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Smashed Ordure

With two toddlers I’ve realized that nothing can go right, unfortunately!

Yesterday evening I was waiting for the elder one to poop after gulping down a big cup of milk. 313 more words

Personal Rant

It's our Anniversary! A reflection on being married for one year

Well, when you’re reading this its mine and Dom’s first anniversary! I can’t quite believe we’ve been married a whole year! This year has flownnnnnn by! 650 more words

Life Events

Friday Ramblings From An Author-Summer's Going too Fast

It’s been raining every day…not that I mind but it’s reminded me that summer is going too fast. It’s the first year I haven’t taken a break from teaching and I’m feeling like I’ll need some sort of break to recharge my writing batteries before fall arrives. 219 more words


Declutter Away!

279 emails Deleted. A ‘Clear All’ in Whatsapp Chat. Two ‘Exit Group’ Clicks. A ‘Delete Conversation’ in Facebook.

Plus the usual ‘Block user’ in Contacts, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. 22 more words

Life Events

Life Event: Charlottesville

I almost posted Sunday. That is when I saw the news. Saturday I had disconnected and was (blessedly) unaware of what went down “in real time.” I saw blessedly because I’ve seen streams of tweets and such that made things sound WORSE then reality – so by only reading up later I was able to not even believe “dozens were killed.” 793 more words