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30 Weeks

I never wanted to document my last bump with Charlotte. I think I was always self just too self-conscious, but now that I am pregnant with another big bump I have the urge to document it somehow. 126 more words

February 27, 2015

This week was pretty busy for me because I have weekend plans for once and I was trying to get as much homework done as I can beforehand. 1,641 more words



Define “examination“.

According to Mr. Dictionary, it is a test to show a person’s progress, knowledge, or ability.

According to this blogger (hi!), it’s that thing that keeps a person awake the night before it is given, gives you that somehow it is the end of the world kind of feeling especially when it is given by surprise. 3,018 more words



During the last days of 2015, A lot of things are running in my head. So many things that i wanted to accomplish for the coming year. 477 more words


Collision of Worlds

For years I’ve been a writer. A solitary writer alone in my house, celebrating NaNoWriMo wins with my family and handful of writing buddies. Last month, that all changed. 341 more words

Everyday Life

A Very Dumb Blog Post About Nothing

(I have no blog post ideas. Work with me.)

These are what conversations sound like these days:
“Hi! How are you?”
“Doing well.¬†How’re you?” 525 more words

Life Events

A Trauma in the Trauma Center

Sunday, aside from being my market day, its mostly my gardening day. I love tending my wild garden, be it raining or sun-scorching Sunday. Just before I rest for lunch, an insect went inside my left ear and happily moving around hurting me with some new really painful sensations. 647 more words