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Ping Pong Tournament 2: February

So no more Warrior; he’s gone back to Canada to do Canadian things… But there was an interest to have another tournament by many of the people staying at our apartment block. 1,292 more words

Life In Thailand

Along the Mekong

Since¬†we moved to Southeast Asia, taking a boat on the Mekong River has been on my bucket list. A frequent reader of this blog may know of my mild boat obsession: I… 878 more words

Life In Thailand

Quick and Easy to Make American Comfort Food You Can Have Here in Thailand.

When I first came to Thailand back in the Middle Ages there was one store, Kasem Store, which still exists BTW, here in Chiang Mai where you could get imported foods. 1,572 more words

Life In Thailand

The First Ever Sethee Court Monthly Ping Pong Tournament

The Contestants


Name: Dave (pictured)

Nickname: The Warrior

Representing: Canada

Strengths: look at the geezer! He’s clearly in it to win it!

Weaknesses: Those shoes don’t exactly ooze sex appeal… 789 more words

Life In Thailand

First Night Back In Thailand And I Get Sexually Molested By A Monk.....

Two days, two bloody days. That’s how long i have been travelling. It went Stowmarket, Hemel, Heathrow, Mumbai, Bangkok and finally Chiang Mai. I’ve been on planes, wandering aimlessly through Bangkok’s confusing metropolitan system, and i even went on a free local bus to a bus station that took me on my final leg of my journey, but that wasn’t the main talking point… 519 more words

Life In Thailand