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Are You Mean And Likely To Cheat? Just Ask Your Fingers

Do you spend time looking at your spouse’s fingers? No? Well I do. Or at least I did.

A recent study suggested finger length could determine how nice men were to women. 316 more words


Am I Home?

We have heard this statement so many times that to say this is cliche is just an understatement. But really the truth of the matter is, home is not just a physical place where you rest and eat and engage with your loved ones or your pets. 102 more words



Friends… can be amazing, but they can also be terrible. I’ve experienced both. When I first started high school I became friends with a group of girls who, at the time, I thought, were amazing. 325 more words


Can we learn interactively and creatively in church?

We had what we call a creative service at Orchard Baptist yesterday. I started by reading and speaking about a few Bible verses for 5 minutes and then we split into groups to explore the meaning of those verses creatively. 511 more words



I edited my poem That Friday Feeling.

This is a general poem and isn’t based on my own experiences. The narrator is in a taxi heading home after a night out. 329 more words

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4 Powerful Methods for Getting More Social Shares

Social signals have been in the spotlight since 2010, when Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan first blogged about them. Shortly thereafter, Steve Cutts confirmed in a video that Google does consider these signals. 10 more words

Life Experiences

Surgical treatment for cervicomedullary compression among infants with achondroplasia

Dr. Shimony team published in 17 February 2015 at the Childs Nerv. Syst. journal, an article about respiratory failure being responsible for most deaths among children with achondroplasia and that is often related to cervicomedullary compression (CMC). 502 more words