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South Africa, Turkey, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany... all over the place

The last few months have been a blast!  Several months since my last post here… crazy how life sometimes fuels you – sometimes consumes you – sometimes punishes – uplifts – tests – rewards you. 526 more words


We’ve got another fifty years ahead of us...

The tipping point for this blog was when I realised that most of the things that interest me are being written about by solely by men, which is really weird (exception is the menopause,  they’ve not got so much to say about that).   126 more words

Links of the week

A New Kind of Science: A 15-Year View – BackChannel
Stephen Wolfram celebrates 15 years after publishing A New Kind of Science with a long article elucidating the computational paradigm introduced in his 1000+-pages book. 185 more words

Links Of The Week

Stop the hacking nonsense!

Hack this, hackathon that.

Easy actionable steps to make your life great and perfect.

You feel like you could do more, only if you got the right hacking protocol. 826 more words


Quick Tip: Homemade Tortilla Chips

Here’s a thing I do when tortillas are on the verge of going stale. Or maybe when someone left the bag open a little bit and the edges of some of the tortillas get crunchy (it’s always “Not Me” who did this) . 80 more words

Taking 100% Responsibility

This video is about the importance of taking 100% responsibility for every aspect of our life.

In can be tough, in the beginning, to acknowledge and swallow the crap we created but along time if we find the courage to do it this process will be tremendously empowering and liberating.


Start with Your Thoughts

When we decide it’s time to change things in our life, the best way to start is changing the way we think.