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N.H.S. Doctors

I see that a suggestion has been put forward that a visit to the Doctors Surgery should have a charge of £5.00 per person levied. 138 more words


Message in a bottle

I am a Nicholas Sparks fan. The Notebook had me in uncontrollable tears, A walk to remember wrenched my heart into a tight twist, and… 181 more words


Being YOU! (Chill and Cool is Already Taken)

Today I had to fill out a quick survey about myself that will be used to pair me with a “big” during dental school – a student in the year ahead of me that’ll show me the ropes and guide me through dental school (sounds like an amazing friend, mentor, and fairy godmother all in one!!). 622 more words

May 21

I know that I have a week’s holiday in a short while but I keep on thinking it’s in forever.

Life In General

Ten Years On

It’s been a great two days at Fyrecon so far. I’ve done one presentation and five panels so far, with two more panels and another class tomorrow. 336 more words

Life In General

Talos principle user levels on linux

On linux these windows and mac files do not render right and i had to fix the motion blur once again.

It is a shame they are not truly cross compatible and i also can not make levels. 11 more words

Life In General

The Unsung Ode To Cooking

I love cooking. Thanks to marriage for that. No seriously. I owe my husband for this, who is a total Neel bate sannata (null) at cooking. 238 more words