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Stupid is as Stupid does: When you have a lot of letters after your name ...

https://notmyfirstrodeoblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/04-somewhere-in-neverland.m4a “Somewhere In Neverland”, All Time Low, from the album “Don’t Panic”, (2012)

Captains Log, Stardate 20170622.1311

Line One: First the plain English version: FLASH MESSAGE: … 880 more words

Pen As Sword - Social Commentary

Food Porn ...

https://notmyfirstrodeoblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/13-the-beatitudes.m4a “The Beatitudes”, Noirin Ni Riain & The Monks of Glenstall Abbey, from the album “Vox de Nube (Voice From The Cloud)” (1996)

Been fasting intermittently since January 17th. 139 more words

Life In A Small Town

Fasting and Type II Diabetes ...

https://notmyfirstrodeoblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/08-twilight-and-shadow.m4aTwilight And Shadow”, Howard Shore, from “Lord Of The Rings

So, fasting, how are things going? I seem to have hit some kind of plateau, where I am loosing inches and getting “flappy” but with my weight holding steady at approximately 230 pounds. 500 more words

Life In A Small Town

The Road

The locals identified it as the cement road of the town

Built in the years after the independence by an honest man

It needed few repairs… 265 more words

Life In A Small Town

Spring is here ...

The last week or so has been absolutely perfect with lots of sun and temperatures in the double digit plus side of zero.

All the farmers are going gangbusters getting their fields cleaned up, many are just bailing the old crop from last year to use as cattle feed. 124 more words

Life In A Small Town

The Soul's Dark Cottage ...

Fond memories have I of reading fairy stories by George MacDonald to my baby daughter, now in her early 20’s …


Lord, what I once had done with youthful might, 330 more words

The Inner Struggle