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Japan in Retrospect: The Process

Several months into my time in Japan, beyond my unintended, accidental half-way mark, I met a fellow gaijin who had long since established himself; he had a Japanese wife and children, he had strong ties to the local community as well as the foreigner one, and he just seemed all-around adjusted to ex-pat life. 619 more words

Life In Japan

Search for a flat

EN: It’s been eight days since my arrival to Tokyo, I spent this time searching for a flat as close as possible to the city centre and to my school. 690 more words

Buying a Condo in Japan: Part Three

This is part three in the series “Buying a condo in Japan” Check out parts one and two.

Part Three Synopsis:

  1. We visit four banks to get screened for mortgage loans.
  2. 549 more words
Life In Japan

Nanzan the Tortoise

I should have taken the hint during the application process when several of my emails requesting a paper copy of the Fall 2015 Nanzan CJS application went unanswered, neither confirming that the application had been sent nor the time I could expect it to arrive. 939 more words


October 1, 2005 - Don't push the "push" button

My sixth day of work in a row was a busy one. I learned two very important things today about what does and does not get you in trouble at work. 367 more words

Life In Japan

Tracing back to the early journeys: View from my Japanese School Building

These photos were taken October 24th 2014, i am also a bit amazed. It was exactly the same month today and last year. Also it was the boy i loved’s birthday :D what a coincidence! 40 more words


All Aboard the Choo Choo Train

Like most little boys, Fireball loves riding the Mini SL Train. When a good friend told us that Sakura Kusabue no Oka (佐倉草ぶえの丘) has a really long track route, we immediately put this place on our must visit list. 600 more words

Life In Japan