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Craig-264- 5 Posts You Missed The 1st Time

Craig note-  We are enjoying vacation! These posts deserved another chance to get read. People seemed to overlook them the first time.  In some cases, NOBODY ever clicked on them. 596 more words

Life In Japan

Summer (夏) in Japan

Hot. Humid. Two common words often used by Japanese people when summer days come. In summer, the Japanese people’s way of opening the conversation is usually… 410 more words

Life In Japan

Stress, Achiles Pain , etc

This past few weeks has been hectic both work and personal and has take toll on my health.

So I was pretty excited for the long Summer vacation to take some time off away from work but a few days before the vacation starts my left achiles started aching again. 111 more words

Life In Japan


A year back, the first place I went to here in Tokyo is my new home – the Tokyo International Exchange Center. They welcomed me with open arms and gave me the best place I've lived in my entire life. 989 more words


Again : Reptile Cafe

Again is the very first Reptile Cafe in Kansai Area.

If it was only me, I would not dare to go but thanks to dear friend Aki who organized the event, I decided to go. 336 more words

Life In Japan

A short story of a self-conflicting Self

“I” have been very emotional these days.

Rethinking what I had done to the one who loved me the most, “I” feel extremely sorry. And yet, I could not apologize until very recent. 231 more words

Life In Japan

Craig-263 Top 5- Most Popular Posts (All-Time)

Craig note-  It​​ is Obon! We are enjoying vacation! Time for a Top 5- All-Time!

This list excludes travel features and posts that have been up a long, long, long time. 785 more words