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Ireland's darkest day - 5.25.2018

I hear the final number for the Ireland vote was 67% for abortion. That means 33% tried to protect the babies. Yes, 33, a very meaningful number to those (especially Christians) paying attention. 244 more words



Last night I had a series of dreams. Not about imaginary things but remembrances of things I’ve seen in the past that still deeply move my heart in the present. 453 more words


Keep your word

You know what’s one quality that I truly appreciate?

When people get back to you and keep their word. This applies to friends, family, services, companies, et al. 89 more words

How to fulfill all your needs with limited budget and still give to the poor?

It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor. (…) Do you ask what is the proper limit to wealth? 292 more words

Life Issues

Will Life Ever Be The Same?

I would imagine this is a question that many ask themselves after a deep sense of loss. I know many feel this way after the loss of a very close loved one. 314 more words


I need dogs

Ever since my dogs started aging, my pops has made it his mission to recant the tales of his own furry friends. Mostly, he talks about how the heartbreak was eventually too much for him to handle and so, has never found it in his heart to make room for more pets. 373 more words


Why should I care for poor people?

In the past few days I was a victim of my own misbudgeting…meaning that my financial resources were not enough not even to cover the basic needs of my family. 807 more words

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