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My Guilty Pleasure!

I loved speed! I used to drive like driving was going out of fashion! I have had to race with complete strangers on freeways! I would be doing 80 miles per hour on 55 miles per hour highway! 205 more words

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I'm still here.....I promise!

Hey everyone,

I am sorry that I haven’t been around tons this month. Real life issues as well as personal issues have turned the month of May into a blogging break. 46 more words

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Gunderson Health System

Gunderson Health System of Wisconsin is gearing up for the new “geriatric generation.”  Approaching retirement age are more than 75 million baby boomers and health care providers need to be prepared. 232 more words

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Dealing with Loss: New Book Anticipatory Grief

Those who become care givers for the terminally ill experience a type of grief called anticipatory grief.  Although death may not be imminent for quite some time, feelings of loss occur, along with many other overwhelming and confusing emotions. 245 more words

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Voicing My Choices: End of Life Decisions for Young Adults

When we think of end-of-life discussions we automatically think of the elderly. But in the case of terminally ill patients who are not yet legal adults, it is most often the distraught parents who are asked what care choices to make because they have the legal authority to act in their child’s behalf. 285 more words

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Four things I learned from spending four days in bed

Four whole days of sick leave. Four days. I had never taken sick leave before, let alone a near week of it! I had obtained an eye infection – my own fault – and a cold, and combined together I spent Tuesday through half of Friday lying in my bed, sometimes sleeping, with… 533 more words

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The Top Four Most Important Phrases in Life

No one wants a terminal disease and Americans, in particular, have a great deal of trouble accepting the fact that we are all mortal. The reality is that we will all die someday, in some way. 178 more words

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