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Where Your Organic Milk has Really Been

Well, the cattle auctions are winding down. With all the bathing, grooming, and clipping done to prepare the livestock for show, you’d think those cows were overfed Chihuahuas. 242 more words

Rural Drive-By

When I moved to Chokio, Minnesota, last fall, the harvest was just ending. I watched the combine spin across the wide acres next to my house as it brought in the corn. 176 more words

June Weddings and Desperate Guys

All those June weddings have made everyone around here kind of loopy. I went to the bank the other day—quite innocently, mind you, just trying to make a photocopy or two—and chatted with the teller about houseplants and sunshine. 209 more words

Dem Cows are Sheep

I popped over to Evansville the other day. I know this family that lives in a beautiful farmstead, a handful of acres tucked between two cattail ponds. 154 more words

Teats and Maidens

Well, the mural on the grain elevator is done. The barefoot Finnish maiden gazes over town cradling a sheaf of wheat grain. There’s been talk of making huge tin cutout clothes for her: a parka for winter, boots for springtime mud, a French maid’s outfit for evening romance. 66 more words

Frugal Farmer Meets Starving Artist

Main streets is all spruced up, ready for tourists. The grain elevator is getting quite the makeover: a mural of a Finnish woman. The co-op thinks the artist’s bid is high. 73 more words

The truth behind the Citrus County Clerk of Courts Decision to stop performing marriage ceremonies: A Factual Account

Since the recent announcement by Angela Vick, Citrus County Clerk of Courts to no longer perform marriage ceremonies at the county courthouse, public opinion has run rampant and the rumor mills are viciously churning.  1,097 more words

Life In A Small Town