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Learn to let go for something better

This topic was inspired by my baby niece (I still call her baby although I know she is a toddler). She’s only a year-old, yet she taught me something that can benefit me for a life time. 211 more words


The Beginning

Everybody lies.  Some say there are some lies that are small and insignificant.  White lies if you will.  Others think it is often better for the other person if we lie. 498 more words


Cheese, dipping oil and strawberry shortcake

Tonight I deserved some of my favorite food!

I try not to complain about my many aches.

My body hurts, all the time but not enough to stop me from moving along and finding my happiness. 368 more words

Cri Du Chat Syndrome

A haiku to live your life by 

Summertime is great

As long as you are not blind

So stop sniffing glue


Life sucks

So today was early release at Slam Miami High School and the UM mascot and cheerleaders came. It was fun. But I don’t talk about school or how my day went. 240 more words

A bad kind of butterfly

A bad butterfly? Is there such a thing?  When I was very young, I had a love (ok, an extreme passion) for collecting butterflies. During my summers in Virginia, I’d get out of bed, quickly eat breakfast and grab my butterfly net. 424 more words


A life lesson in 10 words

Don’t control what you can’t by doing what you shouldn’t.

Read it a few more times. I’m sure you’ll get the meaning (that is, if you didn’t understand it the first time like most other people around me). 8 more words