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I Will Stand Tall Through It All

Yes its true I have faced great pain but what the feel individuals that plot against me don’t understand is I will thrive through the pressure and I’ll keep grinding for the Lord almighty for I know He is the only true person in my life. 124 more words


A Scolded Child.

I think I am devastated. Well, that is a bit over dramatic. Maybe I am pissed-off? No. Frustrated? Maybe. I think I’m just sad, tired and done. 443 more words


Set Mind vs Mindset 

In our minds we have this capability to manifest anything that we desire. We have a power that’s embedded in each of us to shape the world around us. 284 more words


New Beginning

New Beginning..New Dreams..New Goals..New Life

My Blogging Journey has just begun

 I have got a new story to write and it looks nothing like my past. 244 more words


Cultural Fit – Definition, Origin, Intention, and Misuse

Since my last posting on August 5th, I have been researching this catchall phrase after knowing several individuals dismissed from their jobs for not being a “cultural fit”. 1,400 more words

Life Lesson

what I wish I knew when I was 20

True, I lived alone in a lodging when I was 20 years old. I was in my 3rd year of undergrad and felt like I knew a lot of things. 498 more words


The Lord Has Allowed The Job Effect Upon Me But I must Continue To Stand Strong With The Lord Almighty Beside Me

Within this past week everything and everyone I have ever loved has forsaken me. The Lord allowed me to be stripped of everything just like Job, I must say at first it devastated me, I question God why me,  I mean I lost everything and it crushed me and I felt like I couldn’t get back up after being knocked down but I heard this still reassuring voice within me saying get back up my son, I can help you endure this tremendous pain. 563 more words