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A Little Run In Ottawa

The girls and I are in Ottawa for a little visit and a wedding. So nice to visit this beautiful city where both girls were born, we called home for many years and have so many cherished friends and family. 131 more words

What I (Haven't Been) Reading

This is my “to read” pile. Seriously.

I love to read. I really do. Books, magazines, blogs, you name it. But sadly, since moving to NYC three weeks (where has this time gone?!) ago and taking on quite a few projects that I always feel slightly behind on, reading has been the thing that has dropped off my radar. 962 more words


The Dark(er) Side of Life in New York City

The majority of my posts to date have been about the fun, exciting and the more glamorous side of living in New York, generally because it’s the fun and easy stuff to write about.  1,340 more words

Finding a New Rhythm

This is where the magic happens, folks. Well, when I’m not running around.

Throughout high school and college, I learned that there is a fine line for me between “busy but feeling challenged and fulfilled in a good way” and “busy like I just want to stop doing everything because I’m so overwhelmed.” 849 more words


Wordless Wednesday: Courage

When I think of the word courage, I think of strength, endurance, overcoming obstacles, perseverance, determination and fiercely moving forward when it would be much easier to give up. 108 more words

A New Adventure: Fall in NYC

I admit that I have a tendency to buy too many magazines. And notebooks. And books. So when I walked in my new digs for the next few months and came face to face with this crazy bookshelf, I knew it would be a good home for me. 784 more words


Wordless Wednesday: The Beauty of New Hampshire

I feel like I have been incredibly lucky this summer to find myself in some of the most beautiful places in the U.S. New Hampshire is absolutely gorgeous- the lakes, mountains, trees, charming towns and spectacular sunsets. 56 more words