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Life Events| I’m Moving in with a Guy

Hi everyone!! I know it’s been forever, let’s get down to it. (Here’s your suggested music for this post: House Party- Sam Hunt)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and so many life changes have taken place. 686 more words

Q for Question paper quivers and exam shivers..

Question paper quivers…Exam Chronicles.
I am a severe Testophobic person whose mind gets disarrayed at the mention of the word called exam. During such days, my dysfunctional mind never failed to beget more anxiety. 1,108 more words

Wake up call

Today is the day that I realised just how bad things have got! A wake up call, which I don’t need to go into here but it has made me look around me – my house, my life, my reclusive behaviour – and see that I am barely holding on by a piece of string. 1,096 more words

Not THAT long ago

This was just a year and 9 months ago and all the flowering bushes and plants are gone!



Hard to believe that 41 years ago I saw the opening number of this show on the Tony Awards and since then have seen it on stage 101 times! 37 more words

A Poetry From The Past... 

It’s a poetry about you and me, dear lover from the past.

So here it goes….


Pernyataan Hati

Air mata mengalir sendu, membasahi pipi ranum sang gadis…

304 more words
3am Love Letter

Springtime for The Donald — THE SHINBONE STAR

EDITOR’S NOTE: Part one of a five-part series examining the ease with which all that we hold dear can be hijacked and turned against us in the blink of an eye.

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Life Events


Yesterday, I went to NAIA to see and bid a fond farewell to my bestfriend whom I haven’t seen in awhile since the start of semestral break. 53 more words

Life Events