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34 Little Life Skills Everyone Needs to be a Grown Up

I do not know who compiled this list, but it seems pretty reasonable.  Knowing how to have a civil conversation with someone you do not necessarily agree with, showing empathy,  understanding consequences, and how to change a tire all seem like things we couldn’t be worse off for knowing. 27 more words


Real Life La La Land: From Sebastian To The Fools Who Dream(ed)


That’s what I think of the movie La La Land, starred by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. If you have watched the movie, you’ll see my point. 649 more words


​Jack and David were the best of companions since childhood. They religiously used to pick up their bicycles, and paddle their way to a place up on the hills, where they used to congregate daily, a place they called ‘Dreamland’. 436 more words


The Importance of Structure

One of the things I enjoyed most about attending boarding school in Nelson was the structure of it. I knew how my day would go from what time I would wake up to what time I would go to sleep and everything I had to do in between. 396 more words


❤ Ayah, Ibu… Biarkan Ananda Istiqomah ❤

Penulis: Ummu Rumman
Muroja’ah: Ustadz Abu Salman

Duhai, betapa indahnya jika kita bisa membahagiakan orang tua kita. Orang tua yang telah membesarkan kita dengan penuh kasih sayang. 1,980 more words

Life Lesson

I am Finally Whole

Do you ever have those days/nights/weeks/months/ years… anything? Just that time where you just sit there and contemplate everything? Trust me when I say this.. when it happens, it will all get better. 348 more words


I know you all know that my boys are getting older. It’s kind of one of the reasons that I started this blog, to document our Sunday adventures. 720 more words