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I Can Do Things?

Did you know that dehydration can make you tired? I decided to Google why I was so fucking tired today, and that was an option. I’ve only managed one 16.9 oz (500 ml) bottle so far, so I am way behind, considering I’m supposed to drink around 3.5 liters or nearly a gallon of water. 402 more words

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Why we need Feminism.

A friend shared this and i couldn’t agree more, follow the link and check it out. :)

Rasenth is an illustrator, comic artist, and animator from California, currently living in Japan.  

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Life Experiences

Finding Myself...

  At present, I am 25 years old, having no job, just sitting at home and waiting for my MA -Part 2 results. I aspire to bag a job in a public sector bank, but I am not able to put as much amount of efforts in studies as needed to crack the recruitment exam. 485 more words

Life Experiences

In defense of those who commit suicide.

Unpopular opinion:  suicide is not a selfish act and if you say/believe that it is, you are the selfish person.

Now, if you can swallow the ignorant reply that is trying to come out of your mouth right now, sit back and listen for a moment, because the people who have killed themselves might not have a voice, but I do and I am angry at the shit living people say about the dead. 1,114 more words

Well, I Have to Retract Yesterday's PMS Induced Attitude

Ok, so I ranted yesterday about someone being ungrateful. Honestly, a bit of that is out of the raging of a PMS lunatic. I hate to say I am that stereotype… but I am totally that motherfucking stereotype of a raging bag of hormones right before the not-so-adorably named, “Eve’s Curse” takes over. 382 more words

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When Harry promised to be there for Sally. 'Tell them, boys, bye'

Sadly, I haven’t always been as fortunate as now in terms of love. Even though my experience is not that extensive, somehow I still managed to meet some jerks on the road, or let’s not be that bitchy – … 1,161 more words


Cinderella - a modern day tale - a Zoom to Broome  

Once upon a time, Cinderella was transformed to a princess for a weekend, and flown to Broome. Her fairy godmother QANTAS cast the spell after viewing Cinderella’s competition entry video. 990 more words

Life Experiences