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Silence kill democracy

Traditional politicians, corrupt government leaders, oppressors, dictators, all of them; breeds on silence and lack of access of information among  the people they

Politics, our responsibility to our community and society, and our right to demand accountability is not a one day affair. 619 more words


Making the invisible visible

Imagine living in pain all day long, some days better than others but constantly being in pain. Imagine always being tired even after you had your 8 hours of sleep. 1,141 more words

Life Lesson

Freedom comes with a Price-tag.......

Planning to quite my corporate job, had been thinking about it for a while.

If you read my last post, or from your own personal experience, you know that the longer I wait, the harder it will be…..the corporate world sucks…..I am sure almost everyone who had been in it for a while feels that way. 159 more words


First plane ride

It’s winter, we are under feet of snow so I dream of warmer places.

My friend Jude has been inspiring me to go back and re-live past vacations while dreaming of those to come. 199 more words

Cri Du Chat Syndrome

The Hardest Part is Getting Started

Have you ever said you were going to do something and then did everything in your power to not do it? Chances are you have and you are not alone. 910 more words


Obvious Observations, part 1

I’m 30 now. And married. And I think these two things entitle me to have formed some pretty obvious observations.

For example, I’m sitting and having lunch (I’m here trying to read a book to be a better coder but instead I’m doing this …). 265 more words

Du Jour Of The Week