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The Dilemma of Discovering Your Purpose (and Specialization)

If you are anything like me, you have spent several hours a day either trying to figure out what your purpose in life is or how to fulfill your already discovered purpose. 394 more words


Do you want to be famous?

Hello Everyone!

Do you want to be famous?…Let me let that information sink in for a sec. So do you? I’ve lived long enough to see how people work in society. 940 more words

2017 Week 16 Update

S is back in Singapore from a week-long trip to India. While he was away, it was just us and R at home. Mornings were quite easy as there was no lunch to be prepared, so life was quite easy! 293 more words


Mama didn't raise a quitter 

Never giving up is one of my biggest strengths, but in a lot of ways it is one of my greatest faults too. It means that I will see something through to the end regardless of how it might harm me, no matter what my gut is screaming at me to do. 447 more words


I’m having a good couple days. I’m working and loving it. I’m exercising and loving it. I’m spending time with loved ones and loving it. But… I can’t help but feel either something is missing or that I’m expecting something bad to happen. 186 more words

Life Goals

Just a Little Thought

Hello Friends!

I realize that my blog has been very inadequate lately. In all reality, it started dying about August on 2016. I don’t know where my head has been. 835 more words


Of Soul Searching, Confused Dreams & Finally Finding My Passion

When I was dreaming about who I wanted to be in future, digital marketing had never crossed my mind. In fact I didn’t even know that there was a career called digital marketing. 383 more words