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Catatan Kecil 30 Hari di Jepang-1

Sebulan sudah kaki ini menginjakkan tanah di bumi matahari terbit, Jepang. Sebulan ini pula pengalaman demi pengalaman saya alami dalam rangka adaptasi, kompromi, dan konsolidasi dengan kebudayaan masyarakat disini. 1,269 more words

Bicycle In Japan

The Perils of Self Employment pt.2, Eggs and Baskets

Last month we started telling our students that we would be closing our school at the end of May.  We had a few teary eyes and some expressions of shock, and most surprisingly to me, some (non-sarcastic) rounds of applause.  786 more words

Life In Japan

What makes me miss airport works?

I worked in airport as airline’s airport supervisor before.

Sometimes somethings make me miss the airport days.

What makes me miss airport works?
1. When I, as passenger, see airport staff printing cabin document at boarding gate.Oh that is passenger manifest, that is General Decralation. 79 more words

Life In USA


Howdy readers!

Yesterday my student and I headed to Ikebukero for a day of shopping and activities. It was so busy everywhere yesterday! D: But I guess that’s Golden Week. 278 more words


Be proud.

Over the course of the last year, and perhaps even more so over the last few months, I have had the challenges of re-integrating into the rat race in my home country, rammed into my face. 1,030 more words


One Month + A Day in the Life...

One month ago, we arrived in Japan.

A part of me feels like moving here has been a lot like when we first got married. Everyone asks you the same question: “How’s married life??” And you just return the question with a blank stare because it’s a super jam-packed question & unless you’re answering it hours after returning from your honeymoon, cannot be answered truthfully with a simple “It’s great!” 1,189 more words


Getting Settled in Gifu

I kept a journal for the ten months I lived in Japan from October 2001 to July 2002.  I was 26 years old.  I had just graduated from university and was lured here with stories of making money hand over fist while teaching English.   3,929 more words