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The Mysterious Letter

Once every few months, we find that everyone in our building has received a letter from the municipality. The letter states that we have until day X to clear out and clean our bomb shelter, and otherwise we will be fined. 591 more words

Life In Israel

How Honest Are Israelis?

What happens when a blind man asks for change for a 20 shekel bill, but holds out a 100 or 200 shekel bill by mistake? Watch this video to find out. 7 more words

Life In Israel

Here's a "Duh" Eyeopener

I know I haven’t posted in a looong time. I know.

I’ll explain why later. But of course, it won’t really be a good excuse, right? 126 more words

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The Hunger-Striking Terrorist

Remember the hunger-striking terrorist from Islamic Jihad, who was released from jail?

Well, I don’t know what happened since then, but I do know that he was supposed to be re-jailed for some reason, and tried to escape into the tachana merkazit (central bus station) in Be’er Sheva. 179 more words

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Safety In Numbers?

As a kid in America, I grew up hearing about safety in numbers.

If you have to go out at night, my mother said, go with a friend or two. 660 more words

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My Neighbor's Miracle

Remember the family who watched Shlomo while Yitzchak and I went to the hospital for Tova’s birth?

So, the husband/father (let’s call him Manny) missed last night’s… 537 more words

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. . . And The Government Is Stupid

Closing off Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem does exactly what these Muslim extremists want: It divides the city in two. This is the first step towards a divided Jerusalem, and it’s the real reason for the attacks on the light rail. 501 more words

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