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We Were Meant To Be!!!!

You are pregnant!!!…hellooooo miss Jane can you hear me??? Am talking to you? So lost in her thoughts that she couldn’t really comprehend if she should answer the doctor or keep pretending she didn’t hear his outburst. 671 more words


6 Things Knee Surgery Taught Me

  1. It’s okay to rely on others.

Before going into surgery I was the person that did things for other people and I didn’t realize until after I was put on crutches and not able to bear weight on my leg, that it was something that I really enjoy doing. 1,324 more words

Life Experiences

I Suck At Expressing Emotions

Everyone has thoughts and opinions about almost everything life has to offer. As an introvert, me personally, I suck at expressing those emotions and opinions in words. 426 more words

Life Experiences

Meeting the Tribe

I returned from RWA National 2016 with more confidence in my writing. More confidence in myself. Ideas overflowed from notebook pages until my hands cramped and my mind held nothing more. 254 more words

Life Experiences

Pain and Tears – The Seed for Self-Healing

When you have chosen the path of self-healing, you have chosen to go the unpopular way, you have chosen to look deep inside. You have chosen to look at your pain instead of keep running away from it. 631 more words

Life Experiences

Rural Wisdom

My in-laws had a large house in Chennai till about 2003. with 7 mango trees, 11 coconut trees, 2 of sapota, 3 jackfruit, 2 guava, 1 badam, 1 lime and a host of flower plants and creepers. 494 more words
Life Experiences


Oh I just love couples. To see them out and about in daily life. Holding hands, gazing in each other’s eyes, having conversation, smiling and having fun. 184 more words