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Why haven't we been able contact intelligent civilisations in space?

The reason why we haven’t encountered or detected intelligent life on other planets is not because it hasn’t evolved elsewhere. It has probably evolved in our own galaxy hundreds of thousands of times. 546 more words


Is there intelligence in space?

While the possibility for life is hugely likely, given the immense time and enormous quantity of planets, the evolution of intelligence is another matter. That requires even greater overcoming of limitations. 238 more words



The origin of how life began on Earth has plagued the curiosity of mankind since the dawn of the human race. It’s something that has perplexed scientists and religious scholars for centuries, often resulting in conflict. 30 more words


Humanity's Greatest Arrogance

There is, perhaps, no greater human arrogance than the one that places our planet, our species, and our drama at the center of the Universal play. 442 more words


Attack of the Crane Flies

The crane flies have been all over the house and attacking the windows for about a week.  According to Wikipedi, Although crane flies look like mosquitoes, they do not bite humans. 733 more words


Morning Laugh

I was starting this blog seriously about extra-terrestrials, but this morning was laughing at Scott Simon’s interview with Dame Edna Everage1, and had to share. For example, “she” mentioned her mauve hair… 1,340 more words

Could life exist on Saturn's moon Titan? These scientists are hopeful

TORONTO – There are many places in our solar system that are great candidates for life, and now scientists have calculated that Saturn’s moon Titan may be yet another. 222 more words