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Make your passion your job!.. should you?

If you spend any time with serious  hobbyists you will begin to realize that there are a few distinct types.

  1. I want to get discovered, quit my day job and go pro.
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One Window a Day

My grandmother and I, at least 3 drinks in each, sit outside and talk about time. Specifically time to keep a house clean, but far less stereotypical than it sounds. 832 more words

1% Improvement

How to Judge Others Less: Accept Yourself as You Are

Most of us pass judgments on others that are not only ill conceived, but also ill supported, meaning that they have no real grounds to stand upon. 744 more words

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The 95% Rule

The 95% rule states that you can only ever achieve a goal if it is something you desire at least 95%. In this video learn how to utilize your own resources to achieve your wildest dreams. 49 more words

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3 Ways to Quiet an Overactive Mind

It has been said that we as human beings have roughly 60,000 conscious thoughts in a single day, most of which are unconscious, meaning that they are so highly influenced by neurological processes beyond our control that we don’t actually choose what to think. 552 more words

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Read This While You Procrastinate

Ugh . . . a postcard from my eye doctor . . . gotta confirm the appointment. I hate calling people. I’ll do it later.  417 more words

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