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What is a Success Pinnacle?

Your success pinnacles may be many more than you realize.

A success pinnacles is whenever you break a personal record and reach an intentional or unintentional goal, such as this morning, when I managed to float in the ocean for the first time, like a jelly fish. 559 more words

Mental Success

your "Why" ???

Today I was asked by another coach: “What is your Why?” “Why do you do what you do?”

I understand the purpose of the question and for those who don’t –  permit me to share: When someone knows their “WHY”… it provides that individual with a clear focus… that person’s purpose…to focus on what matters to that person, what will make them to move forward, to do what needs to be done, to face the odds or climb of obstacles no matter what.   506 more words

Hold Space

Why I put people that have been under the influence in a 72 hours social quarantine.

Once your core values are set in stone, you cannot be shaken.

Back in the day, when cannabis smoking had become a daily treatment for a variety of symptoms and alcohol more than a weekly one, I began realizing that these two and probably all other narcotics, enable us to endure much more stress than when sober. 630 more words


Everyday Innovations and Hacks -- Jugaad

As the adage goes “necessity is the mother of invention and discovery“, no where this is more evident than in the constrained society of India. 532 more words


If you're going to complain about it, you better be willing to do something about it.

Your attitude today, defines your life tomorrow.

One of the biggest reasons my life never got anywhere, was and is always with any failure in any life, the attitude, the mentality, the perspective. 670 more words


The Pillars of Personal Success.

Complex problems often have simple solutions.

Since I re-booted my journey towards personal success, I have realized that there are three pillars to every side of personal success. 897 more words

Mental Success

6 steps to clear mental fatigue in a relatively short time.

Things you can do, when you can’t push it any further.

I got so many things I want to write about in the personal development field, but after four days of holidays with my 9 years old daughter, my reason to win in life, this mind needs a re-boot. 470 more words

Mental Success