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Happy Weekend Everyone!

Today was a good day. :)

First of all, my 5-in-a-row classes were cancelled because of tests, so I the freedom to do what I pleased at school today, which was a welcome break for me. 132 more words


Japan; Dorm room


I am a student at Nagoya University with MEXT scholarship. Its been almost a month since I come to Japan. And I was curious about “how my life will be in Japan?” when I was waiting to come here. 360 more words


Life in Japan - Garbage Day

One of the biggest differences between living in Canada and living in Japan is the disposal of garbage and recycling. Canada is a large, underpopulated country with lots of space to bury garbage. 777 more words

Life In Japan

Once Japan a Time

Life musings of a half-Japanese wanderer. My name is Mikie. Currently at the land of the rising sun. Hence, once Japan a time. These are my tales and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them. 25 more words

Foreigners In Japan

Life in Japan - Laundry

When people think about moving to another country, they usually get excited about the big things – exploring, learning the language, trying the food. When you arrive, you realize that there are other things that need attention as well. 603 more words

Life In Japan

The Bright Stars of a Future Japan

One of the pleasures of working with International students in California was becoming friends with “special” students. Yes, all students are special, but we would sometimes meet extraordinary students who had a passion for life and learning. 636 more words


Teaching is hard: Failing and learning

I think teaching might be one of the hardest things in the world. I always took my teachers for granted until I started teaching full time and realized just how much work it takes outside of class to have a successful class. 253 more words

Life In Japan