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Horrendous Nightmares as an Instrument of Healing.

Once I conquered anxiety, my mental disturbances have progressed to a new stage of regularly occurring nightmares of the most horrible kind.

A quite characteristic and sinister instance of a very bad dream took place recently. 278 more words

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Living as the Question

Most people function in their lives from a lot of conclusions.

For example the conclusion that, ‘These are the only possibilities I have; these are the possibilities I don’t have.’ 158 more words

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Resolution Time, I guess...

Congratulations one and all! You have successfully survived yet another transition into a new year! Give yourself a pat on the back. Actually don’t do that just yet, because it’s that time of year where too many people give themselves goals for the new year and, more often than not, fail. 1,455 more words

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Will You Choose Hope In 2017?

Opposite of despair, resides our greatest advocate, Hope. This devoted ally of our very Soul, lessens the severity of our lives’ misfortunes by far.

By excavating the human psyche over the last few years at the edge of suicide and other less severe conditions, I have gained a more profound insight into our inner workings as species. 481 more words

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A Year Well-Traveled

I woke up this morning to a text from Delta informing me of a delay for my flight this afternoon. I love it when airlines inform you of delays while you’re still at home.  1,353 more words

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Anxiety Need Not Be Our Mental Authority.

Yestereve, as I my consciousness  descended into the realm of dreams, my beingness was that of a serene infant. Such tranquility has been exceptionally scarce over the course of the preceding five years. 414 more words

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Desperation Destroys Everything, Unless Your Lifestyle Prevents It.

After near daily depressions, a few suicide attempts and too many severly fucked up days since around 1990 and still counting, my quest for turning hell into heaven, continues. 1,301 more words

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