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A Day in the Life of a CELTA Trainee...a photo diary 

It’s the end of week 2 of the Celta, and i’m about ready for a vacation and a week-long nap. Week 1 was foundation work, learning the basics, and creating lesson plans from detailed teaching points prepared for us. 755 more words


Two weeks in, and a feeling of home

Last night marked the two week anniversary of my moving here. It feels at the same time both long and short. It’s had its ups and downs so far, and pretty extreme versions of both, but all in all its been good. 925 more words


When your comfort zone is 7,000 miles away

I’ll be honest, despite the fact that I’ve moved something like 17 times and been to around that many different countries, I’m remarkably scared of new places. 
 896 more words


What Makes for a Happy “Retired” Life?

Maybe it is due to genetics, or my lifestyle choices, or just dumb-luck, but I am not very prone to depression, though sometimes, especially during the holidays, I do experience a bit of the melancholy. 1,366 more words

Life In Thailand

Last Few Days In Chiang Mai

As you may know by now I am back in England with my family. I didn’t plan on ending my trip so prematurely but hey, these things happen. 278 more words

Life In Thailand

Twiddly Diddly Dee, Golf Is Not For Me...

I have some amazing friends. I know everyone says that but I found out when I got robbed in Cambodia that I had friends come out of the woodwork and didn’t even hesitate to help me out. 393 more words

Life In Thailand

Spirited Away (in Thailand)

Some of my favorite movies are those by Hayao Miyazaki.  It was in Spirited Away that I was first introduced to the ideas of “spirits”: little beings with one foot in our physical domain, another foot in the spirit domain.   954 more words

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