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Distant People

There’s people I know (Facebook Friends) and people I’m close to (Plain Old Friends).  It’s communicating through social media verses physically close enough to touch someone.  184 more words

Life Happens

Did I Say...

…that there is no straight road to your goals?

Yes, I did. As soon as I posted my last post, that rocky road started. But funny enough, not in a bad way. 636 more words

Distant World

Bette Midler’s song From A Distance explains how seeing from a great distance creates a false view of the world.  By not shortening the distance I miss social, environmental, and other world issues.  173 more words

Life Happens

Life Happens

Some of you  may have been wondering what in the world happened. “Hannah! You haven’t posted since some time in July! We worried you were under something heavy or in a ditch somewhere!” 458 more words


Take the Plunge

I’ve been heading down the sadness road for days now.  I’ve gotten better at being aware that I’m on that road and at not allowing myself to continue unchecked.  184 more words

Life Happens

"Me Too"

“Me Too”

Harvey Weinstein has been much of the talks lately.  Many are coming out whom have been directly affected by Harvey, and many more are coming out whom have been affected by others.  1,163 more words


Optional Challenges

During a newscast I heard the words challenges and chosen used together.  I immediately thought, exactly.  Challenges have changed over the years, moving away from doing them because we have to, to doing them because we want to. 164 more words

Life Happens