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Today I am grateful that school was not an option. That 12 years was a given; and a few more were strongly suggested. I am grateful for the quality of education I received, that prepared me well enough in order to get the funding I so desperately needed to do those extra years. 342 more words

I am taking some risks lately and am reminded of this wonderful poem by William Ward.   It supports the Five Laws of Life (Living From Your Heart… 183 more words
Living From Your Heart

My biggest life lesson!

We all have been there, be it the worst times or the worst mistakes, or both. Both are terrible, lonely, self-questioning, self-deprecating and soul-breaking. Worst times last too long and worst mistakes have long-lasting consequences. 222 more words


if...for girls

If…for Girls

If you can dance with glee when no one’s looking;
and laugh when others catch you unaware
If you can love the girl you gaze at in the mirror… 662 more words


5 meaningful life lessons

Hi lovelies ♥

There are so many lessons in life and most of them are meaningful but I feel these 5 are sometimes overlooked. Not liking someone or saying no can leave you feeling bad but quite frankly, you really shouldn’t feel that way. 653 more words

Why Headspace (dare I say it) may not be the app for you

Before you are turned off by the title hear me out. The Headspace app is changing the face of meditation. With the simplicity of the graphics and ease of the app it is definitely a force to be reckoned with. 783 more words

On Giving Advice

Many times, we are a good counselor for others, but a terrible one for ourselves. In other words, we are usually able to give good advice to people, but can’t seem to say the same thing to ourselves when the time comes, or, getting ourselves to act on the words that we said. 702 more words