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Dying Patients’ Wishes Often Not Carried out by Caregivers

A recent study looking at stage IV cancer patients and their caregivers sheds light on many issues surrounding end-of-life care. One decision dying patients had to weigh was whether they would receive treatment to extend their life for one year, versus quality of life improvements, such as pain management. 290 more words

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Mr. Tom Cat Calms Palliative Patients

Canine and feline therapy animals are well known in health care.  Owners get their pets approved and certified, and sometimes special training is needed.  Then the owners bring their pet to the hospital to visit various wards before they return home. 220 more words

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Climbing for Hospice

Andy Land is a 52 year old mountaineer from Wisconsin.  He was inspired to start climbing twenty-five years ago by a National Geographic Traveler article.  The article described an average guy who took a mountain climbing training course… 302 more words

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France Debates “Deep Sleep” End of Life Treatment

In the U.S. only three states allow doctor assisted death with dignity – Washington, Oregon and Vermont.  Across the Atlantic, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland are the only countries in Europe to allow euthanasia. 267 more words

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Hello autumn

 Top: Sam enthralled by Candice Breitz’s video installations at City Gallery; the sea at Makara.

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Advance Directives as a Standard in Health Care

In November, 2014, a conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland, sponsored by The American Journal of Managed Care. The conference subject matter concentrated on Patient-Centered Oncology Care. 317 more words

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6 Factors Influencing Death with Dignity

Brittany Maynard’s choice to end her life on her own terms ignited a national discussion concerning “Death with Dignity.”  How, in fact, does one define death with dignity? 360 more words

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