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Desperation Destroys Everything, Unless Your Lifestyle Prevents It.

After near daily depressions, a few suicide attempts and too many severly fucked up days since around 1990 and still counting, my quest for turning hell into heaven, continues. 1,301 more words

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A Super Duper Negativity Quick Fix.

Whenever I use this little trick, the day becomes so much easier.

To turn a dreadful day around towards some inner sunshine, walk around with a straight spine. 201 more words

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Mastering Life Is Easy Once You Find Your Way.

When life becomes complex, you simplify your attitude.

After a pretty much life long dwelling in darkness, I have finally found the way to not let things such as depression and anxiety get to me, not to mention stressful events. 524 more words

Life Hacking

My dog teaches a class on Taoism

I don’t speak dog very well, but I will trust myself enough at this moment to know that my dog, sighing, is telling me to just not worry about it. 851 more words


Things You Can Do When That Deep Feeling Of Sadness Comes.

When life seems totally meaningless, there are ways to deal with it and that feeling gives you the right to take some time off, to recover. 635 more words

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Can Any Bad Situation Be Turned Around Super Fast?

I believe so and intend to figure out how.

In the works here at Success Pinnacles, is a free e-book, our first product, which shall include a basic method, that I don’t know yet, to turn around ANY bad situation towards a more positive mentality. 1,476 more words

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What Is Rejection and Why Does it Hurt?

Expectations vs. Appreciation.

When we place our personal value on the approval of others, we are investing our future confidence in a lottery ticket and as goes the national weekly, so goes the lottery of life, the chances are poor and the stakes are high. 930 more words

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