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Benefits of Life insurance

The life of every individual will come to an end at some point. Even if you rich appoint and live for as many years as possible, the sad part is, you will at some point kick the bucket and bid goodbye to this earth and life as you know it. 385 more words

Life Insurance

Consumer Needs for the Right Life Insurance Policy

In the modern world, most individuals are slowly realizing the needs to have a life insurance policy, have there are many who have seen it as a burden and thus avoiding it. 410 more words

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a type of insurance product which normally pays at the death of the insured. Other people do refer to it as death insurance for most of the times it is normally paid out after the death of a person. 388 more words

Life Insurance

What Is The Difference Between Term and Permanent Life Insurance?

There are two different types of life insurance policies: Term and Permanent. Term policies are set over a period of time and usually are much more affordable than buying a permanent plan. 195 more words


Can I Get Life Insurance on My Grandfather?

I’m an adult grandchild and wondering if I can purchase life insurance to cover my grandfather’s final expenses.

Yes, adult grandchildren have an insurable interest in their grandparents, and may buy life insurance to help with their final expenses. 113 more words


Business Life Insurance

The purposes

Two days ago I talked about life insurance and its two purposes. Protect and create. Yesterday I talked about objective reality. Let’s look at how it goes when a founder passes on. 536 more words

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Life Insurance Roundup, September 21, 2018

Various Life Insurance News

  • Treasury Proposes SALT Reduction

    on 2018-09-21 at 06:34This reduction will have little impact on life insurance—using it to benefit charities continues to be a prudent planning opportunity.

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Life Insurance