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For that split moment I forgot myself

it was my 6 week haircut and I was enjoying somebody else washing my hair other than myself. Having a nice head massage and just forgetting my troubles. 189 more words

Chronic Illness

Follow the leader...

Earlier this month, Lauren of Wearing History wrote her post on Social Media and the Myth of Perfection, and it started a tidal wave. Her post (as well as several other posts written by some of the bloggers I follow) hit home on many levels for me. 597 more words

Life In General

The Truth About the "Mama's Boy"

When we hear the the term, “Mama’s Boy,” it is usually associated with negative connotations, since masculinity isn’t associated with mothers. The stigma is that a man would be so focused on his mother that he will forget his significant other; and no one wants to come in second place in a relationship. 266 more words

Higher Perspective

A Fellow Rider

A man with a wheeled suitcase approached me on the platform at Westlake Station this morning. I knew what he was going to ask me. And he did ask the question I was expecting, but not in the way I was expecting. 170 more words

Life In General

Writer vs. Author

I lurk on various writing yahoogroups, cutting and pasting conversation pieces into documents so that I have them for future reference. LLC’s vs. S-corps. DBA’s, EIN’s, boxed sets, cover art and fonts … all kinds of stuff gets brought up that strikes me as “I may want to keep that for when I’m ready to press the button, and I’m not all that interested in fishing through the archives to find it again.” 969 more words