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“Doc, am I gonna die?”

So, TINS©, TIWFDASL©, and we caught a run for a shooting. Being full of excitement, because, gosh, THIS was an opportunity to, ya know, SAVE A LIFE!, we coded our happy way to the scene, there to meet the police. 432 more words


Remember this one? - Living Your Truth

Living Your Truth by Dr. Keith Ablow sounds pretty straightforward. Live the truth. Easy-peasy.

Not so fast.

I have always considered myself an honest person. My mother will tell you I was a terrible liar as a kid. 637 more words

From My Bookshelf

Progress and learning from a past cover song (this is a test)

Long ago I began to cover “Life in the Fast Lane” by The Eagles. This was the first time I’d tried to cover a song using guitars and virtual instruments (drums/bass), and it quickly became apparent that the major problem for covering classic rock songs is the lack of a constant tempo (which also gives it that “feel” which makes it so unique, AKA ritardando/accelerando for you music people and/or Italians). 352 more words

Life In The Fast Lane

It’s noon

For a minute, time is fast

It’s already half past

Oh, and is that the moon!

As the long hands tick

And the short hand tocks… 78 more words

Musings Of A Part-time Poet

Bio Moment - ... and that's how my phone ended up in the washing machine!

Today’s post is a little different for many reasons. To get the full picture… you need to travel back into the past with me. It’ll be interesting… entertaining… educational… or something like that. 1,100 more words

Self-Help Whispering