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48 Hours Kid Free

As a full time father of four it’s not often I can say that. It’s rare to have any time to myself let alone two full days. 295 more words


The cultivation of Courage


Cancer is a deceiving disease because to outsiders the cancer warrior is touted as bravely fighting a battle with courage and determination that defies definition.  The problem with that mindset is that, in the quiet of the warrior’s home when no one else is around, there emits from their heart a silent pleading with God to forgive them the fears that overwhelms their heart and to give them just a little more courage to make it thru the next day or hour or moment because sometimes they are only brave enough to live from one moment to the next. 670 more words

Life Happens...

Writing and the baby

Last year I was pregnant, and towards the end of the year, I became mother of a beautiful little girl. This, not surprisingly, has impacted writing. 228 more words


I Am NOT A Morning Person

In a quick follow up to yesterday’s post, Austin’s birthday turned out to be pretty good.  Yes there was a lot of running around, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking him toy shopping and then coming home and making a Spider-Man cake that he has requested. 909 more words

Life Happens

Stay in the Game

My grandson loves to play games and he very good at winning.  When one of us loses, usually me, we cover our eyes with our hands and cry, boo hoo hoo, until the winner says, don’t cry, maybe you’ll win next time.  165 more words

Life Happens

Happy Birthday Austin

I have a confession to make, I forgot it was my son’s birthday today.  I knew it was coming up and for some reason my mind told me that it was Friday, when it fact it was today.  386 more words



My granddaughter’s been testing her wings; something requiring both desire and determination.  After putting the pack-n-play away, she naps in my bed surrounded by pillows to keep her from getting too close to the edge.  172 more words

Life Happens