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Breaking the Phone Addiction

I got an app called “Moment” back in November and let it run in the background all this time, never opening it. It monitors your cell phone usage, how many hours a day you use your phone, how often you pick it up, and so on. 456 more words

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Challenging Male:Female Experience

When someone tries to tell me I can’t do something… This kinda makes me more determined to try. And being the kind of woman that when I try something I don’t stop until I’ve successfully mastered it, means that as I step up to the challenge, I’m constantly in a state of development. 465 more words

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3 Ways You CAN Get Through Today

Over the last couple of days I have written about how tough Mother’s Day can be for some people. Now I want to address those “some people” directly to tell you: 581 more words

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How Can I Support Someone Struggling With Mother's Day

Yesterday, I wrote about how this weekend is going to be tough for some people – and I’m not just talking about women, there are men too, for whom Mother’s Day is not easy. 521 more words

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Not Everyone Can Celebrate

For many people, Mother’s Day can be tough.

  • For those who’ve lost their mums
  • For those who long to be a mum
  • For those whose children are in heaven…
  • 167 more words
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Where were you in 1995?

Do you remember where you were in 1995?

Who were you in 1995?

This week some triggers are rising for me. I watched the OJ Simpson trial series on Netflix and it was A LOT!!! 210 more words

Mensajes De Amor!

Can You Hear the Engine Roaring?

My most recent daily Bible readings are from the Old Testament books that major in the judgments of God against the kingdoms of Israel and Judah at the hands of the Assyrian and Babylonian invaders. 525 more words