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Life-jackets for sale

Life Jackets
Car tyre inner-tubes

These are the items you’ll see on sale here today.

Trousers and shoes are for one set of customers. 18 more words


Cruise blog: "Velcro - what a rip off!" *

During the cruise, I learnt many things.

For example, I’m now aware that, annoyingly, Scottish school children start their summer holidays weeks ahead of the rest of the UK. 712 more words


Benefits of Choosing Quality Approved Inflatable PFD

The Inflatable PFD is regarded as one of the prior equipment used as a life saving measure. Unlike other inflatable vests, these are easy to wear without hampering the flexibility of the person wearing this. 326 more words

Inflatable Life Jacket

Points to Consider Before Buying Inflatable PFD

It you are water sport enthusiast or are curious to explore the sea in either case you require inflatable PFD. PFD (personal floatation device) will ensure and consolidate your safety in the sea better than those traditional jackets! 324 more words

Inflatable Life Jacket

Our kids arrive on SV Aphrodite

Our kids have arrived on the boat. Everyone has been very excited. But, of course, child safety is paramount. Skipper Mark Burton has been very helpful in this regard. 367 more words



lately there has been a lot of talk on the topic of safety and littles.

i’ve posted before about how i wanted to put my littles in the front seat of the car and how I went to the person who knows them best – their pediatrician – who gave me the go ahead. 169 more words

Lake Billy Chinook Saturation Patrol Yields BUII, Other Offenses

Staff from the Marine Board and marine patrols from Jackson, Jefferson, Klamath, Marion, Lane and Multnomah County combined their on-water patrol efforts on Lake Billy Chinook during the weekend of August 7-8, which resulted in improved safety and “education through enforcement.” 488 more words

Boat Oregon Advisory Teams