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Life in New York

Is it me or has the world been getting more and more smaller? Over the weekend I visited Albany University to surprise my old roommate and also for park fest and all the fun activities prior to that. 243 more words

New York

New York Spring Fling

Spring has arrived to New York after a long and cold winter and it feels amazing. Magnolias blossom everywhere and the city offers so many sunny moments to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend. 102 more words

home is sweet

As life happens, I have three moments in the past few weeks that remind me just how sweet ‘home’ is. :)

  1. At the beginning of March, lots of (very) unexpected changes started being dictated to us at work.
  2. 245 more words
Good People

My sold painting was returned and unclaimed

I sold an original painting through an art site just before Christmas. The next day I sent out the painting and later I checked the post office has tried to deliver but no one home to receive it, a notice was left. 139 more words


Character description (Volkan Bürkü)

His distinctive black cap was the first thing I noticed about Volkan, contrasted with the white caps belonging to the other employees who chose to wear one. 603 more words



Veera makes me want to have children. I first met Veera on a Sunday at a carpentry workshop. It was more of a lec-dem than a workshop, but she gave me a solid lead on where I could actually do some hands on carpentry. 990 more words

Village Walks

I have finally managed to get back on track with life after a pretty busy 2 weeks. It has been a lot of work, events and other things that come with the job. 185 more words