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Love > Pride

“At-least I’m holier than him”

“At-least God knows me”

“Thank God I’m going to heaven, too bad for him/ her”

These were statements I mentioned far too often in the early stages of my faith. 1,307 more words

Life Issues

Let's catch up...

Earlier this year I wrote a statement saying I went through or was going through the hardest thing I’ve emotionally faced. I did reach a low that I’ve never reached before, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 519 more words

Christians, Cocktails & Coll Beach

“Did you hear about the state of ….. at Coll beach, I thought they were meant to be a Christian?”

This is not the first time I heard that dreaded sentence, it is repeated most years. 827 more words

Dogs, Cats, and Anxiety

We have two dogs. One is a big big dog, in excess of a hundred pounds. He’s full of anxiety and is an excellent pet as long as you can accept his innate refusal to socialize or even leave our bedroom except for food and walks. 550 more words

Life Issues

First and foremost, a psychologist is not a psychiatrist. Where a psychiatrist attends to the medical conditions of mind and personality disorders, a psychologist is more a counsellor who is trained in helping people cope with and correct, their mental attitudes. 461 more words


Ladies: How Submitting To A Man Makes You Powerful

I am sure you have been waiting so long to read this…Not everyone will agree with this but it is the known truth every woman has ignored and most men will try to hide( believe me …some for good and others for selfish reasons) 417 more words

Random Thoughts: I’m thinking about Permanently quitting social media - Ok just Twitter

A feel a dark cloud that threatens to come each time I partake in arguments and petty debates or twitter and especially forums.

I am defending the honor of someone I don’t know, because I refuse to condemn them the way the world has. 802 more words

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