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The Witness

As he stood at the bus stop he looked up at the sky with worry as the dark clouds loomed over him threateningly signaling the down pour that would come down any time! 604 more words

Life Experiences

Meet the Founders 1.0 - Ozoemena Mbanefo


Name:  Ozoemena ‘Ozone’ Mbanefo

Nationality: Nigerian

Residence (City): Lagos

A Brief Description:

Ozoemena Mbanefo lives in a world of digital artistry. His mastery in art direction spans over a decade. 1,333 more words

Business Development

My New Life

The world is constantly changing. Nature is always changing. So are the people and animals in it. There is good change, like growing from a child into an adult. 1,384 more words

Life Experiences

Smore Cookie Tray 

Hello everyone,

Today my sister and I have experimented with a smore cookie recipe which I came up with the other day when I wanted a different way to make smores. 254 more words


Yes! Take Care of Yourself. Love Yourself and Your Spirit Will Rise

Today I realized again!

The most important thing in life is that we take good care of ourselves, physically and mentally and overall we need to take care of our heart-space. 250 more words

Life Experiences

Here Are Some Things I Remember

The first body I ever saw. It was my gran (she looked like a broken doll).
My first kiss. She was fifteen years older than me and my nerves made me feel sick. 240 more words

Pamela Scott

Since when did serving God come to mean that we always have to be really busy?

At the beginning of this year I realized that I had several days of holiday entitlement that I had not taken and the leadership team of the church encouraged me to make sure I took these days off. 583 more words