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Baby tooth extraction in my 30s

I have used a baby tooth for about 25 years. There is no adult tooth underneath – it is missing congenitally. The condition is called… 156 more words


First blog post

Though I imported some of the past writings, basically I’m starting it over again.

The reason I blog is simple: I like writing. I write a lot of things on my physical/online notes. 67 more words

Life In Tokyo

kono densha (this train)

When I’m not cycling, I take the Marunouchi line to work and it’s perfect because the Tokyo station exit is also the basement of my building. 224 more words


hatsukoi (first love)

Hello, world! Allow me to explain the presence of this here little corner of the interwebs.

I’ve been reading blogs since about 2007 when blogging was beginning to gain traction and it was more a medium for expression and fostering community than monetary gain; not that there is anything wrong with compensation for creating good content, but it felt like a world of genuine interaction, rather than our current “follow for follow” blind culture of acquisition and desire for fame. 744 more words


Some Days

Some days just hum along minding their own business and making very little difference to my general outlook and attitude. Other days I feel like a human yo-yo and need to make plus and minus columns just to get a vague understanding of what karma is throwing at me. 526 more words

Life In Tokyo


HELLO! 久しぶり!Long time no….post?

I suppose this is where I should wish everyone an extremely belated happy new year and acknowledge the fact that I am awful at providing consistent information about my life. 1,367 more words


Someone's mum in Tokyo

Hi there and welcome to my blog!

I started this blog because I found living and raising a family in Japan can be kind of overwhelming, especially if you are new to the country or have limited Japanese. 308 more words