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Oi, why are you ignoring us expats?

And it’s all gone quiet, all gone quiet, all gone quiet over there. Where? In the UK government, who are ignoring all the Brits in Europe following Berkexit. 513 more words


Raise your hand if a bad break up has ever made you make spontaneous, somewhat irrational decisions.

*Hand shoots up.

Yup, right over here, that’s me. 1,717 more words

Life In Spain

Interview with Expat Focus

My latest article for Expat Focus is an interview about being an expat. I was asked to answer a few questions related to my experiences living in Spain, including information about why I came here, what first surprised me, challenges of bringing up bilingual children, and advice for families wanting to move to Spain. 21 more words

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Before I dive into this, I have to say first that auxiliaries de conversación is the whole reason I am still in Spain.  If this is your goal, listen carefully. 2,148 more words

Life In Spain

Moving across the ocean, (whichever one it may be), is a big step, literally and figuratively. Whether you are a recent graduate or experienced teacher, are bilingual or just barely answering, “Cómo estás?”, you want a program that is right for you. 1,784 more words

Life In Spain

Some of the best, but strangest insults I know are in Spanish. These insults tend to use one or more of their many weird obsessions which include, but are not limited to; 837 more words

Life In Spain

Romantically stranded

Currently the area I live has been hit pretty bad by a tremendous storm.

At he beginning of the week,we had two days of rain and snow. 338 more words