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Too Spanishized?

This year I forgot about the 4th of July, breezed past memorial and labor day, and ate fish on Thanksgiving. There was no typical red, white and blue attire on the 4th and no turkey and stuffing on Turkey Day. 335 more words


Hasta Luego España

It’s hard to believe that this time last year I had just received my acceptance letter for Teach Abroad and begun preparations to leave my American life behind for an exciting Spanish adventure. 1,051 more words

Life In Spain

What I Learned about Myself Spending 5 Hours in Morocco

Because of residency reasons, we had to leave Europe last Thursday, and come back in with new passport stamps.

Yes, that is a sentence I never fully comprehended before the first time I lived abroad in 2000. 3,163 more words

Life In Spain

About Cherries ...

Speaking about adapting myself and only considering materialistic things, I can conclude that I can live without my wonderful bed and my bathroom. And the couple of clothes that I had left behind … Sure!!! 123 more words


Hablo un poco de español

I want to talk about communication.

Not the kind of communication that goes on in families, or how to get your point across in the middle of an argument, or how to really listen, or any of that kind of communication. 692 more words

Life In Spain

Spanish Spring

I’m from Southern California where we only have two seasons: Sunny and Rainy. Of which, the former is the most prevalent. Although I’m native to this “ideal” weather climate, the endless summer climate can become somewhat boring. 2,065 more words

Life In Spain

My Key to Peaceful Mornings (and what I do when it mostly doesn't work out that way)

According to Myers Briggs, I’m an ENFP which means I’m an extrovert, but interestingly, the ENFP type needs much more alone time than other extroverts. 1,504 more words

Life In Spain