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Exciting..:). :). My Blog has been Nominated...

It’s kind of exciting to announce that I’ve been nominated by:     “>http://cherylbecker.wordpress.com/,  For an “Award”.

And it’s a different kind of award, because everybody wins! 930 more words


Somethings to remember, cherish and be thankful....

Today, 17th March, my husband’s late father’s birthdate. He would have been 82 years old today….. Al-fatihah!

Somehow the old man is much more dearer to me in my heart than his other half … hmm… and I do not think this way because he’s no longer around … rather I have always feels this way even when he was alive. 296 more words

Life In General


This article caught my eyes just now …. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/opinion/more-opinion-stories/story/loss-and-love-the-journey-parenthood-20150315#xtor=CS1-10

as I read it, memories of my own miscarriage experience flowed in. It was indeed not easy to experienced such loss … first time, second and even the third time. 344 more words

Life In General

No choice to be made

It’s been a while again. I’ve had a period when I haven’t really felt like being in “activist mode”, and thereby not felt like I have much to say on the blog.  285 more words


Words we utter ... A reflection!

I have been observing and reflecting on the going-ons in the office.
I realised how we, humans, just love to judge others based on our own beliefs and values. 253 more words

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A Different View

Thankfully, January is OVER!

Working 50+ hours a week is not fun. I work in the corporate world in which claims have to be filed according to statutes. 153 more words

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Eye matters

23 Jan 2015 – went for eye check-up @ NUH Medical Centre, courtesy of the NTU Healthy Lifestyle.

The appointment was at 4.29 pm and I reached there around 4.10 pm and it was almost 5.20 pm by the time I left the medical centre. 192 more words

Life In General