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Life Insurance Roundup, July 18, 2018

Various Life Insurance News

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Life Insurance

Here’s Why You Should Buy a Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance is one of the most secure ways to achieve your financial goals. In fact, it helps you to beat several financial emergencies and keeps you and your family secured. 300 more words


Medical Proof Required to Deny ERISA Claims Based on Intoxication Exclusion Says Fifth Circuit

Many ERISA plans and insurance policies contain provisions excluding coverage for losses caused by the insured’s intoxication.  In cases where the plan or insurer asserts such an exclusion, the question becomes what evidence must the insurer put forward in order to prove the insured was intoxicated and the exclusion applies? 355 more words

McKean Evans

Whole Life Insurance v. Term Life Insurance — Which One is Right for You?

On radio, television, and print media there is no shortage of advertisements for life insurance products. Designed to replace the missing income a family experiences when the breadwinner dies, life insurance is sometimes marketed as “mortgage protection insurance.” It’s not really mortgage protection insurance; it’s a way for the surviving family to stay in the house, rental, or whatever living quarters they’re in without having to sell it or dip into their savings. 524 more words


Life Insurance for Parents: Considering Your Loved Ones

As parents, we always want what’s best for our children. Though it’s tough to think about, making sure that you have a life insurance policy in place is the most responsible way to make sure that your spouse and children are cared for when you pass away. 600 more words