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Salute to Nature- Conscious Walking with MA Sanjay, 20th April, Toronto

“We have taken a lot from the world, all these years. Our selfish existence for self gratification has not helped the world at all. We have been selfishly taking from the Earth more than we have given back, yet we have been complaining too.

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Life Experience

Why write a novel?

Daily reflection.

My novel

Here is the deal…3000 words a chapter 60,000 words completion, 20 chapters minimum..maybe more.

First books often do very little and extremely difficult for new authors to get a publisher…traditional publisher. 179 more words

Life Experience

Wonderful Wedding

This Saturday night I had the privilege of being invited to a friend’s wedding. This wedding took place in Saudades, Santa Catarina. Saudades is a small city in the state immediately north of Rio Grande do Sul. 68 more words


Mimicking Nature

We are trying to imitate our mother nature since we learnt to cook with fire. Biomimicking is trying to imitate nature in our inventions. Simply out as Inspired By Nature. 285 more words

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Cognition: Creativity: The Upside of Being a Late Bloomer

“As you move forward, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s never too late to “become” yourself. Aristotle, for example, didn’t fully devote himself to writing and philosophy until he was nearly 50.

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Why Listen?

My daily reflection:

People tell us all kinds of things about their lives. Often not stopping for a breather.

The inverts often sitting in silence, hoping they just banter on. 280 more words

Life Experience

Me!, really me!?

Why write a Novel instead of self-help?

I have three to four chapters completed of my self-help book and was overwhelmed with a sense that I should be writing a fictional story. 357 more words

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