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Six Near Perfect Reasons for Swimming* your Laps

(*Replace this with your choice of cardio vascular exercise)

Often when it comes time to swim my laps (twice a week) I’m tempted to talk myself out of it.  378 more words

Christianity In Action

When You’re Just Not Sure

There always seems to be something or someone you’re just not sure how to approach. Usually when you’re just not sure it truly is best you move forward with precaution and preciseness. 205 more words

Life Issues

Calling Evil "Good"

As a Christian woman, mom, and grandmother from Iowa, I am compelled to ask:

When Jesus returns, what will He say to pastors who advocate for abortion in His name? 670 more words

Faith & Practice

The Unending Cancer of Poverty

I grew up poor. I never had a new item of clothing. There was a period in elementary and middle school that I didn’t have any underwear to wear at all. 1,554 more words

Life Issues

Hold On To Courage

It goes without saying that the Christian pathway is not always a stroll in the park. In fact, the life of a Christian is often compared to a battleground: an ongoing struggle between the old self (the sinful nature) and the new self. 592 more words

Life Issues

The 3 Parts of Parenting Teens

“I feel like I’m losing him. He never talks to me anymore. Part of it is our schedules. We’re always running out when the other is just coming in.

2,650 more words