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Saying goodbye to Provo

This past summer we were finally able to move closer to our families. We are both really close to our family so it’s been hard on us to live 45 minutes away. 351 more words


Graduation, no small mountain.

My description of college goes like this:

You start at the base of a large mountain, 4 years of classes and experiences to go. It seems so far away, but you’re excited to start a new chapter. 278 more words


How to Manage 24 hour?

How to manage 24 hour between working mom and a mother? First thing to do is to make sure that what is your priority. For me, family is first priority. 261 more words


3 Years of Breastfeeding

4th night without breastfeeding. Hhhmmm.. a bit sad because i cannot using WWL (Weaning With Love) method. If you search about WWL, it said that make it natural, smooth, and let your baby stop because they want to stop. 68 more words


Topsy Turvy

Lately my life have been quite not itself. Things happened and not for the better or may be it is? Who are we to question what the stars align for us? 609 more words


Family & Career

Family & career. Two things that need to be balance. Different people will have different thoughts. I choose as a working mom to have better and happy life. 191 more words


Why Who What and How to be a #successbreastfeedingmom

Why? Breastmilk is the best gift from God for your baby.
Who is #successbreastfeedingmom? Every single mother in this world! A working mom. A lawyer. A full time mom. 123 more words