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Chosen Steps

Everyone says, give yourself time, which is fine, but what should I do with that time?  There are many books on the stages of grief,  but I’m not aware of any guidance on how to let reality back in, other than it takes time.  159 more words

Life Happens

i'll figure it out.

it’s been a tough week.

why? i’m not sure. i’d love to pinpoint what triggered it all. but somedays when you know what it’s like to feel completely down on yourself and depressed, it’s easy to get back there. 652 more words

Life Happens


There’s a tendency for people to want to be like other people; clothes, hairstyles, glasses, agreeing on when not to wear white.  It’s natural to want to fit it, but being unique, having your own style, or wanting more than just the same is an exciting alternative.  157 more words

Life Happens

Down With The Sickness

So, yeah.  That was my last four days, which is why I hadn’t posted anything.  As you might imagine, it also means that I haven’t been thinking much about calories, or weight loss, or exercise, or anything other than laying around and working on feeling better. 37 more words


A Terrible Lost

A year has gone and another enters. Here is Jasmine once again sitting on the beach bench feeling the breeze of the wind moving through her hair. 399 more words

Life Happens

Tick Tock!

What makes me tick? For a long time I had no idea. I wanted to do everything except be a designer. A seemingly ordinary evening scrolling through my Facebook news feed and narrowly spotting one advertisement was life changing. 159 more words

Life Happens

Love Boat

You don’t need to understand to love.  You don’t need to accept to love.  You don’t need to agree to love.  You don’t need to like to love.  180 more words

Life Happens