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Guitar Mancer — Episode 6: Audition

Welcome back everyone!  I hope you had a chance to visit my midweek mini-series,

 The Sign of the Ape.  I’m telling the story in support of… 2,936 more words

Teagan's Books

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The Guitar Mancer by Teagan Geneviene is heating up.. literally as Luci pops into the studio where she is about to start work and is invited to watch some auditions..head over and read on...great serial.

Living Life with a Dash of Joy!

So, decide to start a blog.  As I’ve pondered why I want to blog, I’ve thought about what I have to share: why would people read my blog??? 233 more words



For the first time after moving to marine parade estate for 3 years, I finally visited the library.

Took 6pm company shuttle home after work as I simply was not in any mood to work. 424 more words

Life In General

Things that Bring Me Joy

So, as I talk about finding joy during trials and hard times, let me talk with you a little about what brings me joy!

For me, joy is a little different than just fun and enjoyment.   387 more words


Riding or not

It’s been almost a month since I handed over the s4.
The emotions were strong then but now it’s almost forgotten.
Sometimes I see him in my old photos and recall the power and freedom of cruising along road with him. 21 more words

Life In General

Yes, I Noticed

Dear Lady Exiting the Family Dollar,

Yes, I noticed you. I noticed that you held the door for my daughter and I.

Yes, I noticed your subtle reminder to me that I didn’t say thank you. 256 more words

Life In General

Gear shift

I’ve decided to take a back seat at work this year.
I am frustrated and tired at work.
Partly the conundrum that I’ve put myself in which I also need to be responsible for. 248 more words

Life In General