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Wordless Wednesday: Hibernating Like D-dawg

February has turned out to be one long and frigid month. We are all sick of the weather. My youngest asked if we could move to Hawaii and honestly, I think it is beginning to sound like a pretty good plan. 91 more words

Yoga for Musicians

As most musicians know, it’s important to have a moderately healthy lifestyle –being sick and/or injured is not a good way to make music. I’ve struggled with this since my freshman year of college, when I abruptly stopped exercising and started the college diet of pizza and ramen, and started having issues with hand/wrist pain while playing flute. 727 more words


Wordless Wednesday: Positively Balmy!

The temperature hit almost 30 degrees today and the sun was out. After the frozen tundra of the last few days, it was practically balmy out. 39 more words

Back in the City

I have been back in the city for almost a month now and what a month it has been! When I returned to the city, I worked some to make up for not working for a month and I deep cleaned my apartment.  784 more words

Life In NYC

Wordless Wednesday: Go Big!

The middle of February is a tough time. The winter weather is never ending, there are tons of flu and cold like viruses floating around and quite frankly the world news hasn’t been very uplifting. 290 more words

The Cat Call Heard 'Round The World

It’s the early morning and you’re on your daily route to work. “Right at the corner,” your subconscious says. As you wrap the corner at the end of your block your favorite song begins to play on your headphones. 1,203 more words


Wordless Wednesday: Scenes From A NYC Winter

Winter has definitely found NYC. Over the past week we have had a mix of rain, snow, sleet, slush, ice pellets… You name the precipitation and we have had it. 54 more words