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A New Chapter

I was having yet another pointless argument about ultimately nothing at work. Then at the end of my shift i said to myself “I’m done…” and i was; My friends always said to me that you would know when it is time to go, and at that particular moment i knew i didn’t have it in me anymore. 1,045 more words

Life In Thailand

Finding refuge in Thai churches

“Hi respected person.my name is A* my wife name is B*. We have one kid. We have been in Bangkok since three years. We apply asylum here. 1,814 more words

Life In Thailand


Sasha had a birthday, so like all people in their mid 20’s we thought bowling would be the best place to go, rather than get drunk and moan about how our lives haven’t gone quite to plan yet… So i threw my hat in the ring and said i was ready to bowl! 374 more words

Life In Thailand

Suzy's Had (more) Puppies!

I’m feeling a bit of deja vu…

Me too! Suzy was getting fatter and we assumed she was either pregnant or letting herself go. One day she retired to her boudoir and the next day there were another 7 puppies laying next to her, so it turns out she wasn’t ‘just fat’. 602 more words

Life In Thailand


I took one today! I needed it! When was the last time you took a nap? In today’s society, I think our bodies need to take a nap sometimes. 391 more words

What Did I Do Today?

Hot Season in Thailand - Colors, Tastes, and Sounds

I’ve blogged about the hot season in Thailand before (You Can’t Beat the Heat) and how enervating and life sucking the 40 degree C (104 F) can be. 1,215 more words

Life In Thailand

Teaching isn't all it's cracked up to be sometimes...

These are my last two facebook posts about my weekend class, needless to say the word ‘potential’ does not feature in their vocabulary….


Today teaching yet another advanced class. 273 more words

Life In Thailand