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Art rescue "the beginning"

When I was in art college, one of my majors was print making. Often, well known artists were invited to give talk on their works. One day, I attended a talk by an artist called Jenifer Dickson ( 240 more words


And so it all begins...

Have you ever made a huge decision you knew you were ready for, and excited for, but deep down you’re still a little afraid to do it? 140 more words

Art rescue from the lawn sale

   During the weekend, friend and I were suppose to attend an outdoor art show and we agreed to meet at a café but I was more than half an hour early. 391 more words


Jan's Last Day as an ISES Interviewer

Jan prepared for her last day as an Employment Interviewer with the Illinois State Employment Service, with offices located on Chicago’s Sixty-third Street in the middle of the South Side. 403 more words


Gender and Job-Seeking

In 1970, while Jan, my wife, was serving as an interviewer for the Illinois State Employment Service in Woodlawn on Chicago’s south side, a couple of transvestite job-seekers came into her office. 643 more words

A License To Preach

Saved by a stranger

On several occasions I have heard friends relate countless  tales of how they were embarrassed by taxi men for failing to pay their fares unintentionally of course, but because they found themselves in a taxi with no money. 476 more words


The big picture

It’s 5:30 pm. She has her coffee mug in one hand and a book in another. And there she lies down on the roof, her mug right next to her, her book on her belly, her hair gently flowing with the breeze, smiling at the beautiful sky. 341 more words

Random Thoughts