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Why I hate “Fight the New Drug” Movement.

This is normal Jordan, talking. Not sexologist Jordan talking. I wanted to vent about why I so ferociously dislike this movement. I am no stranger to research, I am a sexologist who loves research! 3,026 more words

Life Happens


I’m waiting patiently for it to warm up enough to go kayaking and try a little fishing along the way.  If I was asked, what would I like to be when I grow up, I’d say a kayaking fishing pro.  165 more words

Life Happens


The hardest days to start are the ones I have off.  I used to look forward to those days when I worked full time.  No long commute, no brain drain, just stay home – yeah!  170 more words

Life Happens

Be Stronger

It was a hard weekend. A family emergency in one city and problems back home all in the same day. There has been a lot of stress and worry this weekend, but also a lot of prayers and grace. 197 more words

Life Happens

Here, there and everywhere

The next few weeks, or months, will be crazy busy around here.  That probably means my 2x a week blogging schedule will get even more screwed up than usual. 168 more words



Sometimes things enter my life to test my fortitude.  Synonyms for the word fortitude include: resilience (flexibility), grit, determination, and endurance.  Just the words to describe what I need to out maneuver the thing that came into my life this week – a 140 pound Rottweiler Mastiff mix named Phoenix.  151 more words

Life Happens

Life Happens & It Stinks!

Life Happens & It Stinks ~ April 2016 Issue

You know, if anyone would have told me years ago what I would have to go through to be where I am today I would have probably slapped them. 1,041 more words

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