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A painting a day #10 "Japanese Anemone"

it been such a joy to paint at least a painting a day, the other day when it was raining all day I stayed home and managed to finishes three painting. 16 more words


A painting a day 5 "Ruffled beauty"

Today’s painting is another orchid: a cattleya orchid, I like the ruffled edge on the petals and the bright pink and yellow in the center. 25 more words


A painting a day #2 "Backlit Orchid"

My painting of today is from my orchid collection. I specially like the yellow ones and have a few of them in my collections. This one usually blooms in the early winter. 9 more words


Watching the salmon run

This morning I went to look for the salmon at the Rouge Valley which is not far from I live. When I got to the river I did not see any but as I was getting closer I could see some movements in the water then I see one swimming away from the deep part of the water but swimming toward down stream. 130 more words

Art rescue "the beginning"

When I was in art college, one of my majors was print making. Often, well known artists were invited to give talk on their works. One day, I attended a talk by an artist called Jenifer Dickson ( 240 more words


And so it all begins...

Have you ever made a huge decision you knew you were ready for, and excited for, but deep down you’re still a little afraid to do it? 140 more words

Art rescue from the lawn sale

   During the weekend, friend and I were suppose to attend an outdoor art show and we agreed to meet at a café but I was more than half an hour early. 391 more words