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Wordless Wednesday: Sunshine, Heat and Happiness 

Sorry, I haven’t been around in a couple of weeks, I have been enjoying the unstructured days of summer 😊

The girls are at camp and I am desperately finding ways to counter balance the heartbreak in the world right now and the insanity of politics with the simple things that summer brings. 66 more words

Wordless Wednesday: Sometimes...

Sometimes the world just seems a little too overwhelming. Too sad, too disappointing, too broken, too complicated.

Today I woke up in a funk, feeling blue, out of sorts. 64 more words

Wordless Wednesday: My Love Affair With Central Park Continues!

Even after living in this city for almost six years I am still amazed at how fast the weather can change. A reminder that we do in fact live on an island! 81 more words

Wordless Wednesday: Global Running Day!

Summer weather has officially hit NYC which means hot and steamy running conditions. That didn’t stop us and tons of other runners from getting out there and hitting the pavement on global running day. 53 more words

Wordless Wednesday: Run Dog Run!!

This morning Memphis and I did our first run together in Central Park. The forecast for the week calls for rain and more rain so I thought I would try and burn off some of his energy by bringing him with me. 72 more words

Best Music Venues in NYC

If you ever want to catch some tune in NYC, this is where I’d start.

Hank’s Saloon

Small place near the Barclay’s center. Gets local bands to do residencies. 72 more words

Best of Brooklyn- Cafes & Bakeries

Brooklyn is known for it’s cafes and bakeries. Here’s a list of all the ones I dig.

Also writing a cool list in of Places in Brooklyn with Outdoor Seating… 51 more words