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Blogging for Norway

Why hello there. Remember me? I haven’t written a blog post in four months, because I haven’t done anything particularly noteworthy. I’ve just been traveling around Spain and learning two languages and… 694 more words

Life In Spain

Apparently New England isn't the only place with crazy weather

Last week here in Madrid, in the middle of May, the temperatures soared to the mid-90’s (35 degrees celsius) topping the charts at 98 degrees one day. 130 more words


The truth about living in Spain Part 1

When sitting in a dark dull office in the Uk on a rainy day a life in Spain sounds like the ideal “vida”. Why wouldn’t it be when they have a nice sunny climate, beautiful beaches and afternoon siestas. 644 more words


Is It Summer Yet?

Well, the temperature has shot up! Now that May has arrived, I think summer has, too! While I’m not complaining, the heat signals the end of a fertile campo. 75 more words


Random tidbits from an American "trapped" in Spain

As I was thinking about what to write for my next post, a lot of random thoughts came to my mind along with some things that I thought could be of interest/useful. 1,024 more words


Could I move back to the US or would Reverse Culture Shock get the best of me?

Over the last few months since I’ve joined the “unemployment-jobhunt-welcome to the 24% Spain unemployment” world I’ve had numerous people ask me whether I would consider moving back to the US… 641 more words


It's Spring!

I love this time of year here!

The temperature is distinctly higher. The landscape is verdant, and sprinkled with the colours of wild flowers. And, there are myriad butterflies. 82 more words