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Puppies at Education Gateway

I went to see an old friend of mine whose wife owns a school near the University. Towards the end of the night we saw the dog that normally sleeps by the front door. 652 more words

Life In Thailand

Living in Thailand and Having Skin in the Game

I have a condition called pityrosorum folliculitis. No it isn’t that Walking Dead viral infection so I don’t believe I’ll turn into a zombie anytime soon, nor is it anything like that terminal disease from Love Story where Ali MacGraw dies in Ryan O’Neal’s arms.  1,275 more words

Life In Thailand

Tropical DIY Deodorant

Before leaving for Thailand, my excellent wife found a DIY Deodorant recipe from WellnessMama.com.  The main ingredients were coconut oil, baking soda, arrow root/corn starch and essential oil for aroma. 515 more words

Tools For The Journey

8 Things That Happen To You When You Become An Author...

I have been writing novels for nearly 2 years now. I never studied it or had any interest in it AT ALL when I was a child. 1,297 more words

Life In Thailand

Teaching in Lampang with 'The Henderson'

Last Wednesday I was staring at my computer doing nothing. I can neither confirm nor deny whether I was wasting yet another hour on Facebook or not when ‘The Henderson’ rang me up out of the blue. 639 more words

Life In Thailand

2 Days of Lukas and a 'Roh' cameo...

Erm… What?

Being a teacher in Asia for so long, you meet people who then go back to their own country. Then said people come back because they miss certain parts of the country they lived in. 819 more words

Life In Thailand

Summer Reflections

Lately I’ve found myself reading many a blog and Buzzfeed article about the experience of moving abroad and living the expat life. This Asian adventure we’re on continues to be amazing, but it also triggers the occasional existential crisis (in me anyway, Orestes is too calm for those). 779 more words

Life In Thailand