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Embracing Change...

I few days ago, I really wanted…no needed frozen yogurt.  The twinners were in Chicago on a trip for history class, so I thought it would be fun to take the oldest boy child, my sweet “Bug”, out for some delicious frozen goodness.  271 more words



It’s amazing how music can drift you off to someplace where you can be alone with your thoughts amidst the blaring crowd that surrounds you.The loud music that fills your brain can actually create clarity within your crowded and corrupted mind. 183 more words


Dear Janel

A good friend of mine asked me how come I never write about my depression. I had to sit and think of why, but in all actuality I spent every year of my life since the age of 11 experiencing my depression. 552 more words


Emotional Stupidity

Sometimes I can be an emotional moron

At 4:50 PM I knew I had a problem and I was about to create an even larger one. 550 more words

Life Lessons

Slime Farts are the Best Medicine

May 28, 2017

“Today I learned that laughter is the best medicine.”

It has been a long time since I wrote about my genius children.  They really are so smart. 717 more words



if you were sorry

why did you do it again

like a bee coming

for a second sting

when it should have


-Kim Lee

you will

only know me


i choose to

be gone

from you