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What We All Wish We Could Honestly Say To Our Childhood Self

You’re probably playing your own version of college right now, and let me tell you, the shit isn’t anything like your made up game. Your professors aren’t male models, and your boyfriend isn’t Jesse McCartney. 746 more words

Are We Born With Common Sense?

Common Sense.  We aren’t born with it, so we must learn it somewhere along the way as we grow up.  However, some seemed to have missed that lesson back in their school days.   369 more words

Life Lessons

19 Times Blair Waldorf Absolutely Bitch Slapped You With The Cold Hard Truth

Gossip Girl might be over years ago, but Blair Waldorf is remained in our hearts, or at least in mine and in my Netflix queues, forever. 664 more words


My lies leave behind a sour taste in my mouth whereas they appear to enrapture the listener.


The Growth of Independence

It was an awesome feeling, true freedom  and liberation of desires.
Exercising full capability  of great thoughts and ideas.
The power to manage and orchestrate to the beat of the chosen drums. 163 more words

Evee Hope

Grow Up, You Big Baby

Not until I had my first job did I realize that some adults never grow up. I witnessed many forms of self-absorption, envy, hate, and just plain meanness (from older co-workers). 347 more words

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