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Are We Alone?

This was the title of Stephen Hawking’s latest Genius episode I watched on Wednesday evening. Very entertaining, and his imagination and humor comes through as he leads three volunteers through a journey of discovery using quite elaborate “visual aids.” 470 more words

Life On Earth

Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? (And, where does that leave us?)

I read an article a few days ago that speculated that the number of planets in the universe that could support life probably numbers in the trillions. 1,070 more words


A ~Record~ of Life on Earth

Before sending the Voyager spacecraft off into space in 1977, Carl Sagan and his team insisted on including a “bottle” to send off into the “cosmic ocean.” This message to potential intelligent life in the universe is contained in the Voyager record, a 12 inch golden record meant to encapsulate life on Earth. 256 more words


Earth Is A 1-In-700 Quintillion Kind of Place, Study Finds

New findings out of Uppsala University in Sweden suggest that Earth is an incredibly unique place – in fact, out of the 700 quintillion terrestrial planets in the universe, there may be nothing else like it. 449 more words

What If Extraterrestrials Called, But Nobody Heard?

Astrophysicists have suggested a new approach to make sure we don’t miss signals from extraterrestrial observers trying to contact us.

René Heller and Ralph Pudritz at McMaster University in Canada say that extraterrestrials looking to make contact with Earth likely use similar methods for searching for life as we do, since they have to deal with the same physical principals of the universe. 316 more words


So far a NASA Discovery program designed to look for possible life-supporting planets has discovered 4,706 potential planets

Photo: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech

NASA has made it a mission to discover the truth. In March 2009, the space agency launched the Kepler Mission, a NASA Discovery program designed to look for possible life-supporting planets. 71 more words


Scientists Say Extraterrestrials May All Be Extinct

Life on other planets would most likely be brief and become extinct extremely quickly on an astronomical time scale, according to new research conducted at the Australian National University. 396 more words