks ago we weren’t going to need a house until the beginning of 2017.   370 more words


On Rocks and Hard Places

Donald Trump is caught between a rock and a hard place. This wealthy megalomaniac is not only needy and childish, he is also an uninformed, clueless, bombastic, and unthoughtful idiot. 36 more words

Life Events

One of the Best day


Today is the presentation of our jingle making contest, all second year must be participate for that because it is one of the subject that being graded. 106 more words

Life Events

Little Did He Know. 

Life is a series of events. We create many events and some events happen because of seemingly incongruent events from our past.

What would it be like if someone was writing the story of our life? 128 more words

Bus Depot

​Clad in brown. Drapped in rags. Sunshine poking her face she walked through the station. Auburn hair burning at the site of those who passed by. 167 more words


Role Reversal

She wanted to talk to me.

She’s having trouble sleeping, but doesn’t want the kids to know. They already worry too  much about her. She doesn’t want to be a burden, already feels like she’s a burden. 235 more words