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A letter to the stars: Universal Lessons of the holocaust

Last night i ran into  two Jamaicans in the train station ; an elderly white haired man held white tulips in his hand and when i told him how much i admire Bob Marley he told me Bob Marley’s son is coming to sing Saturday night at a musical event, he gave me the tulips and wished me all the best, this sort of blessings make the curses of knowing i live in a society where i have no understanding of what makes it run , what makes it operate beside material values, i fail to see the soul as i watch people stand i know they ae discussing their ailments, it is a sick society, Europe is a sick place filled with disease of racism and closed minded people and yet some let us in, they open the door only to slam it behind us, and there is nothing in me that tells them that i might be one of them; my pale skin color, my blue eyes make me think that i am an albino from the Caribbeans. 1,278 more words

Peacin' Out at Pondicherry!


When I hear this name, images spring into my head.. of frothy beaches, serene Auroville, the streets of white town and so much more. 817 more words


Refuse To Be Average

There is always a temptation to succumb to what everyone else is into or doing. That perhaps comes from our need to belong. Also it is easier to join the crowd than having to be and do different. 86 more words


3. Positive Friday

On the 29th of December 1881, at the age of 28, Vincent Van Gogh wrote a letter to Theo Van Gogh. In this letter he explains that he has gone too far with a risk he has taken and that there is no going back now. 208 more words

The Sun: A symbol of Causeless Happiness

Ever observed the sun in the morning?  we probably haven’t since we are engrossed into our daily routines to such an extent that the sun becomes just another normal something that we take for granted.   336 more words

Life Lessons

Google Maps - Life Lesson: Number Seventeen

On Monday, I had two doctor appointments after I was done working and the first one was near where I live at 9:30. I thought I knew where the doctor’s office was at and didn’t take the time to put it in Google maps. 44 more words

Random Thoughts

The Trump trauma

Reading this morning the news of Israel’s labor party denouncing the extreme right wing Austrian leader’s visit to Israel,and as they consider denouncing the British labor party’s antisemitic rhetoric cheapening the holocaust and saying Hitler was a zionist,i listen to a talk by Rabbi Israel Meir Lau whose survival as a child in Auschwitz is documented in a book i read a few years ago. 503 more words

A Stranger In Paradise