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Weekend in Amsterdam

I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam in a very sunny day during this dull an cloudy winter, therefore needless to say it is in my heart. 539 more words



Over the past 6 years we’ve collected many adventures during our time abroad. However, our best treasures are the friendships we’ve made. By this time, we have loved ones all around the world, but it’s always nice to go back to where it all started and reconnect with those loved ones. 162 more words


Ghent and Bruges in Pictures

This past weekend (July 18 and 19) Iwan, Anne, and I made our way south from Amsterdam into Belgium for a brief holiday. I had never been to either city before, and each of them had only been to one or the other, so we were all going exploring. 1,061 more words

Life In Amsterdam

A Truly European Experience

Wow. The last 12 hours have been very full, and very fulfilling. The last 5 hours afforded me an experience I have never had before, and am likely to never have again. 1,371 more words

Life In Amsterdam

Another Round of First Impressions

Hoi from Amsterdam! For those of you who may be interested to follow along with my adventures this summer in Amsterdam, and want a bit more “meat” than Facebook allows, I welcome you (back) to my blog! 865 more words

Life In Amsterdam

Highs & Lows of life in Amsterdam

I often think of Amsterdam as one of the best places to live in the whole world. But sometimes, only sometimes I do see the (less) bright side of it. 780 more words

Expat Life

Monday in Amsterdam

People usually complain how mondays are the worst days in a week. Well, mine was pretty awesome! It was the last day of my sort of holiday before starting my internship so I did my best to do nothing too demanding and ended up mostly drifting from coffee table to another (and no, not that kind of coffee shops). 99 more words