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A Spanner in the Works

The cog gazes blankly
across the counter.
Officious flicks through
a dozen inked pages,
the pride they inspired now
replaced with
sheepish assurance that
the stamps aren’t… 162 more words


The Tram Ride

Part Six of ‘The Golden Years”

“Now let’s see how much you guys have brought me”, the man said gruffly after we had heaved the last bundle of old newspapers onto the grimy scales. 1,248 more words

Amsterdam 1950's

Amsterdam: Here We Come!

A few months back, Himanshu got an opportunity to work on an on-site project in Amsterdam. We grabbed the opportunity and I left my job, grabbed our bags and we moved to Amsterdam to explore the land of opportunities. 561 more words

Simply Me


Part Four of ‘The Golden Years’

There was something special about Friday.

Somehow people seemed to be brisker, more energetic; as if the idea of the coming weekend brightened them up. 631 more words


Winter - in Amsterdam in the 1950's

After days of high winds and heavy rain the thermometer finally started dropping. The rain did not cease, it slowly turned into sleet, nasty flurries of ice cold crystals that clung for a moment to your face, then melted and ran down your clothes, soaking you to the skin if you had to be out for any amount of time. 150 more words


The Attic

Part Three of “The Golden Years”

Mickey stumbled up the four pairs of stairs and sat down panting against one of the coal bins that lined the sides of what we called ‘the attic’. 1,006 more words


Winter in the old town

A wonderful silence has descended over the old town.
All sounds are muted; the incessant rushing hum of wheels on tarmac from the main streets has vanished, replaced by an awesome, reverent silence, only broken by the crunching of my footsteps on the gradually thickening layer of pure white snow. 87 more words