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The Paralizing Dollar

I’ve never been one to fear tax season. Usually it results in me getting a few hundred dollars back that I can then use to pay off a good portion of my car loan or credit card bills, usually my car insurance, and I can breathe a little easier. 353 more words


Under the Clootie tree

When I visited London earlier this year I went to see the 2015 BP Portrait Award Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. It is the UK equivalent of Australia’s Archibald Prize Exhibition. 428 more words


My kickass bike ride

Have you ever lost someone that didn’t pass away, but somehow they just managed to slip away? It’s weird. I lost my family and my best friend. 409 more words


Miriam in Samaria 3

It was three or four weeks later.  Miriam started noticing very odd looks being thrown her way, and people turning away when she went up to them to speak to them. 291 more words

Life Experiences

That charisma

I had the privilege (though some might not call it that) to attend a talk by an extremely charismatic man named Joy. The content of the talk however was rubbish; all of it was contrived to coax the naive, money-hungry dreamers into a sort of pyramidal scheme, wherein they will toil under the false promise of reaching the golden pinnacle, a life of opulence without labor. 116 more words


Poetry: "Living life"

Another poem reflecting on life and what we do with it. 107 more words


Welcoming 2016

I’m not going to be cliché and give a resolution exactly, especially since I am a month behind. I will give my personal look on how I will approach 2016. 153 more words