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It's Your Own Path

If there is one thing I have learnt recently it is that no-one will ever understand you and your path like you do.

No-one can understand nor traverse your path. 281 more words


The difference between looking extraordinary and being extraordinary

Social media is filled with people posting pictures of themselves in luxurious or exotic places, posing at their most flattering angle, and laughing with a gaggle of fabulous people. 1,058 more words

2017 – A truly tragic year personally - Concluding Thoughts

Naturally the loss of two close friends in quite a short space of time (4 months) made me think about life, reflect on it.

If anything positive can come from it, it could be the realisation that you come to realize it’s pointless not doing or living the life you truly want, and as quickly as you possibly can. 495 more words

Mental Health

It Takes a Special Person

My name is Amanda Hinojosa, and I am a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN).  I have been a nurse going on 13 years.  I graduated October 18, 2005.   911 more words

Life Stories

Are you headed in the right direction?

I should add…”and other questions I’ve been asking myself lately.”

It’s forty six minutes past eight and we’ve just had supper. I prepared spaghetti and I am now looking forward to having a cup of black tea before I sleep. 690 more words


When Your Best Gives You Nothing

What do you do when God doesn’t answer prayer?


What do you do when your best falls flat?


If you were being lazy, or not willing to give up a problematic vice, then at least you would have the comfort of believing you could dig yourself out of your current circumstances if only you kick your butt into gear…. 1,263 more words


Life Goals

There was a way I wanted my life to go when I was young. I had goals I wanted to achieve by certain points in my life; I wanted to have my first kiss by 14, I wanted to be graduated from University by 22, have a house and a car by 25, etc etc. 233 more words