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Life Imitating Art

I’ve always had a love for art and could spend hours visiting museums & galleries. This photo was taken back in 2015, showcasing the work of artist, … 65 more words


Life Imitates Art: Wolf Cola & Fight Milk

Representation matters – we’ve learned this through tons of studies; social movements, and the like. It’s better to have a comprehensive look at what a population looks like, and have it be accurate; than not. 617 more words


State of Fear: Life Immitating Art — CO2 is Life

In Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear” he follows a group of misguided, ignorant, gullible, exploited and developmentally arrested “environmentalists,” as they pursue their Quixotic quest to save the earth from the ravages of global warming.

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Climate Matters

How Life Continues to Imitate Art

It’s been over a year since An Absolute Mind was released. When I had first started writing it, while I had considered all the possibilities on how many of today’s issues and circumstances could change – mostly for the better – in the future to come, I didn’t realize just how on point I’d be with my optimistic future. 512 more words

Human Beings

Does Art Imitate Life or Life More Often Imitate Art?

In recent years, several excellent historical drama series have emerged that depict the life and times of ancient peoples and cultures.  We sit back comfortably in our chairs, on our couches, or even lay back on our bed pillows and watch in high definition color on our flat screens as peoples’ thirsts drive them forward at any and all costs in their quests for political and social stature, and even designs of world dominance.   1,153 more words


13 Reasons Why: A Dangerous Problem or Much Ado About Nothing

The Netflix Original 13 Reasons Why was a smash hit earning a large fan-base and critical praise holding an 8.6/10 on IMDb and an 86% Fresh on… 1,463 more words