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Wordless Wednesday: Taking It One Step At A Time...

Sometimes just putting one foot in front of the next and willing yourself to move forward is the hardest part of the day. I have been struggling training for my upcoming half marathon for various reasons. 37 more words

Wordless Wednesday: Spring Cold AND NYC Pollen Tsunami

There is nothing good about a spring cold. The weather is finally beautiful but instead of being outside all you want to do is hide under the covers. 57 more words

How Instagram made me better at photography

It all started with NYTNow, the application of the New York Times , launched in Spring 2014. Or better said, it all started with the weather forecast section of NYC Today, the daily newsletter of the app which tells you what’s happening in the Big Apple that day. 1,045 more words

Life In NYC

Wordless Wednesday: Finding The Happy

So many simple things to find beauty in today. A kickass ride for a treasured soul, sunshine, conversations, spring beauty, thoughtful friends, time to breathe… 36 more words

Call me Crazy...

So, I went on date numero dos with the UCJ (uncut/uncircumcised Jew). He asked me to dinner a week in advance, picked a nice restaurant, called me every night for a week. 500 more words

Life In NYC

Does Google Know You Better Than You Know Yourself?

When you’re a mom you’re bound to have a pretty wide variety of personalized recommendations displayed for you when you log into Amazon, or Google, or Facebook. 527 more words

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Wordless Wednesday: 8 Miles- Boom. 

It was a bit of a struggle bus this morning as I pounded 8 miles of Central Park. The sun was shining, everything is blooming, other runners are out in full force-it is pretty much perfect. 139 more words