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Since the tiny gentleman joined us, I’ve tried to make it a habit to take evening stroller walks around our¬†neighborhood. The munchkin gets some fresh air and sometimes a relaxing snooze, and I get to stretch my legs. 526 more words

Life In Thailand

Friendship and goodbyes: the best and the worst  

I’m leaving Thailand tomorrow, with no return date. And that’s got me caught up in a lot of emotions. Sadness, excitement, joy, fear…the whole gamut. … 371 more words


Fear, excitement, and indecision

Sorry for the delay in posting. Despite no longer having a regular job, I’ve still managed to be incredibly busy. And also I’m just a terrible procrastinator. 581 more words


Paul & Cee's Thai Wedding: 6th May 2017

No jokes today, just a load of pictures of the special day and a massive thank you for letting me be a part of it:


Knocked Up Abroad

Get it? Hehe… Yes, I had entirely too much fun thinking of that title. Enjoy. ;)

Many people have asked me what it was like being pregnant and having a little munchkin while living overseas. 811 more words

Life In Thailand

Songkran 2017!!!

Songkran is essentially a 3 day water fight, which is kinda handy as it’s usually unbearably hot around this time of year.

So now I’m back in Thailand it’s time to enjoy Thai festivals, one bucket of water at a time… 739 more words