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I may bend but I will never break. Through all things, I endure. Though I am scarred and ripe with bruises, I have survived, while the storm that assailed me has died away. 832 more words

Creative Writing

so in January i got kicked out of my house.. it was a big fight between me and my parents… only person that was there for m was Jose… he was there for me a lot, but one day he decided to visit his home in Colombia and never came back, left me to fend for myself…. 227 more words

First blog post: A Normal Typical Day. Maybe?

Today has been an interesting day. First off, I did NOT plan on doing this. But thinking about it now I actually do like the idea of “ranting” my daily life ( 1,247 more words



Moving on
What intentions were matter little to those who only choose to see negative. Best made plans, words or intent can be misinterpreted simply because the seeds of hate planted a generation ago. 6 more words


Blog 28 Weekly forest trips becoming a thing



Awkward phone calls aside, We spend the day on play and yukimura studies.


Sir makes this beautiful rope, we are aiming om practising the dip dye effect to hopefully get to a point of making rainbow rope. 91 more words

Life Goes On

Life is a pot of beans

they say life is beautiful

they say life is hard

they say life is what you make of it


this might be one of the realest comments yet… 239 more words


Life goes on and on.

In this modern days and age saying I love you to many is just saying Hello. Somewhere along the way it have lost the real meaning of love. 348 more words