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More Words On A Page

I received quite a bit of feedback about some of the writings I’ve shared with you, so I thought I would keep it going at least until I run out or get different feedback. 772 more words

Who Am I?

Progress??? Not really...

I was really starting to make great progress on the sewing room. Miss PJ came over and we finally got all of the carpet ripped, pretty much got everything shuffled around to where it needed to be, and was just down to sorting everything for keep, give away, and trash piles, plus hauling all of the carpet and carpet pad bundles up and out to the trash. 397 more words

Life In General

Well That Didn't Go As Planned

I really do have good intentions when I do the Post A Day thing.  But life happens.

Going on vacation in October is not a good thing when you work at a school.  161 more words


Childlike Love

My grandson has a sweet thing he does every once in a while.  He holds up his thumb and index finger, showing a small space between them and says “I love you this much.”  I, in turn, sadly say “Only that much?”  He replies “No, I love you this much” and he brings his arms around his back until they touch, showing me he couldn’t love me any more.  133 more words

Life Happens

I'm Back!

I am back from Russia!

Okay.. I arrived yesterday, but I was too tired to even change or do anything. To be honest.. when I think about it it feels like it didn’t happen.. 644 more words


Beautiful Sunrise

I’ve always appreciated sunsets; the cloud patterns and ever changing range of colors created by the sun as it sets.  I never appreciated the sun rising, rarely finding beauty there.  176 more words

Life Happens

You Come First

All of my life, I have learned to please people, to please jobs, to please teachers and authority figures. I have learned to say yes and be a “yes woman.” I always did what I was told, never rebelled, never broke the rules. 1,258 more words