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My take on long distance relationships.

It’s not easy, I tell you. Everyday you get to experience different kind of emotions. From happy to sad to manic to crazy to angry, etc. 233 more words


Donald Trump said he's pro-life but that's not good enough for some people...

Trump has given one of the most poignant arguments for the pro-life position –

One thing about me, I’m a very honorable guy. I’m pro-life, but I changed my view a number of years ago.

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She Blinded Me With Practical Ethics!

Time to crank up “Welcome to the Jungle” again.

An article published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, published by Oxford University’s Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, proposes newborn babies are not “actual persons” and do not have a “moral right to life”. 914 more words


It Never Stops Coming..Does It?

So I mentioned before that my roommate is moving out  because he couldn’t manage his life properly, My landlady is now trying to force yours truly out of the condo I reside in (if you could even call it that). 201 more words


When Our Expectations Hit the Fan

I learned some years back that expectations are everything.

If a child is called “spoiled,” it is because people begin to perceive his out-of-whack expectations — preferential treatment is somehow a given, opportunities are expected to fall right into his lap, the rest of us are just idle planets orbiting his insatiable wants and needs. 1,363 more words

Life Issues

"When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes.."

In this crazy thing called life, things will get eventually hard, and worse, a lil bit harder as time goes by. But I think that you should just have faith that things will just get better in time. 71 more words


Why We Care about the Refugees?

These were the days of early September last year. We were only a couple of weeks away from the finish of the 2015 Renewing Our Minds (ROM) Gathering in Fuzine, Croatia. 1,563 more words