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The Hunger-Striking Terrorist

Remember the hunger-striking terrorist from Islamic Jihad, who was released from jail?

Well, I don’t know what happened since then, but I do know that he was supposed to be re-jailed for some reason, and tried to escape into the tachana merkazit (central bus station) in Be’er Sheva. 179 more words

Life In Israel

Safety In Numbers?

As a kid in America, I grew up hearing about safety in numbers.

If you have to go out at night, my mother said, go with a friend or two. 660 more words

Life In Israel

My Neighbor's Miracle

Remember the family who watched Shlomo while Yitzchak and I went to the hospital for Tova’s birth?

So, the husband/father (let’s call him Manny) missed last night’s… 537 more words

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. . . And The Government Is Stupid

Closing off Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem does exactly what these Muslim extremists want: It divides the city in two. This is the first step towards a divided Jerusalem, and it’s the real reason for the attacks on the light rail. 501 more words

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Smart Move, Rami!

Rami Levy is smart. I’ve been wondering for years when stores are going to decide to take this step. And I’m wondering how fast everyone else – small stores included – are going to follow suit. 139 more words

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IDF: Don't Sleep On Buses

When I first came to Israel as a gap year student, we used to joke that the last row of seats on an intercity bus was the “soldiers’ seat”. 427 more words

Life In Israel

Will You Marry Me?

You can’t really hear too well, but here, a police officer who is on duty in the Old City proposes to his girlfriend. He called her to the Kotel (Western Wall) for a few minutes and then, surrounded by his buddies, pulled out a ring. 77 more words

Life In Israel