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I want to break things. Why did I let her back into my life. Why do I fucking care so much. Why do I do this to myself. Why?

Life Events

The COLOUR COAT Story ! (Part-I)

Colour coat? What is a colour coat? A coat with different colour maybe?! even google will show you the result with coats by online shopping advertisement. 1,233 more words


After years of struggling, I want to thank my College English Writing teacher!

As of May 22, 2016. I have achieved a letter grade of “A” in a English Writing class.  Why does this seem significant to me? For many years, I have been told by hundreds of people how I have great ideas but my grammar issues would ruin the quality of my paper.   1,689 more words


I Don't Think That I Am Very Creative

I have never considered myself to be a very creative person. And, over time I have started blogs in the hope that I could and eventually would become a good blogger. 243 more words

Launched Unvoiced Kids Ph on twitter

“We are the ones with voices the world is trying to silence, voices that the world doesn’t want to hear.” this quote played in my head and is relating so much to me. 329 more words

Life Events

The speech

I spent today at a marae. I think I’m supposed to wax lyrical on the profound spiritual effect it had on me, mention the wisdom of the iwi, talk about my own insignificance in the face of strong whakapapa and a struggle to regain acceptance in society. 797 more words

How to Build a Web Page

Something is different, the web address is the same, and the words are the same but everything looks weird. What is this? I hope y’all like the new look it was a joyful challenge to take “Thoughts with Thomas,” into the new(er) age, having more links and cool stuff to click on! 539 more words

Life Events