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The Struggles And Love of An African Mother

Today I had gone to the shop to buy milk. I saw a mother, in hot temper, in pursuit of the son, a nursery school kid, with a red slipper on right hand and the other on her leg. 656 more words

Episode 4: Love In A Paper Bag

When I usually tell my friends that I work for an advertising firm, they define my life down to three events

What A Joke

Only apologize if you mean it. Otherwise, keep your distance and try to live a happy life.

I am a very forgiving person and I’ll always be willing to take a 360 degree turn just so things could be okay and right again. 460 more words


"The Green Mile" Movie Review:

“The Green Mile” is a film about Paul Edgecomb describing events to his friend, Elaine at the nursing home in regards to something that would unknowingly change his life forever. 314 more words

Friendship of Convenience

I have had limited friends in my life but whenever i call someone a friend I care for them, I think about them and wish that they remain happy. 378 more words

Life Lessons