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please excuse the mess the kids are making memories (husband included)....

This has long been a favorite quote of mine. I added that last little bit obviously, because let’s be real us wives are all married to a big man child. 206 more words

Excuse The Mess

How To Avoid Making Regrettable Decisions

Dr. Travis Bradberry is the author of the bestselling book, “Emotional Intelligence 2.0.” In a recent article he discusses the preponderance of decisions faced by people each and every day. 343 more words

Palliative Care

A Cheesy Affair

For my very first recipe blog-post I made the genius mistake of making something I have never made before. Smart, right? Totally. For quite some time I have heard some friends of mine swoon over how good Pasta Carbonara is. 685 more words

Life & Family

The Arithmetic of Life

Life has many ups and downs, especially when it comes to individuals we choose to surround ourselves with.  Individuals that may vary in beliefs, race, perspectives, and so on. 204 more words


State of the Blog Address

Ok, before anyone asks… this is SO not a political post!

I just needed a catchy title since it’s been a bit since I’ve posted last :) 243 more words

Samantha Drane

Hi, I'm Awkward.

Let’s just go ahead and break the ice right here, right now. Like every other introduction out there, this one will be exceptionally awkward. I promise. 302 more words

Life & Family

Poverty will forever exist

The “war” on poverty has existed throughout the test of time.  It is a war that will forever exist because the reality is, there are some people in the world that are content with not having anything.   1,402 more words