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A Taken 'Good Thing'

We sit across from each other

Far apart, but close at heart

Smiles and giggles permeate

Calm and stable is our space

Wanting to reach out to touch… 147 more words

Life Issues

Moves to decriminalise abortion in NSW

As you may be aware there are currently two bills before the New South Wales parliament seeking to decriminalise abortion and to create so called “safe zones” around the clinics. 178 more words

Life Issues

Outward V's Inward Appearance

It’s not that I’m vain or anything… But I do like to look half-decent, and not like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards! And I quite like the idea of styling! 537 more words

Life Issues

Thank God For The Pain

Unless I take knockout medication I’m usually not getting any sleep before 2am. Yet, even through the long nights and days I can hear God’s voice so clearly. 425 more words

Life Issues

Who takes who home at the end of the month?

So its literally ‘Pay Day’, a time where all the debts and bills are literally waiting with a very expectant mind to being paid – everyone wants to get paid. 499 more words

Life Issues

Crunch! by Carolina Rabei

Crunch is a guinea pig who loves eating! When a little mouse comes and asks him to share his food in return for a “friendly hug” Crunch immediately refuses! 169 more words

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