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Kicking the bucket: a list of life goals

If I can be honest with you all… much like everyone else probably does… I fear *dramatic pause* death. I have spent nights staring at the ceiling when I should be sleeping, resting for the next work day, wondering what happens after I leave this life. 590 more words


First ever camping experience!

Before this weekend, I had never been camping, not even as a child. I thought I would hate it, but one of the things I wanted to do this year was take Tino to the British MotoGP for the full weekend. 1,585 more words

Life Goals


This was the second time when i was visiting my college (HZU) back with a new semester and with another journey towards my life goals. We all were asked to arrive for IInd semester till 25 April 2018. 492 more words


Self-ish: (of a person, action or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

A quick google search of the definition of selfish and that is what you get. 222 more words

Counting Blessings

Well, Dear Readers, as you know, I have Graft vs. Host Disease (GVHD) again. I still do not have full control of my arms, but the swelling in my left arm has gone down a bit. 278 more words

Monday Motivation-How to Channel Your Inner Beyoncé & Crush Your Goals!

We all have this moment. You have put in so much sweat and work into something, you have “busted your a**”, worked late night hours. Despite all the efforts you have made, you still haven’t achieved your goal – and you are bluntly about to give up. 494 more words


A Real Fairytale

In case you didn’t know or possibly live on the moon there was a pretty important wedding over the weekend. The youngest child of Prince Charles and Princess Diana married an American former actress.Love between the Monarchy and Americans has happened before. 436 more words

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