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A Trip to The Bronx, New York City

Many parts of the Bronx have flourished over the past few years due to
the low property prices.
In this video I visited Mott Haven, a neighborhood in the Bronx that is super close
to Manhattan. Take a look:

Fall Street Style in New York City

New York is extra beautiful in the fall and the street style is always on point.
What do New Yorkers wear these days?
Take a look:

Free NYC Attractions

I’m sure you have heard that NYC is the place to be, and the truth is that even though that cost of living here is very high. 796 more words

Life In NYC

Candle Power NYC: A Yankee Candle Pop Up

There are few things in NYC that make this Massachusetts girl feel like she’s back at home. But a Yankee Candle pop up in the city is about as close to home as I can get. 142 more words


The real NYC struggle

why is so hard to stay positive?

In a city like NYC is a little more hard to stay calm and positive all the time and mostly because everybody around you is in their own world , if you have visit NYC before you will  see a very familiar characteristics, pretty much EVERYBODY “wears headphones and walks with a nice cup of coffee in their hands”, and the true is that the life style in NY is so fast and so busy that for a lot of people putting their headphones ON is kind of like a disconnection with their surrenders and the entrances of their very own world. 465 more words

Life In NYC

Life in New York City

If you are not from or live in New York, have you ever wonder what life is like….. I had!

let me tell you a little bit of my story; right before I moved to NY in 2010 I used to live in a Southwestern State nice, calm, hot and big! 605 more words

Life In NYC

Halloween Dog Parade in NYC

The Halloween Dog Parade is my favorite event in New York City.
Overload of cuteness. Take a look.