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Lattice Nuclear Physics (feat. The Anthropic Principle)

“I’m not a religious man, but if I was, let’s just say that this would be very compelling” – Computational Lattice Gauge Theorist

The spectrum of QCD bound states’ energy levels scales linearly with the input quark degrees of freedom masses, which come directly from the… 540 more words


TRAPPIST 1, again.

It’s awesome, but something is missing.

As I said in the previous post regarding TRAPPIST-1, we will have to wait for the results coming from next generation telescopes such as JWST (2018) and E-ELT (2024), to determine if some of the planets of TRAPPIST-1 system harbors life. 471 more words


Did aliens hack the Voyager 2 space probe in 2010?

I don’t know how I missed this news item back from 2010! Then NASA reported a single bit-flip error occurred in Voyager 2’s software code used to communicate with Earth. 879 more words


98% Probability NASA will Officially Announce that WE ARE NOT ALONE by 2017 or Earlier ~ Nov. 2016

Pretty interesting video here by Bashar with much information we all need to know NOW! So…please watch, understand how important your preferences are, and…


The Secret of Sinkholes And Why They Happen.

Have you had any sinkholes appearing in your area? There have been a huge number appearing all across the world for no apparent reason, and you could be driving along a road and suddenly the whole thing collapses in front of you. 96 more words


Detection of Terrestrial Planet Candidate in a Temperate Orbit about Proxima Centauri

Proxima Centauri is the closest star to our Solar System. At 4.24 light years distant, it is the closest of a triple star system called the Alpha Centauri system comprising of two Sun-like stars at a distance of 4.38 light years, and Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf star residing about two trillion kilometres or a little under 0.2 light years closer to us, and in orbit of its two companions. 3,971 more words

Cosmic Perspectives


It is a very strange time I am in currently and not a very good one if I say so myself.

There are just so many things up in the air and each of these I have little information about and simply do not know what is going to happen. 2,091 more words