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First Semester Round-Up

Currently sitting in my desk at Banhan3 avoiding calculating final semester grades, while treating myself to a ~luxururious~ cup of Celestial Seasonings.  While I have managed to find western-style bagged tea at Tops in Bangkok, it’s about 250 baht per box, or about $8.  1,461 more words

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12 Things You Stop Questioning After Spending Time in Thailand

When I first arrived in Thailand, I tried to write as much and take as many pictures as possible, because I knew that everything that seemed so novel would fade into the background after I adjusted.  1,679 more words

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Welcome to our weird and wonderful world

My husband and I met in Japan and are now both living in Thailand, where our daughter was born.

We realise that we have been very lucky in our lives – to live in such a beautiful place – to have our wonderful daughter who teaches us more than anything else ever could. 135 more words



Yes, I realize the Jacksons are supposed to be taking Thailand, and that Madrid isn’t even in Asia. As with New Zealand, consider these posts filed in a special section labeled… 531 more words

Life In Thailand

The kindness of people

Most of the time, people are kind of assholes. (Forgive my language). I frequently see videos of racist, hateful people spewing profanities at others just because of their skin color; I read news articles about rapists and murderers and corrupt politicians, or school bullies and misogynists, and I think, Wow. 429 more words


Ne'er The Twain Shall Meet by Nick Noye: A Book Review of a Novel set in Bangkok, Thailand

Here are a few reasons why I found the novel ” Ne’er The Twain Shall Meet ” by Nick Noye so intriguing. It was a novel that was first published in Great Britain in 1985, but a novel I purchased and read in Bangkok in 1986. 1,794 more words

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Visa run to Penang, Malaysia

Staying long term in Thailand definitely has many advantages: it’s endless summer here, tropical fruit and holiday season last all year round. There are many different ways to entertain yourself as well, like diving, yoga, partying, kiting, snorkeling, etc. 1,085 more words