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Kids Against Humanity

So I’ve been sitting here setting this blog up while waiting for Skyrim to work because, well, it’s Skyrim and the day it works on the first try is a cold day in hell. 476 more words

Cards Against Humanity

Uplifting Quotes

Many times in life, somehow we manage to unknowingly go astray from our normal life journey. Now and then, problems might occur, be it with work, school, people, friends or family. 893 more words


Only in the darkness can you see the stars

Nothing is more irritating to me than the ignorant mind of someone who does not understand the feeling of a great loss.  Some, whom obviously have yet to experience one, never understand the actions and feelings of someone who has lived through them.   254 more words

Break Up Email, Corndogs, Regular Dogs, and Goodwill DIYs

At what point does eating healthy food become unhealthy?

I contemplated this as I made my seemingly healthy midnight snack: a ham and provolone sandwich, smothered (and I mean smothered) in Dijon mustard, regular mustard (I didn’t realize we had spicy Dijon mustard until after I put the boring mustard on the bread), and mayo. 929 more words

Thought for Thursday #8

That’s the trouble with Life – crap dialogue and bad lighting.

– Elizabeth Taylor

I can’t be the only one who wishes my life was a well-lit and excellently choreographed musical?


"Sometimes, I don't know if I am real."

Yesterday night before bed time, my soon to be 8 year old daughter, Nova, said to me, “Sometimes, I don’t know if I am real.” And she also mentioned that she sometimes feels like her life is like watching a movie. 294 more words

Life Lesson

What are you Serving the World? Lessons from Master Chefs

One of my favorite shows on the tube is Master Chef Junior. I love how passionate the kids are about cooking. I enjoy seeing the amazing dishes they come up with. 540 more words