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The Move to Japan: Prologue

It’s hard to keep track of who I’ve told, in person or by social media, but as hinted subtly above, I’m moving to Japan.
I’ll be there for the year, teaching English as an Assistant Language Teacher (I will post more about this process soon and add the link here for anyone considering it). 140 more words


Roseola and the bicycle accident

Roseola sounds almost pretty, doesn’t it? Roses and the like, perhaps some sort of essential oil.

Alas, no. Roseola, it turns out, is actually one of those extremely irritating childhood illnesses that young children just end up catching. 687 more words

Life In Japan


It’s amazing how many prints have come out just slightly off. I cannot trust the preview. The one on top, the scorpion, turned out much better than I expected. 21 more words

Take a Number

When we moved to Japan, something that didn’t go away was my need for birth control.

*Disclaimer*: A part of me feels embarrassed to type those two little words, but let’s be real- children are just not on our radar at this point in time. 1,094 more words


Ok, Cupid, a Word please! Or: Online Dating in Tokyo

Dear Cupid,

You came into my life about 6 months ago and it started out pretty exciting. Having moved to the ’most populous metropolitan area in the world’ 683 more words

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The Small Things in Life

This is just a little self-reflecting, trying to sound insightful, rambling post about ‘meh’ days and finding the small things in life that makes one happy… :) 499 more words


Golden Week in Nara: "Watch out for the deer!"

Instead of staying home and bingewatching shows on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netfix, a friend and I decided to head to Nara. Vacation days don’t come often, so I was looking forward to seeing more of Japan. 595 more words

Black In Japan