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Make or Break: Let's talk about Habits

I had a revelation mid-week: I’m a happier person if I work out and get my 12k steps in each day.

When I say revelation, I mean reminder. 407 more words

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Harikuyo - Broken Needle Festival.

Harikuyo – Broken Needle Festival.

Yesterday was “Harikuyo – Broken Needle Festival.” I have actively celebrated this for the past two years, you can click on hari-kuyo in the Categories list to see my other posts. 780 more words


Planning For The Past

It was gaming day in Everett today. (I’m referring to role-playing, not The Super Bowl.)

We picked up Ben along the way. We stopped into Costco, as Ben’s guests. 252 more words

Life In General

The First Book I Saw

I don’t really know if it was the first book I saw when Phillip and I walked into Kinokuniya Bookstore, inside Uwajimaya, the day of our initial streetcar joyride, but, I would discover later, it made the biggest impression on me. 689 more words

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I found a typesetting error in the library’s 1972 copy of I Am a Cat. I thought it was interesting.

Life In General


Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to one of the sweetest dogs I have ever owned. He is a ten year old Lab/Great Dane mix.  He used to be close to 100 pounds.   187 more words

Life In General