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Happy Chinese New Year!

Today, is the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the year of the sheep. During the ten days celebration, often you will see the lion dances  perform but the dragon dance is less often  because it requires a team of a dozen men/women.  13 more words

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50 shades of grey in Watercolor

I just having fun with the title of my latest watercolor but seriously in watercolor  painting whites basically you are painting many shade of greys. The painting is inspired from one of my blooming white orchids.

watercolor on arches paper, 17″x14″

Alfred Ng Art

Art imitating life

Last night, while in bed I look over at my blooming orchid by the window. An idea came to me: often, I use my orchids as my subject for photos and painting. 89 more words

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Celebration of love

Today is Valentine’s Day and a day of love. When one feel the needs to express their love to their love one but I was thinking the other love. 78 more words

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Watercolor paper cut with shadow

Today with the temperature drops to -30C and is the coldest day of the year so far. However on the bright side, the sun is out. 65 more words

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On Poltergeist Neighbours

I have two neighbours in my building. A man below, and a woman above. I live in a row of houses and on one of the busiest roads in Exeter, so of course I have a variety of others, but these are the immediate neighbours. 350 more words


Animals in art

When I was a teenager I was very into drawing and painting birds and animals. Everyday, after school I head to the local museum, using the displays of animals and birds as my model for my painting. 188 more words

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