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My chance to eat crow

I sat sweating bullets and I knew why. I couldn’t just blame the dual heat lamp/non-LED lighting fixtures trained on me. I faced conflict in my heart hearing a chasm between what I knew and what I did. 489 more words

Life Lessons

Why Am I An INTP?

The title of this article is partially derived from a goofy place within my being. Mostly, it’s goofy because I’ve struggled awhile finding my true personality type. 3,000 more words


2017: Page 201

Page 201 was a long workday that didn’t accomplish what I had hoped, so I pray that the writing of the page will help me to look back and see if it accomplished anything worthwhile.   886 more words

Life Lessons

Autism Facts

All humans are equal. There is not one human superior or inferior to any other human. A man digging in the trash for his dinner has the same rights and deserves the same respect as a successful woman entrepreneur. 153 more words


The More

It would make sense for me to be happy right now, sitting in this beautiful apartment, that I pay for with a roommate, on this nice furniture that I have acquired on my own. 696 more words


I stumbled onto something today literally by accident.  On Instagram.  Today in my therapy session, we talked some about why I fear my destiny, my power, my light.   320 more words

Life Lessons

The Best at Rest

There’s no shortage of life/marathon metaphors. You can even forget the marathon– life/running analogies are aptly plentiful. Day by day as I go through the training for this race in November, my running and my writing and even my relationships all seem to be reflecting similar lessons and themes. 767 more words