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Taking It Easy

I’ve never been good at taking it easy. Growing up I was always That Kid: I wanted to read the longest, most difficult book, and I’d get upset if my teacher wouldn’t let me be in that book group. 1,236 more words

Saving Face When You're Lazy

I really wanted to title this post “It Rubs the Lotion On Its Skin”. Fortunately, my grown-up side prevailed.

This week, we’re working with a beauty book, something I have generally pooh-poohed. 887 more words

Life Hacking

Migracje migracje.. jak migrować?

Wychodzi na to, że obecnie nie sposób uwolnić się od tematu migracji. Nawet gdy już na chwilę wyłączymy radio, tv, zamkniemy serwisy z wiadomościami i spróbujemy na chwilę wrócić do swojego dawnego życia i jakoś zmierzyć się ze sprawami, które już długo czekają w kolejce… 554 more words


Mrs. Potato Head


After a lengthy series of random essays, I’m heading into the blog’s roots and bringing back the life hacking posts. And on the topic of roots, we’re headed into gardening territory this week! 883 more words

Life Hacking

Make your passion your job!.. should you?

If you spend any time with serious  hobbyists you will begin to realize that there are a few distinct types.

  1. I want to get discovered, quit my day job and go pro.
  2. 188 more words

One Window a Day

My grandmother and I, at least 3 drinks in each, sit outside and talk about time. Specifically time to keep a house clean, but far less stereotypical than it sounds. 832 more words

1% Improvement