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Happy Birthday Austin

I have a confession to make, I forgot it was my son’s birthday today.  I knew it was coming up and for some reason my mind told me that it was Friday, when it fact it was today.  386 more words



My granddaughter’s been testing her wings; something requiring both desire and determination.  After putting the pack-n-play away, she naps in my bed surrounded by pillows to keep her from getting too close to the edge.  172 more words

Life Happens

The Joy in Freedom


A word that was just another part to my vocabulary, holding no meaning in my life, until recently. My life last year was a “record breaking” year for disappointment after disappointment. 739 more words

Life Happens

Do better.

I am NOT perfect. I don’t live a perfect life, most of it is not IG-able. I don’t look IG-able most of the time. I curse way to much. 333 more words

Life Happens

Rising to Love

From Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: “All his life Victor had heard the expression “falling in love”; now that his own turn had come Victor realized that there was nothing of the “falling” about it.  170 more words

Life Happens


GOALS: (noun – plural) the object of a person’s ambition/desire.

During the holidays you did some soul searching and decided on your goals for the New Year. 738 more words

Life Happens

Wearing Pants

I wore dresses to school until the 9th grade; high school where I grew up.  I don’t remember when I stopped wearing dresses to play outside but I know that my entire wardrobe was dresses for a very long time.  163 more words

Life Happens