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It's not what you say, it's how you say it

I have found myself using this phrase more and more.  Honestly, sometimes it really is about what you say, but oftentimes the delivery makes the message virtually impossible to hear.  340 more words

Life Lessons

What is Enough

In our pursuit for the perfect California location, one question keeps coming up for me – What is enough when it comes to a house? 82 more words

Life Lessons

It's the Little Things

I’ve personally get so fascinated by the stories of other people talking even about the little blessing in their lives and the big blessings that I often times forget to think about how the Lord has really showed up in my life. 377 more words

Of Suffering from Kindness and Accepting Changes

You don’t know this but I want to quit from everything. There comes a time when I get tired from feeling too much things and healing them out of myself. 457 more words

How Not To Be A Complete Dick: Tips'n'Tricks

Why, hello my fellow co-existers! It’s a shitty shitty world we live in, isn’t it? In my 19 years of life I have learned tons of things. 783 more words

Silver lining?

What has a kitchen timer got to do with silver linings you may ask?
It all began with my doctor’s suggestion that I get one to help me remember to take a few minutes walking break from sitting at my desk every twenty minutes to help an inflamed nerve heal. 341 more words


How to Bend without Breaking

If we’re lucky enough to pursue something we really love, we’ll usually be presented with physical, mental, and sometimes even emotional challenges. But thankfully they’ll be challenges we’re willing to face. 665 more words

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