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Profiling Ain't Equal

Today Yitzchak and I went on a tour of government offices.

Yitzchak held Shlomo’s hand. I pushed Tova’s stroller.

The security guard saw us, and let me through the stroller gate with both kids. 566 more words

Life In Israel

Pessimism or Safe Thinking?

Sometimes I think I’m crazy. Absolutely bonkers. Paranoid and and a helicopter-mom and helicopter-wife.

For instance, Yitzchak would love to be an astronaut. I forbid it. 601 more words

Life In Israel

Do You Have a Weapon?

Two days ago, we were standing in line to go into the central bus station in Be’er Sheva. I hate standing in that line, because there are always, always, people smoking right beside you. 361 more words

Life In Israel

Valentine's Day is Stupid

I wrote this post on Februart 15, 2016.

It really is.

Hearts, cookies, wine, cards to the entire class . . . and for what purpose? 218 more words

Life In Israel

Fields of Poppies

I wrote this post on February 18, 2016.

I keep hearing about “Darom Adom,” or “A Red South.” It’s basically a weekend festival, for a few weekends in a row. 216 more words

Life In Israel

The Mysterious Letter

Once every few months, we find that everyone in our building has received a letter from the municipality. The letter states that we have until day X to clear out and clean our bomb shelter, and otherwise we will be fined. 591 more words

Life In Israel

How Honest Are Israelis?

What happens when a blind man asks for change for a 20 shekel bill, but holds out a 100 or 200 shekel bill by mistake? Watch this video to find out. 7 more words