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Off the Edge into a Sea of Comparison

The concept of Comparison is a evil little thing. We constantly are going through life wishing for more, but why can’t we ever be satisfied? Personally, I feel as though my ambition can get the best of me, and that’s when I constantly compare: 206 more words

Life Lessons

Life Lessons and Braids

7 life lessons I have relearned and discovered in May. Pictures of me rocking the braids I got at Wuse Market on 10th may 2019. 183 more words


Wide Awake in the Early Morning

Early morning defined:  the hours between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m.

I have been a morning person my entire life. My mom always reminded me that I would wake the entire household when I got out of bed. 1,561 more words

The Things I've Learned

My 40th Birthday Insight

I sit down on my yoga mat and close my eyes.

Yesterday I posted the rest of my students’ grades, so today I am officially on vacation and I’m enjoying having a slow, late morning. 556 more words

Being Human

The Art of Being a Tree

The Tembusu heritage tree at Singapore Botanic Garden

Tinybuddha.com shared a beautiful article on what trees can teach us about Life.

I have often lamented that if this event or that was to have happened earlier in my timeline, I would be wiser and would have saved myself more than a few major embarrassments and grievous errors. 294 more words

Dads are more involved in parenting, yes, but moms still put in more work

On Jan. 21, in a collective demonstration of historic proportions, millions of women marched in Washington, D.C. and other cities around the world in support of key policy issues such as reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work and support for balancing work and family. 721 more words