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Slices of life

She’s a very intelligent little girl who was  born with the intuition of surviving the cruel world she soon encountered, not yet knowing about her life-saving friend. 75 more words

Time Travel

Jesus spoke to Martha as well

Did you hear the one about Mary and Martha?

Mary listened to Jesus but her sister Martha became cross because she had been left to do all of the work. 227 more words


Less than a month

Hi, assalamualaikum! :)

Just a short update. I’m bored waiting at the court. So, in less than a month from now, I’m finally ending my chambering. 203 more words


Manhattan Love (Hate) Affair

Through the haze and the smog…
Home to top companies in respective industries are the skyscrapers she’ll one day work in.

Under the garbage & homeless man’s bed… 166 more words



Today was going to be the day I had my right front tooth extracted. My root had been fractured since 2nd or 3rd grade and I was finally going to get it taken out so I could get an implant. 271 more words

Dental Work

Awesome Blogger Award!

First off thanks to Daring to Jess for nominating me, always pretty cool to be nominated for something like this. Definitely go check out her blog, it’s always a great read. 758 more words


The Time I Refused to Wash My Hand

The day before President Kennedy was killed in Dallas, my elementary school class lined up along Broadway in San Antonio to view his motorcade. Here is my story… 801 more words

Life Experiences