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Weekend Adventures: Snowboarding in Nagano

I’ve found myself traveling with a tour group called WhyNotJapan on two snowboarding trips this winter. Located in Osaka, the group organizes bar events, nightclub parties, and, sometimes, weekend trips. 252 more words

Life In Japan

Fun things to do in a small town pt1

Don’t worry, I’m not dead!

As mentioned before, have been busy with school and whatnot – I guess going out drinking with folks from the school counts as ‘whatnot’? 440 more words

Life In Japan

Grocery Stores

Every country has it’s own cuisine, and grocery stores reflect that.

Japanese grocery stores definitely make you realize you are not in Kansas (or any other state) anymore! 1,026 more words

I forgot that it was an "intensive" Japanese course

Wow. So. Damn. Tired.

Well, not quite that bad, but yeah this intensive school thing is pretty intense (who knew!?).

That said, walking back home from the train station at ~8pm tonight, and seeing the High School Baseball club STILL practicing did kind of put things in perspective, man those kids are dedicated. 224 more words

Life In Japan

Where do I start?

When I first moved to Japan, roughly a year and eight months ago, I did start a blog.

And it lasted exactly one post. I guess I didn’t feel like I could add much to the world of foreigner-in-Japan-experience-blogging back then, and so I deleted it. 638 more words


Week 34: Ainokura and Acroyoga

Being outdoors and around people makes me happy. I’m so glad spring is /almost/ here for me to enjoy the company of people outside the warm confines of my apartment. 26 more words

Getting Glasses in Japan

What’s that? An entire year? Ummm…whoops? But seriously, sorry. Life gets away from you. I intend to try better. Anyways, onwards!

I got new glasses! Yay for getting new glasses for the first time in like 5 years. 563 more words