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i really (really) like to hike

Guess what? I am finally back from my amazing hiking trip! It was such an incredible experience I am so excited to share the pictures with all of you! 224 more words

Life Experiences

Sometimes Things Happen

Sometimes things happen that cannot be easily explained. You don’t have a box in which to put this particular slice of life.

You wonder why it happened. 337 more words

Random Quips

Think and act like a man!

Men I rarely have advice for you because I am not a member of your species but once you try to act in a manner likely to suggest that you want to be a member of ours, I have to rant.I suppose Steve Harvey’s book title is Think Like a man, act like a lady but why are you thinking and acting like one of us?It is a total turn off, so please you ‘guy’ reading this start acting like one of your sometimes hard to comprehend and deal with species.Follow these commandments and thou shall act like a man and think like one too. 276 more words


Of Pencil skirts and Crop Tops!!

I am really really really tired of people trying to much to fit in. Now, now now Ladies I gat beef with y’all walking like ducks in those pencil skirts, blonde ,purple and green horse powers on your heads.Why do you worry us with those skirts?Now we have to have the ambulance driver’s number on speed dial because you might trip and break your neck.I think We need to hold a ‘kamukunji’ and have a very serious discussion. 527 more words


Tapestry of Life


Thick tapestry underfoot
Lifetime experiences sent
Interwoven with each moment
Singing to the dawn

Step gently, tread carefully
Do not risk life through haste… 30 more words


Jurassic World - hunting for dinosaurs

If you ever want to know anything about Dinosaurs and be astounded at artefacts which are millions of years old, you’ve got to take a trip to Drumheller in Alberta, Canada.   713 more words