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Little House in the Border Town

We have now been living in our little house for a month.  I know that at the end of my hospitality post,  I suggested that we would choose a three or four bedroom house with plenty of room for guests.  690 more words

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Thailand, an Obstacle Course for Seniors

I live a contented, stimulating, healthful, and sometimes even exciting life here in Thailand. But I am not a Thai apologist or a Pollyanna. I have written about many of the negative aspects of retiring here ( 2,870 more words

Life In Thailand

12 Signs That You Have Been Living In Thailand For Too Long...

1. You’ve come to terms with the fact that you will never be on time for anything, EVER again…

I used to get so offended when people would turn up 1 or 2 minutes late for something. 1,277 more words

Life In Thailand

Chiang Mai Vs Phichit

I went out with my friend Lee and his family and after discussing what we should do during the weekend, we finally concluded that it would be a winning formula if we went to see Chiang Mai FC play football. 409 more words

Life In Thailand

What you can't avoid in Thailand?

What you really can’t avoid when you are in Thailand. Well! my suggestion as following are to help you prepare you mind, you can’t really change local people perspective or habit. 612 more words

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The book's done, so why does it not feel like that?

I finished the first draft of my sixth book last week. This book zapped the strength out of me so naturally when I wrote that final word and said to myself “That’s it!”, I couldn’t wait to celebrate. 426 more words

Life In Thailand

Why I love Thailand?

Well, everyone ask me why I’m here in Thailand?And I wonder why they wonder I am here wondering why they’re wondering about my life in Thailand.

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