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Wordless Wednesday: Run Dog Run!!

This morning Memphis and I did our first run together in Central Park. The forecast for the week calls for rain and more rain so I thought I would try and burn off some of his energy by bringing him with me. 72 more words

Best Music Venues in NYC

If you ever want to catch some tune in NYC, this is where I’d start.

Hank’s Saloon

Small place near the Barclay’s center. Gets local bands to do residencies. 72 more words

Best of Brooklyn- Cafes & Bakeries

Brooklyn is known for it’s cafes and bakeries. Here’s a list of all the ones I dig.

Also writing a cool list in of Places in Brooklyn with Outdoor Seating… 51 more words


Places With Outdoor Seating In Brooklyn

The weather is officially over 70 degrees, which means it’s times to eat our beers, food, and drink our coffees outside. I’ll be updating this list as the summer goes on. 75 more words


Trash Train

It was a woman with two McDonald’s bags in her hand, making the rustling noise on the train. 192 more words


Doors of Brooklyn—Thoughts on Making a Home

This post is written by a guest contributor—Derek, my husband. Enjoy!

Home is different for everyone. Home can be a big house or a tiny apartment. 443 more words


Coffee With A View

There are often times in NYC where you find yourself between appointments or activities and you have to kill time because schlepping home does not make sense. 92 more words