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Stupid, Stupid Me

Last night I got a not so gentle reminder of how easy it is to fall back into old ways and patterns. I, nobody else, allowed my fears to take over my mind. 525 more words


While it probably doesn’t surprise many who’ve been following me for a while, I’m not exactly a “confident” person. I’m not also a completely helpless, emotionally-unstable-insecure person – anymore. 516 more words


Writing: The most interesting day

This is something I’ve heard many times – when writing a novel (or a short story) the reader should be the participant in the most interesting day(s) of the protagonist’s life. 332 more words


Weekend Fears

I’m sure many of you can share this feeling with me. The fears that come along with the weekend. We work our tails off for 40+ hours during the week, run kids to jobs and their activities, try to cook dinner and spend so kind of quality time with our spouses and get to bed early just to get up early and do it all over again. 1,097 more words

Pep Talk

Hey you.

I can’t begin to try and understand the raw emotion that you must be feeling right now. 279 more words


It Started With an R - and Then There were Three!

It started one morning while I was waking up slowly, groggily. Ruminations about my blog rumbled around in my brain, (i.e. no writing recently, even though the left sidebar claims there’s “writing, picture-making, ruminating” going on here). 737 more words


Yard Sale Part 1: Selling Off the Memories

Just a short post today, as I get ready to help my mom prepare for her giant yard sale tomorrow. Thankfully, Mom is in good health and is downsizing from the three-bedroom home where my brothers and I grew up to a really lovely, much more modern condo. 514 more words