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Knocked Up Abroad

Get it? Hehe… Yes, I had entirely too much fun thinking of that title. Enjoy. ;)

Many people have asked me what it was like being pregnant and having a little munchkin while living overseas. 811 more words

Life In Thailand

Songkran 2017!!!

Songkran is essentially a 3 day water fight, which is kinda handy as it’s usually unbearably hot around this time of year.

So now I’m back in Thailand it’s time to enjoy Thai festivals, one bucket of water at a time… 739 more words


Weddings, Kampot, and Bangkok 

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me here in Asia. At the end of March, I abandoned my home in Chiang Mai and hopped on a plane for Cambodia. 365 more words

Life In Thailand

Romanian Reunion in Chiang Mai!

Remember Hostel Costel? Of course you fucking don’t… Anyway, when I was in Timisoara, Romania I stayed at a hostel there owned by a cool bloke that helped me overdose on Palinka (A traditional Romanian spirit). 805 more words


Here we go, here we go, here we go again

I  move locations about as often as some people buy new socks. Actually…probably a lot more often than that. I don’t really have any idea how often people buy socks. 541 more words


Chiang Mai 5-0 Trat

Sell out crowd (Probably, I didn’t check…), and they were all cheering for Chiang Mai… I guess… Who cares? It was Chiang Mai FC vs Trat FC, my first Thai football game in years, and time to awkwardly squint throughout the whole game because I’d forgotten my glasses. 818 more words


16 MORE Things You Will Only Find in a Thai 7/11

Ahhhh 7/11.  It’s become as much of a backpacking staple here in Thailand as elephant pants.  7/11 is the go-to for everything- medication, food, plane tickets, water, anything.   604 more words

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