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Being Broke AF + 5 Reasons I Don't Care

You know you are broke when… chicken fajitas and new shampoo bring more joy to your life than you have experienced since Christmas morning as a child. 1,018 more words

Life In Spain

The job hunt is over! How I found a new job in Madrid and why it's time to to cut back on coffee.

Wait a minute…cut back on the coffee? Shouldn’t I be needing more coffee now that I’m back to the full-time grind?

If there are t… 430 more words


Siesta Happens

In Granada, the Siesta is a real thing. It happens. Every day. Prepare accordingly.

It’s not that I hadn’t heard of it before. I knew about Siestas. 871 more words

Life In Spain

Fiesta De San Miguel

Our neighborhood, the Albayzin, recently celebrated the “Fiesta de San Miguel,” the weekend before St. Michael’s feast day on September 29th.  St. Michael is the patron saint of the Albayzin.   1,298 more words

Life In Spain

Oops... I did it again

Surely I can’t be the only one to decide to move back to Spain less than a week before their flight, right?

My mom was convinced from the get-go that I would be going back, but literally I have never made a harder decision in my entire life. 523 more words

Life In Spain

The Adventurers

To help readers follow along at home, I’m going give you the quick rundown on who is living “The Bueno Vida in Spain”

We are a family of five that normally resides in Southern California. 828 more words

Life In Spain

A Stroll Through the Neighborhood

We live in the Upper Albayzin. Actually we are in the Upper, Upper Albayzin, which is sort of like, in real estate terms, saying that we are Albayzin adjacent. 1,180 more words

Life In Spain