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What Color Are Your Boyfriend's Eyes?

The first time I heard this question I was taken aback. Why do people care what color his eyes are? I know people can be nosy, but this was an oddly specific question to ask. 860 more words



Is it possible to travel the world in a day?

In Tobu World Square, it is possible!

Tobu World Square in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan is a theme park with 1/25th scale miniature replicas of famous buildings including 46 UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world. 484 more words


Golden week

Golden week in Japan is a week at the beginning of May when there are three national holidays, so, by adding just two days of your vacation, you can have a week off work. 1,940 more words

Life In Japan

Craig-435 On Trolls And Expat Hamsters!

Craig note–  This is Season Two- Episode Two of “The Grey, Grizzled, And Gaijin Definitely Not A Podcast Show!” 

Today`s cover photography is courtesy of Becky Conner! 88 more words


Stephen Starts a Diary: May 12th

5/12 Saturday

“What do you do on your days off?”

It’s a question that people ask more often than not, blissfully unaware that as a brokeass young comedian, I have no days off.  102 more words


Craig-434 What To Do When Your Life Does Not Go Exactly According To Plan

Craig note–  For years, I have written and entertained my beloved family and pals on Facebook. Here are some popular posts!


On Relationship Mistakes In Your Youth… 545 more words


So you can still rent DVDs in Japan

(edit: clickbait title removed, apologies for those that had to endure it)

So, like, streaming services exist in Japan (Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other Japan-only services), but for whatever reason renting physical copies of movies is still pretty huge over here. 309 more words

Life In Japan