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"I'm not really a teacher."

“I’m not really a waitress” – the refrain, almost a plea, of many an aspiring actress, as well as the name of a color of nail polish… 664 more words

Life In La Suisse

Throwing money around, the Swiss way.

Throwing money around? Well, that’s not really an accurate description. The Swiss are much too discreet for that. If anyone feels like they’re throwing it around, it’s me, thanks to the horrendous exchange rate against the dollar and the high cost of (a pretty wonderful) life. 654 more words

Life In La Suisse

Joining a gym, the Swiss way.

I recently got off my ass, literally and figuratively, and joined a gym. And of course, this being Switzerland, there was a twist to the procedure that made me grin. 526 more words

Life In La Suisse

Saying hello, the Swiss way.

Recently I was going somewhere. Somewhere important. On the bus. Late, of course; Swiss timeliness results from nature, not nurture, hence any attempt to inculcate it in me despite my continued presence in this country of millisecond-worthy precision would be ill-fated. 812 more words