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Life is Precious,

Some days I’m just stuck for inspiration and this is one of them. ¬†While awaiting for the water tank to reheat so I could enjoy a nice, long, hot shower after dying my hair back to red for work, this is is all that I could think of writing.

Daily Creative

This Time its Murder

Throughout life there are people you know, people you meet, and it’s clear they’ve got it rough. There was a point in my life when I welcomed in all these wounded birds, but I learned through a very slow and agonizing process that you can’t save a bird that’s in mid flight. 409 more words


"See You On The Other Side"

I said good-bye to a dear friend last night. His passing came as a shock to all who knew him, yet while sitting at his memorial service last night, I couldn’t help but think of all he taught me…taught all of us. 527 more words

Waking Up

I truly know that ...

Life is precious. Period.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you truly know that!!!

Life's Little Lessons

Learning from death

Some of you will know, many of you will not – my much loved aunt died last month aged 93. It was a life well lived full of courage, travel, friends and love. 371 more words

Goodbye My Friend

Even at the age of 51 I am learning all the time. Just little things, obvious things, though not always obvious without the benefit of hindsight. 398 more words

Life Is Precious