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Vera Blue - Lady Powers

Join me in my jam of the week!

Lady Powers – Vera Blue

Why do I love it? To me, it captures the strength of womanhood that many men take for granted. 172 more words

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Big Sister

I am a big sister.

It’s a contract I never signed, yet one I will perform duties for…for the rest of my life.

I am the eldest of a handful of children, which automatically makes me a big sister, I suppose. 1,011 more words

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Student Appliances: The Rice Cooker

What am I talking about? This. The humble rice cooker. Set with two functions; Cook and Keep Warm, the Rice Cooker is a home appliance that I have cherished since I discovered its existence circa 2015. 447 more words

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A Box of my Own

Living on campus at university can be a stressful, isolating experience. As a PhD student who needs to move away from home (temporarily) in order to fulfil attendance requirements, I both anticipate and dread the experience. 713 more words

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Beautiful Places

From the ice-peaked caps of Hokkaido’s mountains to the vibrancy of a Tokyo suburb’s local climb, I have experienced many natural wonders in Japan. Moiwa-yama, Takao san and the Emperor’s Grave park all instilled a sense of wonder and reverence at the power and beauty of nature.

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Dear White People Commenting on my Family

This blog post is an open call-out letter to White people, addressing their comments on my family. Particular focus goes to my White family members. You know who you are.

1,829 more words
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One Tree

How beautiful is Autumn in Japan? For me it was One Tree – a plant that stood out against the others. An individual vibrancy that could not be properly prepared for. 32 more words

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