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Historical Flavor: Learning From History

Sandra Ardoin @SandraArdoin

Whatever your leanings (and, please, I don’t care to know them), we’re getting ready to welcome another president to the White House. I thought it might be fun to gain a little insight into one from the past. 269 more words

Sandra Ardoin


Listen to Scooby Is In The Dirt With Me by Of Flood #np on #SoundCloud

This is my last post. As sunlit rain. Maybe. My first. 22 more words

Life In General

Where I Am For The Next Couple Weeks

I am going to try super hard to not miss a day of blogging but I’m likely to run out of internet so if I don’t respond or suddenly become inactive it’s not because I’m dead or I abandoned the blog, it’s because of the internet. 154 more words


Breaking Those Good Habits and then Jedi-Mind-Melding Them into Ourselves

Yes, that title was written after finding the raccoon picture, just so I could use the raccoon picture. But it’s sort of accurate? Maybe misleading. But at least generally, in a wide-spectrum sort of way, accurate. 949 more words

Life In General

The weekend was busy. Filled with activities.

Saturday, though, I woke up feeling extremely depressed. My legs were swollen. It felt like they were being smothered by ever-tightening elastics. 258 more words

C-PTSD: Memories Of Violence


It appears that we are expecting freezing rain tonight on top of all this! I love snow but it’s time we thaw…

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New Boyfriend

I honestly didn’t think I would be using that term to describe anyone so soon but now I am. I met this really cool guy that treats me the way I deserve to be treated.   188 more words

Life In General