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Comfort Food

Here is a handful of recipes that, for whatever reason (Upbringing? Happy memories?) I have as my list of comfort foods.

Black Carrot Roast

Black carrots, peeled and sliced into round pieces (not as sweet as orange carrot) 546 more words

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Clean Laundry

That feeling

When your linen-scented clothes

Are pulled, damp but not dripping

from the laundry machine.

Soft, clean, and wrinkled

they bring a moment of happiness… 20 more words

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Entry 63 - CBD Pills: Thoughts


As I had mentioned before I was urged to take CBD pills to try and alleviate my anxiety and depression, well I was on them for three months and I feel now is the time to offer my three pence worth. 237 more words

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The Homey Comfort of DIY Videos

The past few weeks I’ve been spending my free time watching DIY videos.

How to paint a wall. How to install tiles. How to make a wooden box. 302 more words

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Entry 60 - Left Alone


I saw you all the other day, I saw what you were trying to do, and you know what? It made me smile, thank you. 293 more words


A Practical Hobby

One day
I would like to sit
in a room I’ve painted
drinking tea I’ve made
beside a flower
I grew

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Entry 59 - Ironic?


I am not having a good time. I saw according to my stats this month CP’s birthday was the most active day for views and likes (thanks to all of you!). 360 more words