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How My Liver Is Killing Me

Yes, I have just shown you the three stages that a damaged liver goes through. I owe this post to a beloved friend of mine from the States, who was already dying when I e-met her, but who urged me to fight and live. 636 more words


Life experiences become an important component of education

We are nearing the end of another school year. One thing teachers always try to do is reflect back upon what worked and what didn’t work. 500 more words

Strangers on a Plane

I consider myself a friendly person. I enjoy interesting conversation and connecting with people. I don’t care much for small talk, though. I much prefer to gain something from a conversation. 1,044 more words


The Golden Rule Applies to Yourself, Too

It’s official. In terms of the hormonal mess calendar, I have hit the “I need salty, garbage food, and no fucking ‘healthy lifestyle’ bull shit is stopping me” day. 642 more words


Trust, Learning What You Want, and the Things You Don't Know

I have completely stopped talking to the coworker who most likely told my friend the things I hoped would happen between him and I. Sure, it won’t fix the damage already done, but honestly, I don’t want her kind of people in my life. 407 more words


This is Not About Sliced Bread

Sliced bread. It seems like a given for any grocery store visit for me. It’s not until you get a bread maker or bake corn bread that you realize how precious sliced bread is. 526 more words

Life Experiences