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Week in Photos #37 -  Cakes and a wander around Ebisu.

Another week and another post. It’s crazy hot in Tokyo right now, unbearable at times. With temperatures in the 30s! As I write this it’s 28c :O at 12am. 214 more words


Week in Photos #36 - Parcel from home and a delicious natto omelette

Hmm, this post is predominantly food. But I guess that’s normal.

Saturday 4th July was date day XD, Ksk and I had lunch at Bikini Tapa in Shibuya, a delicious Spanish cuisine place. 367 more words


Week in Photos #35 - The catch up week?

I didn’t realise quite how many catch ups I did this week until I sat down and wrote this post:O.

Started the week off with some extreme couples karaoke! 331 more words


The Good and the Bad #2 - Rainy season in Tokyo

So rainy season (Tsuyu 梅雨) has official started in Tokyo, usually it hits around early June and lasts until mid-July but this year it feels like it’s late, however apparently it’s not. 397 more words


Week in Photos #33 - Kaiten sushi competition and the most delicious toro I've ever had.

Started the week with a visit to the doctor’s clinic.  Apart from visiting the immigration office, there is nothing I hate more than going to the doctors clinic in Japan. 306 more words


Week in Photos #32 - Little drive to Ikea and the most glorious sunset!

Another week and another post.

I’d planned to have a picnic on Saturday 6th June, but those plans were ruined by the epic rain fall the night before. 456 more words