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Remember how I was itching for change two weeks ago? Well, for the moment I have tried to deal with this feeling the way that all usual people do – I got an extreme haircut. 277 more words


I have officially become a Yuppie. I had this realization on a Wednesday while wearing spandex surrounded by other spandex-clad young women and being instructed to make sure our cores were engaged during a pseudo-plié in a ballet-inspired exercise class. 395 more words

Life In Dc

Done with Moving?

On Sunday I came home from California, on Monday I went to work and finished packing and cleaning, and on Tuesday a man with a pickup truck helped me move all my worldly belongings from my sad dark studio to my cheery light-filled one bedroom co-op. 272 more words

Life In Dc


Right now I am hiding from my problems in a coffee shop. Unlike usual life travails which have the ability to follow you around no matter your change of place, this problem is very stuck in one geographical location: my kitchen. 470 more words

Life In Dc

I Hate the Way I Look in Pictures!

Have you ever said that?  It seems the natural reaction to looking at images of ourselves is to immediately hunt for flaws.  This often results in  women simply not existing in photographs. 228 more words

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Yes, we have officially entered the year of 5777 according to the Hebrew Calendar.

I’ve always loved the Jewish New Year. It’s much nicer than the New Years connected to the Gregorian calendar. 372 more words

Life In Dc

City life

We’ve been here in metro DC for a little over a week, and we’re all settling in pretty nicely.  Yes, all, including Lissy Lou!  The first few days in our new place were awful–she cried a lot and neither of us humans got much sleep.   393 more words

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