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Things that grate me about people who love Japan

Living in a foreign country can be difficult at times but also can be the best experience of your life. Be it on a week’s holiday or a one to three year job placement as an English teacher. 919 more words

Author Simon Phillips

Tokyo journey continues... aka 10 things I like about living here!

3 years ago I arrived in Japan. I like to think that everything happens for a reason and particular events in life lead me to the place I am right now. 2,000 more words


The Watermelon Watchers

Summer is now well underway here in Japan, and I’ve had a chance to see what it’s like. Before we get too much further through it, I thought I’d talk about some of the more idiosyncratic experiences you get in these parts. 897 more words


First Day of School (for the 300th time)

Ok, so maybe 300 is a hyperbole, but this “first day of school” is definitely among many, although it is my first day of school in a foreign country! 1,029 more words


Train Etiquette: A Cultural Lesson for Japan

Here is a cultural lesson quiz for those of you considering coming to Japan based on a real life situation I recently encountered.

On a crowded train which has just stopped at a station, a woman gets up and leaves the train, leaving an empty seat on the bench. 464 more words


Summer Nights, Japanese-Style

Hot summer nights in Japan call for greasy street food, dancing, drumming, and festive floats, otherwise known as a summer festival! I experienced my first one Saturday night in Kasama, and despite it being considered a relatively anonymous local festival, I found it to be a really fun introduction to this seasonal staple. 598 more words



One of the things I absolutely wanted to do here was learn to play the taiko drums. We are asked upon arrival about any hobbies we have or things we are interested in outside of our job. 303 more words