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10 Things You Will Only Find in a Thai 7-11

I would like to dedicate this post to someone special in my life.  This one goes out to my #1, seven.  As in 7/11.  Personally I think they should change their name to 10/10.   849 more words


Thailand: always different from what you imagine

It’s been 1 year and a half since we’ve moved to Thailand, and from the very beginning this country keeps surprising us. Like all the possible extremes meet here. 726 more words


Market Mania

One of the things I really enjoy about Thailand is the wide variety of outdoor markets one can find all around the country. Every market has a different vibe; some are huge and packed with tourists, some are tiny and filled with Thais buying food and produce, and some are of the floating variety, meaning they are on or near a body of water. 1,118 more words

Life In Thailand

No Old Friend, You are Never Too Old

I recently celebrated my 70th year on this planet. I really enjoy my 70 year-old mind, lots of good stuff going on in there. My 70 year-old body, well, that’s another thing. 1,803 more words

Life In Thailand

MTV Cribs: Dan Chang Edition

WHAT’S UP MTV, welcome to my crib!!!! Now I’m sure some of you have been wondering – “Where does one live when extensively staying in what is technically considered a third world country?   1,115 more words


Hot Dang, Dan Chang

Dan Chang: The Elephant Path

I’ve finally left Bangkok and gone to my new home for the next 10 months, Dan Chang. It’s pronounced Dohnnn Chohnng in Thai, and it means “elephant path,” “chang” meaning elephant and “dan” meaning path.   1,008 more words

Southeast Asia

One Year in Thailand: A Year in Review

Last week marked one year since we first arrived in Thailand.  If you read our posts from the past year, you’d probably get the impression that we primarily visit waterfalls, struggle with fixing our truck, have had quite of a bit of unfortunate experiences while acclimating to the tropical climate and spend a lot of time at the farm. 1,278 more words

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