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Homesick at Home

The first year I was living in Spain, I would get cravings for pizza, all. the. time. We had pizza in my little Spanish city, but it was about the level of freezer quality– Dominos in the next big city over was a special treat. 962 more words

Life In Spain

It's the Simple Things

Life in the States can be mentally and emotionally draining. With all the car traffic, cell phones, media, advertisements and commercialism sometimes it feels like we’re all just a bunch of bees in the hive mindlessly serving the “queen” that is ‘Murica. 1,090 more words

Finding The Green In Me

Why, ¡oh guay!

One of the down-

sides of being a writer is the question you

ask yourself when anything happens:

“Why did that happen?”

“Why did she… 241 more words


Travel: Lightening Bug round one

I’ve accomplished some intense traveling in the five months I’ve lived in Spain. So much so, that in trying to produce this blog and show the diversity of experiences I’ve been having here, there’s been a major lag in pushing out the blog close to the date I was actually traveling. 1,089 more words

Life In Spain

Spanish Hospitals: Pros and Cons

Monday was an exceptionally eventful day. I would dare to say the most eventful I’ve had in quite a long time.

It started off rocking with a 6.3 earthquake at 5:20 in the morning, when in my sleepy state, I actually literally thought that there was someone in my bedroom shaking my bed and that I was about to get murdered #adrenalinerush. 719 more words

Life In Spain

What's Missing?

When we started our journey I knew there would be things we’d miss from home. (I’m talking things here, not people. It goes without saying that we miss all our family and friends.) It is totally understandable that there would be certain items we’d have to do without. 1,377 more words

Life In Spain

I was full of awe and confusion

For 2016, Donostia/San Sebastián was chosen as the European Capital of Culture. The motto chosen for the year is “Cultures to live together”. Yesterday, the opening event for this honor took place. 577 more words

Life In Spain