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It's a hard life for a clumsy klutz

When I was a kid my dad’s nickname for me was Spill Queen. Aptly named, because I was a tiny disaster area who dropped things constantly. 506 more words


Elephant Polo

Elephant polo? Yes, you read that correctly. Elephant polo, as in the game of polo played on elephant-back. Back in March, one of the fancier hotels here in Bangkok, the Anantara, hosted the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament. 818 more words

Life In Thailand

Stability, rain, and envelopes of cash

Everyone says it’s super easy to get a job in Chiang Mai if you’re a white English speaking female, especially with blonde hair and pale skin. 769 more words


How to avoid getting Tonsillitis and deep sore throat in Thailand

√ Asian pharmacy

We used to think, that catch a cold when +30 Celsius degrees (all the year round) is something improbable. How can you catch cold and have a sore throat, if it is not cold on the street? 350 more words


What about our kids?

Before coming to Thailand, several people asked us, what about our kids?  How would they deal with such a drastic change?  We, of course, had similar thoughts, but it seemed rather a moot point since we believed that God had called us to come here, so we trusted that He had  1,297 more words

Tools For The Journey

Songkran, Job Searches, and Suffocation

People told me Thailand would be hot. And my response was usually something along the lines of “better than snow!” Which, in all fairness, I am still convinced of. 342 more words

Chiang Mai

Transitions (and delays)

I had been in the practice of posting every week, usually on the same day, so that my readers would know what to expect. But as it happens, real life is never as organized as you want it to be, and as chaos grows, schedules lapse. 338 more words

Chiang Mai