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Search for Inner Self Happiness and Dreams

When I placed this goal on my list. I have to admit I really didn’t know how to solve it, just that it was important. How do I find inner happiness and what kind of dreams do I need to strive for? 433 more words

Life Goals

Life Advice: Making Decisions For Yourself - Comparison, Jealousy & Competition?

In this modern and technological day and age, it’s very easy to look at someone else and compare what you have with them, whether that be… 2,197 more words


Achieving Long Term Goals

Having a goal is one thing, acting upon it and doing something to reach it is a whole other story. Goals are there to keep us motivated, give purpose and in a way keep us accountable to achieve the next thing. 335 more words


Forgiveness is one of the hardest acts of love. To start the process, I need to start with acceptance. I need to accept the things I cannot change. 86 more words

Life Goals

Living to 27

I just turned 27 and I feel old. I don’t know what happened in the last week but I feel different. I use to have it in my mind I was a young chicken with little kids and I started early and I have this limber body that can handle anything. 698 more words


Self Analyzing 

Today was a bad day. Nothing seemed to go right. Now reflecting on why and what I could’ve done differently makes me think about my Part in it. 146 more words

Life Goals

Quote:You Cannot Hope To Build A Better World Without ...

You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals.  To that end, each of us must work for his own improvement and, at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity, our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful.
– Marie Curie