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Ahh … Labour Day! …. A public holiday which I had looked forward to cos it meants that tomorrow will be a no-working day too! :) 785 more words

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A voyage around my father - part 3

Having settled into my hotel I set out to explore the downtown area.  I had with me copies of advertisements from “The Patrician”, the station magazine of RAF Patricia Bay, and I intended to seek out those establishments that were still active after nearly 75 years.  340 more words

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Be still

I have a lot to say … but I know my fingers cannot be typing out everything that’s in my mind.

So here goes on some of what I could relay on my views on certain matters. 420 more words

Life In General

A voyage around my father - part 2

Arriving in Victoria I checked into the hotel, the Best Western Inner Harbour.  I had chosen this hotel partly because I have a loyalty card with this chain and mainly because it was within a short stroll of Victoria’s harbour and downtown area. 179 more words

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A voyage round my father - part 1

Last week I visited Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada in search of my father.

As reference material I had his photograph album, luckily in the main annotated in his copperscript hand. 80 more words

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Yesterday, I was thanking a close friend from my secondary school days for her beautiful gifts for me and my daughters. This friend of mine simply love to surprise us with gifts as and when she feels like it. 172 more words

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Little incidences 

I received news of my grandniece just a while ago. She had a fall at the playground yesterday and now her arm is cast. She looks good despite the cast …. 101 more words

Life In General