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What Would YOU Do?

This video allows you to take the pilot’s seat and decide whether to continue the mission that the IDF sent you on, or to abort it.   125 more words

Life In Israel

The Final Trek - Consulate, Part 3

If you remember, two months ago we went to get Tova’s Report of Birth Abroad, and to request social security cards for both Shlomo and Tova.   1,688 more words

Life In Israel

The Great Name Debate

When Tova was born, Yitzchak and I debated how to spell her name in English.  Tova isn’t her real name, of course, and we wondered which vowels to use in which places, and in which name (she, unlike Shlomo, has a middle name).   398 more words

Life In Israel

Vaxing Public Policy

As with many Western countries, Israel also has it’s share of “anti-vaxxers”.

I know such people, but didn’t really think that it was an issue on the radar of policy-makers until I saw this… 341 more words

Life In Israel

Disappointed by the Coalition

I knew that the coalition would probably look about the way it does (I was counting on Lieberman, though), but I didn’t think that the agreements would be this bad. 515 more words

Life In Israel

0 to 100 Years

I found this video on Janglo.  Each person says how old they are (in Hebrew). I don’t usually watch (or upload) videos, but this was just too cute – and a bit lighter than my usual boring(?) posts about politics, war, health, and who knows what.

Life In Israel

To Vaccinate, Or Not To Vaccinate?

When I was growing up, everyone in my family knew that I was the only one who had been properly vaccinated.  Esther had been mostly-properly-vaccinated, and the younger kids had never had the pertussis vaccination.   2,098 more words