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Relationships are Fundamental

Where are you finding advice?

Relationships are Fundamental

It’s a funny thing about advice. Everyone seems to have an overabundance of knowing what others should do, and they have no problem telling you about it, especially when monetary gain is a motivating factor. 430 more words

Life Insurance

Why obtaining Life Insurance marks your step into Adulthood

Have you ever wanted a blueprint on how to be an adult?

When growing up it appears that the grown-ups in our lives have the whole “adulting” thing figured out. 794 more words

Life Insurance

Life Insurance 101

The Basics….

The basic premise is simple: Life insurance gives you peace of mind while you’re alive, and financial support for your loved ones when you’re gone. 658 more words


Making Blockchain Technology In Life Insurance Work For You

Back in April 2018, when I read the press release from Cognizant about having teamed up with a consortium of fifteen Indian life insurers and developed a blockchain solution to facilitate cross-company data-sharing to help these life insurers reduce their reliance on data intermediaries and aggregators in obtaining customer and policy details for a wide range of critical purposes, such as know-your-customer due diligence, financial and medical underwriting, risk assessment, fraud detection, and regulatory compliance, I was FURIOUS. 718 more words


Key Facts About Life Insurance In America

A resident of Austin, Texas, Michael Wodchis is a Fellow of the Life Management Institute (FLMI) and an experienced financial services and life insurance professional. Most recently serving at Windsor Insurance Associates as vice president of strategic alliances and business development, Michael Wodchis applies his expertise in strategic marketing, leadership, revenue growth, distribution, and business plan execution. 200 more words


June 18

The first recorded life insurance policy was issued on June 18, 1583. Richard Martin, an alderman in London, paid £30 to a group of 13 London merchants on what amounted to a bet on the life of another citizen, William Gybbons. 91 more words

What Happened Today?

Testimonial: Touching on Family

The Acton family


Told by Joseph, Karen’s husband.

When Karen was a young single woman in her 20’s her goal had always been to have a family one day. 487 more words

Life Insurance