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Getting Off The Bitch Train and Following Our Gifts

There’s a lot that has happened inside after making this choice, this promise to myself.

Like looking up at the mountain and jumping from rock to rock at the bottom because it felt fun enough for a simplistic life, all the while trying to balance out and seperate desires from wants, tame a wildness I’d allowed to believe was innefective, a disruptive self-destruction swing that always seemed to foil deeds, whether dashing or dastardly.   591 more words

Getting Your Shit Together And Other Useful Strategies For LIFE

Can you take that step over the threshold?

You find yourself in a plain, comfortable room , the only exit door is locked, and you find out that you are there in that room for all eternity…now what? 558 more words

Self Improvment

Hacking This Reality

You may have heard the term ‘hacking’ come up recently. Whether it’s computer-hacking, bio-hacking, life-hacking, it seems to be around in a lot of conversations. 457 more words

Dain Heer

Success Can Also Mean A Little Bit Of Everything.

It’s ok to switch from one thing to the other and back, throughout life.

One of the biggest reasons I haven’t got anything to show for at the age of forty is that I change my course from time to time and yet somehow always get back to all of these things again. 646 more words


A Simple Mind-hack That Will Have You Own Every Situation.

You are here and now, the rest are thoughts you may not need.

I’ve been falling off the horse a bit lately and began turning back to my long gone loser’s and victim mentality and by doing so through some sheer luck, figured out how not to fall prey to our inner talk, emotions and expectations of things going wrong. 605 more words

Mental Success

How To Stop Insanity In The Making.

Yet again, my lifestyle choices have proven their worth.

Last Friday I had a bunch of obligations, perhaps too many and as I was about to go to sleep, my mind was in a potentially harmful overdrive. 444 more words

Mental Success

A Simple Way To Improve Your Bad-Assness.

Your posture has a profound effect on your thoughts.

My selfworth was a massive issue for a great many years. When I was fifteen, walking across the hallway at school crossing happily confident kids, I would do things like press my face and palms against the walls because I was so shy. 360 more words