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#Girlboss - You can do it!

Girlboss!  I just recently watched this Series on Netflix (Binge style of course!).  All of sudden I find myself searching online about Sophia Amoruso… 339 more words


Lists of Stuff....

I love lists!  I love the cheesy, fake sage wisdom type of lists.  Turns out anyone can make a list of “30 Ways to Be a Better Person” or “37 Things to Do Before you Get Old.”  You don’t have to be an expert. 135 more words

Life Goals

For What Do We Stand?

For if there is no God, then what is there to live for? What reason is there to try? What hope do you have to look forward to? 340 more words

The Benefits of a Sisterhood

Sometimes I look around my community and I’m sadden to see the jealous nature and our inability to come together as women one to help each other reach our goals. 380 more words

From the Desk

Working in an office all day has a big downfall for when trying to say fit as the cubical life is really not made for an active body. 382 more words

I am Happy....

Noted philosopher Kid Cudi has a line in one of his songs that has always stuck with me.

The line says “I am happy, that’s just the saddest lie.” 205 more words

Life Goals

My Bucket List

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I thought about the things I want to accomplish in my life. I’m only 19 so I have many years left to achieve my goals, but I also feel that as I get older it will become easier and easier to say that I’ll just do it later. 212 more words