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Smorgasbord Health - The Digestive System - Being a 'Big Mouth' is actually not a bad thing!

As the purpose of these blogs is to offer you an overview of the body, I am not going to attempt to give you all the specifics about this complex and fascinating process. 21 more words

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When happiness doesn't show

I have written about it before. This happiness shit. And I am one of them who claims that happiness is good for you, that it… 162 more words


From larks to in-boxes

The other morning I took the dog for a walk along a path I hadn’t been along before even though it is only round the corner. 570 more words

Life In General

Well, This Could Be Fun

In the back of my head, I had a whole post planned about the GOP and the orange man with the small hands for today. But then today was super irritating and then Kasich dropped out and the orange man is likely going to be an actual Presidential candidate and I’m too scared and angry and plus, I just saw a GIF of Cruz’s face morphing into Grandpa Munster and I’m still too disturbed by the whole thing to write anything productive. 1,413 more words

Life In General

a little every day, or a lot and then nothing?

What’s better for M, working 8 hours a day and having evenings and nights with M every night, and only two full days off per week, or doing what I do now, 4 days off and three days working per week, three days where I don’t see her at all? 234 more words


Summer is Coming...

No, seriously. That’s about how it feels. I have 7 year old twins. and now I’ll have 12 weeks with them at home in which I need to entertain them in some fashion other than the TV, because the husband refuses to do day care. 306 more words