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40 Days of Life

The beginning of 40 Days for Life is just around the corner, 40 days focused upon praying, campaigning and being a comfort for those in great need of people to love them and care for them during a tough time….are you willing to get on board?? 95 more words

43 Years Since Roe v. Wade

·Jane Roe and Henry Wade: Debate passed sentence January 22nd, 1973·

Roe v. Wade actually reached out to the supreme court in 1970, but the Justices delayed taking action because they felt that the appeals “raised difficult questions on judicial jurisdiction”. 421 more words

Life Is Good

Putting it in perspective

I met someone recently. A refreshing your lady eager to help me with something work-related. She sounds like a super, super busy person, and yet she is going well out of her way to help me get something done that is very important for my job. 181 more words


What the death of my father-in-law taught me...

It was a year ago today, I was working the evening shift at a job I absolutely hated. At about 6:00 p.m. I became violently ill and had to leave.   895 more words

Healthy You

Born Hero

This little boy is my hero. Words alone cannot even begin to describe how proud I am of him for taking this recovery by the horns and continuing to smile each and every day even when he has some hard obstacles to overcome. 239 more words


Hydrocephalus: A glimmer of hope in a long lost memory

6 years ago, I had 3 brain operations over a 3 day period. I can’t remember much about that time but last night, (the night before the first operation) I had a flashback. 938 more words


Life is Precious

Enough said really.

One of my students lost her mum a few weeks ago. Another lost her aunt last week. My extended non blood family have found out that his dad has an aggressive brain tumour. 185 more words