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The Princesses & The Frog: Trying Frog in Thailand

It’s Fall, and the first semester of this school year is drawing to a close.  Sadly, this means that one of my roommates/co-teachers/friends Nicole is leaving.   780 more words

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The Toasty Review

For anyone who’s ever set foot in a Thai 7/11, you understand the value of a good toasty.  It can really turn even the rainiest of Monsoon Season days from shit to sparkles.   2,260 more words

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I Remember His Majesty

I want to express my deep condolences to the good people of Thailand for the passing of His Majesty King Rama IX.

In his honor, I thought I would recall the two times I got within arm’s length of His Majesty. 1,019 more words

Life In Thailand

Learning How to Cook Again - Homemade Tom Yum Gai

One of my favorite things to do at home in the US is cook.  Although I definitely am more of a baker, I cook all day every day, and would rather make something myself than go out to eat any day of the week.   1,472 more words

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Thai(ing) Sweets

Thai people have an insane tolerance for sugar.  Like INSANE.  Like they put sugar in everything – they add it to their soups at the dinner table, and it’s a regular condiment at any Thai food stall, right next to the salt.  2,131 more words

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4 Examples that Prove Thai People Are the Kindest People on Earth

I apologize for the lack of actual “travel” posts lately.  In September I had to stay in Dan Chang a lot for random things(chaperoning a field trip to Ayutthaya, Nicole’s going away party in Kanchanaburi, a retirement party at Banhan3) and have also been saving up money for my month-long break in October.   1,826 more words

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I Asked Thai 14 Year-Olds to Write Bucket Lists and These are the Results

One of the fabulous perks of teaching English in Thailand is that I can invent my entire curriculum.  That’s the glass-half-full way of looking at it – basically I’m not given a curriculum, and my only direction on what to teach was “get them to speak.”  I also was given no information as to what they previously have been taught, nor do I believe that such a record exists. 706 more words

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