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Dancing with Nature: The Sustainable Challenge

I am not much of a professional sports fan these days.  But every year at this time I remember myself as a kid, pulling out my old Maury Wills baseball mitt and Carl Yastrzemski bat from the basement to play outside with my friends, following what seemed like endless winters while growing up in the Midwest. 842 more words

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The Month in Books - March

Historically, today the internet is notorious for practical pranks and jokes, so beware!

What is not a joking matter my reading habits in┬áMarch. I did the thing I said I wouldn’t do: I kept starting books I thought I should read instead of books I wanted to read. 263 more words

Life In General

April Fools

1972: The UK Veterinary Record publishes a study detailing the many diseases of Brunus edwardii, AKA the teddy bear. Said the article, “Pet ownership surveys have shown that 63.8 percent of households are inhabited by one or more of these animals, and there is a statistically significant relationship between their population and the number of children in a household. 125 more words


I'll ride the wave where it takes me

One of my all time favorite songs…I remember listening to this song, on live bootlegs as a kid….Feeling exactly this way…I felt a terrible sadness even as a child….And I connected not only to the music, of say Pearl Jam, and Nirvana…I felt the power of these vocalist….Eddie’s voice in this and so many songs is as strong as a voice can be…So the lyrics, music, voice…Would bring me to a place where I wasn’t alone..It was my therapy….And a gift that I was introduced to good music in my youth, such as Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Mad season, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Tool,Bjork, Radiohead, Ben Harper, Beck, Smashing Pumpkins, The list goes..on..lol….Anyways found this gem of a recording…Because I was always into the live recordings….I am happy this music will be here waiting for every kid who struggles to find, and be released..I’m,..We, are still on the wave.. 99 more words


Everything's possible

Happy birthday my dear naughty little Baby!! Happy 11th years old, darling!!

Egg and ham sandwich and choc milk

Double scoop ice cream for lunch at Creamier… 26 more words

Life In General

Almost Moving Day

It’s almost moving day!!! I can’t believe that we will be moving into our new house tomorrow. Tomorrow! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a move before. 260 more words

Life In General

Five Star Treatment - Words We Carry by D.G.Kaye

Today’s book Words We Carry by Canadian author D.G. Kaye is about women and for women. It is about self-esteem and how we can be tough judges of our own perceived short-comings, and also how that perception can lead us to allow others, men and also women to reinforce those convictions. 846 more words

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