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Short and sweet…more like savory…

Husband made dinner and it tasted amazing!

I don’t normally post about food because, though I like to eat, it’s not a passion of mine. 172 more words

Life In General

Ghost Car App

My husband is an independent driver – does Uber or Lyft sound familiar? He drives and enjoys it. He is also a gadget guy and has found a driver app that allows drivers to share their actual location with another person – besides the regular app for the rider. 314 more words

Life In General

Life and wargaming - an update

In addition to making a little progress on the longest running wargame move I have ever experienced – the Battle for Brighton currently set up in my cold, damp shed – I have had a few wargaming and other diversions. 542 more words


Health update - cancer surgery

Today I went for my six-week post-operation review.
One hour later than expected I sat with Mr Matthew Perry at the Royal Surrey Hospital.

They had successfully removed my prostate and surrounding lymph nodes at the end of November.   156 more words

Life In General

Start of a New Year

A new year is upon us, and what have I been up to?

The first priority was to deal with our insurance company’s building and repair agents about the appalling state they left the inside of our house when decamping on 22nd December. 394 more words


What’s in Your Photo Gallery?

My life is turning into the crazy cat lady. Thankfully, I only have two. But I look at my photos on the phone and there are two or three photos of the cats to every one of my son. 142 more words

Life In General

Conversing across channels - or apps

Conversations have changed over the past, oh I don’t know, ten years? Somewhere around there.

Social media and texting has taken over the telephone call. (That was when people had to memorize phone numbers and punch them into a phone connected to the wall.) 238 more words

Life In General