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Why am I like this?

I haven’t felt this way in ages…. you know how you get that feeling in your chest where every breath is that much harder to catch. 166 more words

Life Experiences

Being Single & Why I Love It

Hey guys! I’m just going to talk about my thought process and why I’m enjoying it. A few of my friends are engaged, on the way there, or worrying about the fact that they’re “still” single. 722 more words


2017: The Year of Long Weekends

Throughout 2016, there has been an unusual amount of negativity surrounding the year; be it all the natural calamities, the extreme heat wave that gripped the nation, demonitization, your boss or simply your cranky neighbour who can’t seem to get over your overnight parties. 1,541 more words


Lost in a Writer's World!

Do you ever get the feeling that you forget the time when you’re writing? Or just by doing something you love? Do you also get that sensation whenever you’ve done something well. 295 more words

I have something to say...

I have something to say.

When Donald Trump won the race for U.S. president, I went into a depression. I had trouble sleeping, I had terrible dreams when I did sleep, and I lost my appetite. 892 more words

Life Experiences

The Postgraduate Blues. It's a long one.

I’m going to start getting the cheesy cliche out the way now…. but seriously,  University was where I had some of the best times of my life..but also some of my worst. 1,124 more words

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NYSC Chronicles : Lessons Life Taught Me Recently

Hello folks, how are y’all doing?

I’ll like to tell you a story about some lessons life taught me recently. If you’ve been following my posts (especially the NYSC category), you should be able to comprehend this story easily. 735 more words