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How to Train the People Around you to Make You Happy (in 8 simple steps)

  1. When they do something stupid, smile. For best effect, smile as close as possible to the incidence of stupidity.
  2. When they think something is funny and it’s not, smile.
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Life Experiences

Filling In the Aporiae


A Chapman is literally and historically a peddler, often of books as well as other trifles. That is how we began anyway, and I have been continuing the tradition. 414 more words


Excuse the Mess

It is no secret my house is a disaster. No, disaster is too soft of a word, it is a calamitous tragedy around here. Yes, my house is just tragic, and with two preteens, two dogs, and a musician it is a struggle to just keep the smells at bay. 824 more words

Saying Hello

About a week after The Nix’s death (the subject of my last blog post, “Saying Goodbye,”) I received a series of compassionate texts from a friend of mine in Fredericksburg. 755 more words

Life Experiences

On leaving a job I never worked

It’s final – I no longer am one of them. Ah, to speak of them as if they were such bad people, living ill-determined lives. Most of them are very friendly people actually. 507 more words

Life Experiences

The Parable of the Plants

I was looking through some photos of storm Doris in action and I noticed the two plants in this picture. They were planted at the same time and have received the same care but they look very different. 264 more words


Aging Out....

If you’re a middle-aged parent of young adults or teenagers then you’ve probably noticed the great divide between yourself and the younger generation. And, it’s not just lifestyle, fashion (visible bra straps and pants falling down), body art (tattoos and piercings), music, and entertainment (What is it with “The Walking Dead?”) as these things seem to plague every generation.   502 more words