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3 ways you can press 'pause' now!

The alarm rings. That sound sets off your day and the mad rush of the day envelopes you. From that moment on when you rub the sleep off your eyes (waking up) to the time when you’re trying to rub the sleep off your eyes (trying to keep awake), Life is in a hurry.  840 more words


Is the Philippines ready for Duterte?

By Antonio Montalvan II

The question must be asked in the light of a movement now in progress. The movement seeks to field Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as a presidential candidate in 2016. 792 more words

Rodrigo Duterte

Kau Kemanakan Ilmumu?

Kau kemanakan ilmumu? Kau tau bahaya ghibah, namun lisanmu masih saja dekat2 dengannya

Kau kemanakan ilmumu? Kau tau tiap detik waktumu akan dimintai pertanggung jawaban, tapi masih saja kau buang sia-sia… 266 more words


Why Go To Church? - 99 Reasons You Should Go To Church This Weekend.

Instead, why not think about the reasons you should go to Church this weekend?

Why look for an excuse when there’s a literal abundance of reasons why it makes so much sense to go to church and to meet with your community of faith, this weekend. 1,019 more words

It's more fun in the PHILIPPINES

I want to make a record of the places I have been to so that others can make use of it as well.I love to travel, but due to the meager amount of income I get every pay check I’ve only traveled locally so far. 912 more words

Sampai Kapan?

Sampai kapan wahai jiwa?

Sampai kapan kamu bermalas-malasan

Sampai kapan menyangka esok masih berkesempatan

Sampai kapan hidup dalam penundaan

Aku yakin kamu tau

Kamu sangat tau bahwa nyawa kapan saja bisa hilang dari jasadmu… 67 more words