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How do you “Unbreak “a Broken Heart ?

“Is it even possible ? “ , you may ask , because right now your heart is broken , into tiny gazillion pieces and trying to super glue it together again may look like a daunting task . 536 more words

Life Experiences

Cactus to Clouds (C2C) - Oct 21, 2012

After a busy week, I ended up with a free Saturday and decided to tackle Cactus to Clouds somewhat spontaneously.  I’d been thinking about it for a while, but the weather and timing was never right and a friend that I’d hoped to do it with ended up hurting himself.  2,211 more words

Life Experiences

FuckBoy Vs. Huricane Hunter

I feel it my due diligence to the women of the world to be a sarcastic asshole to all the fuckboys out there who think their bodies are “on fleek,” whose idea of good conversation is what pre-workout drink they drank this morning and how many “gains” they are making in the gym, who thinks that “Netflix and Chill” is going to land them anything other than a part time worker at Charlotte Russe who lives in her parents basement, who has more Instagram followers than dollars in their bank account, and whose snapchat story for the last 24 hours is longer than any conversation they’ve had with a family member all week…get the fuck outta here.

Hurricane Hunter: 1

Fuckboy: 0


The One Where I Walked Into A Window

So, I was trying to collect a pizza and as I walked along the front of the shop towards the door I was looking at my phone and bringing up the order number. 435 more words


Sometimes When I Cry © - My Poem of the Day (10/03/15)

Sometimes When I Cry©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I miss you

I miss where I’ve been

I miss the things I’ve had… 81 more words


Looking for the strength to ask you...© - My Poem of the Day (10/03/15)

Looking for the strength to ask you…©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

Many days and many nights

I’ve found myself at your doorstep

To afraid to find the strength to knock upon your door… 210 more words


6 månader, 7 månader, 8 månader,…

tiden verkar inte spela så stor roll.
Närgångna frågor av vissa karaktär.
Min mur av känslor rasar,
Så bräcklig, skör.

Fuktiga ögon och en och annan tår… 54 more words

Life Experiences