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Where is your home?

‘Home’ is often more complex than the physical location of your front door. Home is a deep rooted feeling of belonging.

I once worked with someone who scoffed when people said ‘I’m going home for Easter/Christmas/the holidays’. 371 more words


Its Christmas!

At five in the morning there is the sound of squeeks and scuffles and the gentle pad of paws on the hall carpet runner here in TheBigForest hut. 224 more words

Life In TheBigForest

Cue the dancing snails

Yes I know we have been rather silent here at TheBigForest. Its simply a case of priorities. Much as we love you out there in blog-land when faced with a choice – a firm deadline and the potential of being studio-less or blogging there really isn’t a contest. 227 more words


Sherlock Holmes: Feeling unwell

Over twenty years ago I worked with a man called Dave. He was a jazz drummer doing other things to earn a crust. Dave was exceptionally good company and we spent our time dreaming of different lives and future happiness whilst doing enough work not to arouse comment. 485 more words


Fascinating stitchery: 1932

In rural charity shops in England there is almost always a snowy pile of vintage linens. For £1 or sometimes £2 you can snap up these pieces of beautiful workmanship. 294 more words


Where in the world?

We were clearing out the loft when we came across three large, old poster photographs left by the previous owner. But where in the world are the locations?  255 more words


For Albert

All summer long Albert, our neighbour, has been painting his house. At 79 his ladder climbing seemed slightly reckless but the job was done just a fortnight ago. 317 more words