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The Plan.

I read the above article in the spring of 2007 by chance. The plan in the article was very effective and easy to follow. I have tried many plans but I found this to be the most effective and common sense approach to losing weight. 1,108 more words


Things to do before I die...

About a month ago, I was in Norwich with my best friend Lauren and we saw a shop she really liked and so as not to forget about it, she grabbed out her phone and typed the name of it in a ‘note’ (ironically I don’t remember which shop). 1,447 more words

Ambition Is A Requirement

The reason, as to why I decided and began a fitness blog is due to the fact, that a healthy lifestyle is necessary in life to achieve one’s life goals. 258 more words


Let's Set A Goal! No Seriously, I need a new one... Can I have yours?

Guys, now that I have only a handful of months to wait before the publication of my first novel, I need a new freaking life goal!   539 more words


Don't Forget the Small Stuff

As you might expect, due to the unexpected death of one of my best friends, I’ve been thinking about my life goals. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to find a private place to read this post. 388 more words

General Musings

Delusions and Illusions

First, the difference between the two words. A delusion is a false belief. An illusion is an unreal vision.

In my previous post, “Fat Chance… 397 more words

Midlife Crisis

I Put The Checklist on Hold

For me, one of the most discomforting parts of becoming an adult was losing my sense of hyper focus. For twenty one years, I knew exactly what was expected of me. 535 more words

Twenty Something