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What is this flower?

Spring is in full swing in DisneyLand and flowers are everywhere. Saw this flower and thought it was very beautiful…but I don’t know what it is!! 11 more words

Life In Japan

Why I Decided to Break Contract

I am going to apologize beforehand for this entry. I have tried to make it not a rant, but in the end it ended up as one. 1,590 more words

Japan Scrapbook #2: Chasing Sakura

Realizing the rain might wash away the cherry blossoms before this weekend, I went for a walk around my neighborhood.

I found an owl cafe — not sure if it’s just a cafe with the name “Owl” or if it actually has live owls. 90 more words


ALT Guide 1.4 - Attire

Oftentimes, when people think of the working class in Japan, the first picture that springs to mind is that of a well-groomed Japanese man or woman in a full professional suit, or a perfect depiction of salaryman and office lady, respectively. 1,057 more words


How To Fail: Taking Your Driver's License Test In Japan

I failed my first attempt at getting my Japanese Driver’s License today. Which puts me in the company of the vast majority of non-Japanese who have to take the practical driving test to get their driver’s licenses here. 767 more words

Prayer Requests

March 29, 2005 - Sun to Moon

Today I got on my bike and rode to Sun to Moon shopping center in neighbouring Shimizu town (not to be confused with Shimizu city). I had been to Sun to Moon before by car, so I had a general idea of where it was. 171 more words

Life In Japan