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Work work work

Realize I totally don’t remember that I set up this blog ever since I started working. The last post was one day before I started working part time… 37 more words


Japanese School Life

I teach at Japanese Middle and Elementary schools as an Assistant language teacher (ALT). I got into this position from the JET Program and now work directly for the schools and the Board of Education here in my country town in the Mie Prefecture of Japan. 1,133 more words


Hokkaido Trip: Hari Pertama

Gila baru inget kalo punya blog. LOL. Kalau dipikir-pikir, kapan ya terakhir kali semangat nulis, kayaknya udah luama buanget. Iya, emang.


Saya baru saja kembali ke Kansai dari Hokkaido. 761 more words


A contribution of the late comer

My husband comes home so much late everyday due to his work. Around 0:00 AM is earlier, and in the worst he dosen’t come back home at all. 145 more words

Life In Japan

(Wednesday) Photo of the Week: Gunma

Last September, J and I booked an AirBnB in Gunma Prefecture for the three-day Silver Week holiday. This particular AirBnB was a private room (several rooms, actually) in the house of a chatty elderly couple who lived in the countryside and were honestly amazed that anyone wanted to visit the middle of nowhere, Gunma. 272 more words

Life In Japan

(Monday) Office Life: The Most Difficult Moments of Teaching ESL

I love my job. I really, honestly do. But that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy.  Here are five of my… least favorite moments of teaching ESL in Japan. 1,273 more words

Life In Japan

A Japanese BBQ - Experiences and Opinions

The other day I went a Japanese Style BBQ with the tennis club in my city. I joined them when I first came here because I wanted to make friends and get to know people as soon as I could. 640 more words