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I'm trying to play cupid at school

There are 2 students in my class, one of them is this gorgeous but ridiculously shy girl who has one of those personalities that you can’t help but warm to, the other is an equally shy male student who is in the process of an incredibly complex teaching training course. 508 more words

Life In Thailand

What not to wear while on a bike and in the rain

The sky was ominously dark this morning. But the optimistic (a la foolish) part of me thought I could make the 4km to the office on the motorcycle before it started bucketing down. 85 more words

Life In Thailand

Ping Pong Tournament 3: March, but not really March.....


Our friends Eduardo and Monica have come back to Chiang Mai for a few weeks. The last time they were here the ping pong tournament was not up and certainly not running. 1,258 more words

Life In Thailand

Questing in Thailand

When our family was young we would go on road trips. On long road trips a fun way to make the time go faster (and not to continually answer the question “Are we there yet?”) was to come up with a “quest”. 1,318 more words

Life In Thailand

Trip to Lamphun

Last week i had three days off. I looked forward to spending this time recuperating since it is not uncommon for me to work all day every day, then spend my evenings editing or writing some more of my book. 760 more words

Life In Thailand