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Life Never Seems So Precious Until It's Threatened

This past weekend was probably the most scared I’ve ever been in my life…

It all started around a quarter past 11 on Friday night. I had just decided to take it down for the night in order to rest up for a baby shower the next day; however my plans were interrupted by the overbearing sounds of police sirens and helicopters. 412 more words


Life Lessons: Celebrate, live and love Life

Sometimes in life, things just happen to remind us something or for us to focus on things or people that we may be neglecting.

About two months ago, I was hospitalized because my platelet count went so low. 910 more words

Bright Little Stars and Lives so Precious

Copyright © 2016 by Michelle Lores


*****Warning—For eyes of 11 and up.*****

Thoughts on the precious lives of our children…


Bright-colored toys.

Bears, colors, and shapes. 432 more words

Kats' Korner: Celebrating the Good Times

As time passes, I realize how precious it is to create memories.

Jeff and I were blessed to celebrate 20 years of marriage this past Wednesday. 273 more words


Life is Precious,

Some days I’m just stuck for inspiration and this is one of them.  While awaiting for the water tank to reheat so I could enjoy a nice, long, hot shower after dying my hair back to red for work, this is is all that I could think of writing.

Daily Creative

This Time its Murder

Throughout life there are people you know, people you meet, and it’s clear they’ve got it rough. There was a point in my life when I welcomed in all these wounded birds, but I learned through a very slow and agonizing process that you can’t save a bird that’s in mid flight. 409 more words


"See You On The Other Side"

I said good-bye to a dear friend last night. His passing came as a shock to all who knew him, yet while sitting at his memorial service last night, I couldn’t help but think of all he taught me…taught all of us. 527 more words

Waking Up