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Future Risk: Are You Human?

My first blog post last year asked the questions: Are you human? Are you sure?

At that time, I focused on the miracle of modern medicine such as stem cell therapy and continuous heart flow devices. 1,757 more words

Life extension as a moral imperative?

I just finished reading Back to Methuselah: A Metabiological Pentateuch (read here) by George Bernard Shaw, in which we get a glimpse into his vision of a post-human existence.  524 more words


Future Risk: How do you news?

Where do you get your news? TV (cable or network), or perhaps RSS feeds delivered to your mail? Twitter or Instagram? Do you avoid the news altogether? 336 more words

Ethics of Life Extension

Some questions to think about:

  • If scientists could create a pill that will let you live twice as long while remaining healthy, would you take it?
  • 152 more words

Science of Life Extension

Would you like to live forever? Or at least live longer than the average Singaporean life expectancy of 82 years old? Read on to find out how life extension may be possible! 71 more words


Coffee Gives Jolt To Life Span - Science News

It’s the news that coffee addicts have been waiting for: Drinking several cups of coffee every day may help you live longer. A study of more than 400,000 people finds that drinking coffee may reduce the risk of death from heart disease, stroke and even infections, researchers report in the May 17 New England Journal of Medicine. 9 more words