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Imperfection & Crazy Unconditional Love

Not about perfection. Looking at the very first photo, my critical and scrutinizing eyes emerged for the small imperfection I noticed.

Ok, you’re back right? I know you scrolled up! 1,132 more words

Happy New Year Poem

What a year it has been… let’s forget about the old where, who and when… because of Jesus I am cleansed of my sin, and thank Him for blessing me again and again… often our days are filled with anger and strife when really we should be grateful for life… when standing in the rain we encountered such pain, but it’s all about perspective as we look through the window pane… but be patient, stay sane, for ur faith is the strongest link in the chain… we must stop striving for perfection for when we look in the mirror it’s a flaw in the reflection that causes disfunction because if you living life right then we should always be under construction, if not the alternative is self destruction… so this year let’s get out in the field and each other rebuild so that when this life is at an end, God says to us all, welcome my friend… blessings to all! 7 more words

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2017 Best Nine : Self Love and Family

Yak, memasuki penghujung 2017. Kalau berdasarkan Instagram, ini adalah 9 foto terbaik yang mendapatkan perhatian di tahun ini (tsailaaaah…). Overall isinya tentang keluarga, keluarga, dan keluarga. 736 more words

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Sociology: An Underrated Major

Ah, yes, sociology. The social science, yes, you heard right, SCIENCE, that is time and time again debated about whether or not it is or isn’t… well, science. 424 more words


Hitung Biaya Pendidikan Anak

Beberapa hari lalu sempet share di IG stories soal biaya pendidikan anak dan ternyata responnya w.o.w hahaha banyaakkk. Aku bukannya ahli financial tapi lebih ke berbagi informasi aja, bahwa rata rata inflasi pendidikan itu antara 15% – 20% (berdasarkan seminar parenting yang aku ikuti) dan ternyata belum banyak yang tahu itu. 793 more words

Life & Family

Letters From Grandma

Letter writing is a lost art form.  Think about when the last time you got a letter in the mail was.  And I’m not talking about birthday cards or season’s greetings from relatives.  952 more words

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Fashion Profiling + Target + featuring Skechers

Children’s fashion has gone through the roof in terms of the amount available on the market. Target has resurged as one of my favorite places to shop! 207 more words

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