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the city out my window

A few years ago my daughter Kirsten gave me this Matteo Pericoli book.

It sits on the shelf near my writing table.  On the other side is a window facing the alley.   323 more words


Plunging Into Detroit, 1966

In the late 1960’s the “urban plunge” was an experience recommended to those who had not lived in an urban area or who had lived in a privileged area and had no direct experience of how the “other half” lived. 704 more words


Impose to Reclaim

To always be opposed to distorting the original is to stay authentic.

In our Art History class today, we discovered the world of European artists who travelled to India during the Colonial era. 959 more words

Art History

A Day In The Mall- Part 3


Shalini moved to call out to the family to join her but stopped short. They had just bought a pastry to silence the girl who was whining with tears in her eyes. 1,082 more words

Serial Fiction

A Day In The Mall - Part 2

“These folk look so different from most others here today,” thought Shalini as the family walked in, almost hesitatingly, into the mall. The man wore flip-flops popularly called “Hawaii” slippers. 1,187 more words

Serial Fiction

A Day In The Mall — Part 1

Shalini gasped as she entered the mall, by far the biggest in this part of the country.

This happened whenever she came here though she had lived all her life in Bangalore. 996 more words

Serial Fiction

Quiet time and gunshots

Just a quick note.

Last Wednesday at 5:27 AM gunshots interrupted my morning quiet time of reading, meditation and prayer.

I heard 8 gunshots in rapid succession.   72 more words