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The Gospel of Life is About God's Work Among Us

Superior’s Reflection on  A Brother’s Witness   

We assigned Brother to Broward, because the student population is composed of individuals whose lives have been very challenging.  They need more than academic education.  654 more words

Life Issues


I have been asking myself this question since the first of December and after taking my time to think deeply on the highs and lows of 2017. 299 more words


God Will Pick You Up

A little over 3 weeks ago I finally reached all I could take. I was truly having a nervous breakdown. My body was exhausted, my energy was gone, and my belief that anything would change was almost gone. 369 more words

Life Issues

You Never Get Used To It

Written: 12/13/17

Right now my lower back feels like a huge piece of metal is misplaced inside. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for someone to take it out. 302 more words

Life Issues

The ELEPHANT In The Church

Before you even get started reading this article I need to make something very clear. I believe very strongly in the church and its mission to tell the world about Jesus. 691 more words

Life Issues

Evil Has A Face

More than ever before in my life I feel I’ve seen the face of evil. I’m not just saying this because we’re living in troubled times. 443 more words

Life Issues

A Sad World We Live In

Earlier I sought to pick up an item my wife ordered online on Craigslist. Of course, nether of us ever met personally the man she talked with by phone. 382 more words

Life Issues