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Love God, love others

I was inadvertently hurt by a string of Facebook posts the other day.

With social explosions happening left and right after the recent Supreme Court ruling I had decided to decrease, considerably, my use of Facebook until the first major wave passed.

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Life Events

To All You College Kids...I Mean Adults

Ever wonder how we grew up so fast?

Now you know how your parents feel.

Just the other day I received a couple emails from my parents and attached to them were a couple videos of me and my sister playing at a park together. 1,879 more words

Journals: Observations+Thoughts

Who Has Art? Med Hat has Art!.

Medicine Hat is a medium sized city with approximately 63,000 people. We are located in South-Eastern Alberta near the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. Hwy 1 or the TransCanada runs through this beautiful river valley community. 685 more words


Happy Converg3

As Christians we have to CONVERGE in a group of people who have desires to align themselves to God even in our diversity.

(Not the exact words by Ickhoy De Leon but it’s the thought that mattered.) 634 more words

Life Events

July 3, 2015

Today, my mom and I went down to Sycamore, IL to visit my dad’s grave (I have today off due to the 4th); he would be gone for 19 years as of July 6. 355 more words

Life Events

Life Stories

Spoilers: I’m in Malaysia.

I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen, if I’d do my usual term of service to my habitual anxiety and bow out or if I’d power through and force myself to have a new experience. 898 more words

The best record of life events today.

I have heard people say that the best way of keeping record of life events today is by going the old-fashion way; writing them down in a journal or taking pictures and printing them to have hard copies of the pictures for storage. 82 more words