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9/25 Discussion Questions

  • Why is marriage a covenant of companionship?
  • In marriage, the two become one flesh. What does this mean?
  • How does God’s covenant with his people help us understand marriage?
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Dreams and being Unashamed

Chase the Lion was so good, y’all, but I think I’m going to re-read it. Each chapter was jam-packed with encouragement and I know there are things that I missed. 498 more words


A Letter to My Life Group

I remember JD preached about on  a Sunday about how we grow in circles, not rows. Without any context, that might not make sense to you. 1,054 more words


Hebrews 10:19-39 - September 15

The Bible is basically a compilation of love letters from our Father in heaven, His loving words breathed onto each page. Over the next several months, as we study the letters of the Bible, Galatians through Jude, I pray that You will experience His eternal love in new ways and that it will transform you. 945 more words

Conquering Your Giants

This is a post that I originally published last April, had it removed and then decided to put it back again. 

So imagine yourself retiring to your dream country or city and everything would be absolutely free. 676 more words


Praying for Healing Isn't Enough

Praying for our health isn’t enough. I’ve learned that we have to pray to God to be shown what we need to change –  how our… 74 more words


that time when it was all about transition

If there’s one word that would describe my present season, that would be it: transition.

I’m just realizing now how beautiful a word that is – … 678 more words