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Making progress whilst the sun shines

We have returned to our blog. Shaken the dust covers from the posts and pictures and looked around. It’s been three months since we last visited but it has not been abandoned, it was just put into storage until life got a little more ordered. 281 more words


Brighton Festival: Visit us!

If you are down Brighton way during any weekend in May then why not visit TheBigForest and say hello?

What: The biggest arts and cultural festival in Britain, Brighton Festival, runs throughout May. 158 more words


Fun sites to feed your inner nerd

I was browsing on my phone on a long train trip the other day and came across two sites based on research from UCL (University Central London) that gave me hours of fun. 314 more words


Brighton: The Community Garden

Whilst exploring the new neighbourhood we found the community garden and seeing the shoots forcing their way through the soil and the first signs of Spring gave us a lot of pleasure. 371 more words


A day on the river: 1953

Amidst the boxes following the house move were four or five full of my father’s photo’s. I knew they were at the back of a cupboard in the old house but now I have time to explore the images. 197 more words


Where is your home?

‘Home’ is often more complex than the physical location of your front door. Home is a deep rooted feeling of belonging.

I once worked with someone who scoffed when people said ‘I’m going home for Easter/Christmas/the holidays’. 371 more words


Its Christmas!

At five in the morning there is the sound of squeeks and scuffles and the gentle pad of paws on the hall carpet runner here in TheBigForest hut. 224 more words

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