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Schoolboy French proves useful - in Spain

Cray Valley Technical High School where I was a pupil from 1964 to 1970.

It was back at the end of April and beginning of May that my wife Lisa and I flew to southern Spain to look at properties that we might choose to buy and make our home. 567 more words

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Goods and chattels start journey to new life

One American, Lisa, and one Brit, Ian, will soon be enjoying their married life in the sun of southern Spain.

Another major step along the road of our move to Spain was taken yesterday. 569 more words

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Outsiders may rock political boats on both sides of the Atlantic


Top: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Bottom: Jeremy Corbyn, Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall.

Politics might not be everyone’s favourite subject but there is just so much going on at the moment, I cannot ignore it. 496 more words

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¿Puedes hablar español? Not yet but I am learning

A 2009 front page of ABC newspaper in Spain

Preparing for our move to Spain is much more than packing the belongings we want to take with us, it is also about getting ourselves ready to live there. 487 more words

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1 maand verder // 1 month ahead


Wat maak je in een maand in een ander land mee? Hoe schrijf je dat op een goede manier op? Dat is de vraag geweest die ik me heb moeten stellen voordat ik deze blogpost ging schrijven. 1,820 more words


"Hoe begin je een nieuw leven" // "How to start a new life"


Woensdag 1 juli-Vrijdag 3 juli

Een nieuw begin vraagt tevens om een nieuwe methode van expressie. Doordat het niet mogelijk zal zijn alles en iedereen op de hoogte te houden van wat hier allemaal gaande is, leek het me verstandig dit blog te beginnen voor iedereen die hier geïnteresseerd in is. 1,800 more words


MS is the driving force behind our move to Spain

There were a number of factors which lead Lisa and I to want to move, then to decide roughly where to go and finally to choose what we consider to be our perfect home but, without a doubt, multiple sclerosis was – and is – the main incentive. 705 more words

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