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Quick Tip: Homemade Tortilla Chips

Here’s a thing I do when tortillas are on the verge of going stale. Or maybe when someone left the bag open a little bit and the edges of some of the tortillas get crunchy (it’s always “Not Me” who did this) . 80 more words

Taking 100% Responsibility

This video is about the importance of taking 100% responsibility for every aspect of our life.

In can be tough, in the beginning, to acknowledge and swallow the crap we created but along time if we find the courage to do it this process will be tremendously empowering and liberating.


Start with Your Thoughts

When we decide it’s time to change things in our life, the best way to start is changing the way we think.


The one question holding you back from the life you want

A guide to re-framing the the questions that limit us

If there is one question that I never want to hear again, it is this: 1,028 more words


On Information Minimalism

Cal Newport, author of Deep Work and So Good They Can’t Ignore You, has written a must-read mini-series on digital minimalism on his blog, seeĀ  412 more words


Horrendous Nightmares as an Instrument of Healing.

Once I conquered anxiety, my mental disturbances have progressed to a new stage of regularly occurring nightmares of the most horrible kind.

A quite characteristic and sinister instance of a very bad dream took place recently. 278 more words