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Hail the Maple Leaf....and Hockey!

Hey everyone!

As you could probably tell from the title, it’s a holiday up here in Canada.

But the more important aspect of today? Especially for us hockey lovers? 89 more words

Which Way To Sanity


Way to often people get married an way to often marriage leads to divorce , before you say
( I do ) stop an think . 160 more words

Children an divorce

To often in today’s society people get  married  an have children an when the rode gets tuff bail out . they take a easy way out instead of fighting throw the ruff times they think of the here an now an not what they can do to make a better tomorrow .. 125 more words

Weekend Roundup...

You know what they say about those right???

Lemme take you back to mid last week. My husband had been trying to get his work schedule changed around because Friday (June 19) was my birthday. 270 more words

Which Way To Sanity

Family matters

This week I’m going to focus on family let’s face it family matters , their the ones who will go throw it all with you .. 323 more words

Change the world , change your self.

To often we deal with issues in every day life , let’s face it we are in trying times .. In today’s society our family ,friends , an our self’s have so much to over come an handle on a day to day basis even our children.. 163 more words

OPTIMISTIC: A Long-Term Nursing Home Model

OPTIMISTIC stands for “Optimizing Patient Treatments, Impacting Medical Quality and Improving Symptoms: Transforming Institutional Care.” It is an Indiana University Center for Aging Research long-term nursing home model.  273 more words

Palliative Care