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Color Your World: 120 Days of Crayola; Copper

This turtle hung out in my garden most of last summer. It was the first I had seen him. I thought his coloring was very nice, as his body was… 61 more words


IPhriday Photo Challenge: Garden Chairs

I am ready for Spring! Here the IPhotos are painted in the Apps; Waterlogue and Brushstroke! They are IPhone Apps!  I print them into notecards! More notecards for me! 25 more words


Controversy, "Normal" and the Media ...

https://notmyfirstrodeoblog.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/12-waiting-on-the-night-to-fall.m4aWaiting on the Night To Fall, Casting Crowns,

What is normal? What are lies and distortions.  How about  “they are everywhere”, or “they are just like us”, or “everybody sensible  thinks like me” or “we are the majority, and we speak for “insert your group here”, or “it’s the Jews”, or “it’s the Niggers”, whatever! 1,456 more words

Pen As Sword - Social Commentary

Contemplating The Transcendental ... part 5 ...

https://notmyfirstrodeoblog.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/10-a-place-called-morning.m4aA Place Called Morning, Bill Douglas, from the album

Kinda cold today, -30 with the wind chill.  Clear and cold tonight, probably colder than -30 tonight with about 10 or 12 kph wind so it will feel colder yet. 747 more words

The Inner Struggle

I Phriday Photo Challenge; The Scaly Bark Birch Tree

Out and about this week I took a photo of the Scaly Bark Birch Tree or the Betula Nigra River Birch. It is my favorite tree! 90 more words


Color Your World: 120 Days of Crayola; Asparagus

Asparagus is a tone of green that is named after the vegetable. Crayola created this color in 1993 as one of the 16 to be named in the Name the Color Contest. 249 more words


Color Your World: 120 Days of Crayola; Antique Brass

The most stunning flower EVER in my garden was the “Jane Cowl” dahlia! I bought the tuber for this flower in 2009, not knowing much about it, except that it was Martha Stewart’s favorite flower! 189 more words