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Life's not so bad

Nine days ago I had my prostate removed by robotic keyhole surgery.

I was lucky.  I went to the doctor with a totally unrelated problem and after a blood test he decided that a prostate investigation would be useful.  473 more words

Life In General


Phew!! The past few days I have been experiencing moments of … hmm let’s say a bit of shocked, panic attack, sad, angry etc. and the best would be happy ??? 934 more words

Life In General

Hot and bothered

Whoa!!! The heat is back and with a vengeance. The humidity level can be unbearable at times. Due to the hot weather during the past week and as well as coming days, I think my water bill will increase cos of the frequent showers taken at home hehee… 363 more words

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Of stress and chats

Hah! ….. this week is just one of those weeks when my kids decided to throw out unexpected aches on me :(

fening fening kefaler arr … huhu… 166 more words

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A day of many parts

Today, despite being well into the second half of July, is dull and drizzly, following spectacular thunderstorms last night.

So I am confined indoors and catching up with several domestic and wargaming tasks. 269 more words


A poor documentary

If anyone wants to watch a highly oversimplified Germano-centric and, from my other reading, somewhat inaccurate documentary of the first part of the Second World War, I can grudgingly recommend the Lamancha Productions “Visions of War” series, Galaxy Film 1983 presentation of “Blitzkrieg” by Karl Ullman, directed by Wolfgang Richter. 48 more words



I was woken up at pre-dawn by sounds of heavy running and shouting. At first I thought there was a fight somewhere nearby …. I quickly got up and look out of the window but could see nothing. 170 more words

Life In General