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14 useful things for a girl to decide on

1) Do you like what you spend most of your time doing?

2) One thing to change, no matter how small, to boost your happiness. Even buying a caramel latte instead of just a skinny latte because this just makes mornings more sugary and delightful. 287 more words


Adventures Await

There’s so much out there, so much to discover & live for…& I can’t wait to see it… And I will.

I sure will.

The possibility is endless! 13 more words


Writing challenge #16

Someone who has broken your heart
Well either I’m a huge pussy or I have just not had very good luck
I have had my heart broken at least 3 times by ex boyfriends and multiple times by friends. 69 more words

Life Challenges And Death Of A Loved Ine

Day and Night

This past Sunday I took a paint class from a LivingSocial deal.  Looking around, I observed that I was the only one not coupled with a friend, sister, mom, or significant other.   231 more words

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Making The Most

We live in an age of unparalleled comfort. Compared to our ancestors, life has never been easier. Sure, we have our own list of problems, everyone does. 1,304 more words


When is the best time to attend college?

Frank Bruni, author and New York Times columnist, spoke on the Wisconsin Public Radio’s Kathleen Dunn Show yesterday about his newest book and how high school might be too early for many young people to make lifelong decisions. 363 more words

Career Planning