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It's time to get the hand fan out. And other Spain weather thoughts.

A couple years after moving to Spain I had one of my “I am becoming spanishized” moments: it was sweltering hot out, and I… 479 more words


mymy and me lately

it’s been a beautiful past couple of weeks here in Galicia. some days being a little too warm. on the days that are too warm we usually try to get outside right when we wake up and then again after 7ish. 425 more words


Barcelona Gay Pride 2015: photos and video

Las Chicas celebrate the Supreme Court’s fantastic ruling among 100,000 people at Barcelona’s Gay Pride Parade.

Combination Catalan/Rainbow flags greet us outside the Metro station. 145 more words

Life In Spain

Is it hot where you are?

Spain, like other parts of Europe, is experiencing a heat wave at the moment!  And it’s damned hot! It’s times like this when I’m glad we live higher up. 197 more words


Great article about Spanish expressions that are better left untranslated

As I’m sure happens with any language that’s foreign to you, there are always some expressions that make you think, “What?!” if you actually take the time to translate them. 79 more words


My first "faux" flash mob in Madrid

The Flash Mob is an American-originated concept that’s made its way over to Spain, similar to other things I’ve written about (like Black Friday… 439 more words


Congrats Me on Not Killing Someone

Well, day two of my write a blog every day challenge was a bust. As was technically day three since I am writing this after midnight Wednesday but we’ll count it in Chicago time. 1,123 more words

Life In Spain