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Judah Smith - A Loophole in Love

A fantastic message from Judah Smith.  Check it out.  I think you’ll be blessed.



This week we looked at the second of God’s attributes that we will study in this series. We began with a discussion and review of last week’s attribute, independence.  375 more words


Prayer prompt for Thursday, Aug. 20

Do you have an accountability partner or Life group to keep your spiritual walk on track? We all need encouragement & support.



Today, we started a new series studying the character, or attributes, of God. We began with a discussion about character: 443 more words


The One With the Nine Mile Hike

One of the best things about where we live is that there are so many great places to hike that are really close to us.  And all of our life group enjoys doing things like that.   110 more words

Bay Area Hikes

Using the "Four T's" in Bible Study

This week, we continued our series on “How to Study the Bible”. We examined the use of “The Four T’s”, a simple tool that you can apply to a section of scripture that will help you go just a bit deeper in your study. 102 more words


Just Some Things I Learned from a Talent Show

Happy Sunday, everyone! I may or may not have mentioned this already, but the church I attend is pretty large; in fact, some might even call it a mega church. 404 more words

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