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Earth Day at Custer State Park

In December 2017 the Legion Lake Fire swept through the Black Hills near our summer landing spot. Although we had already departed for warmer climes, the impact was pretty horrific. 297 more words

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The 'Female Horror Writer' Stereotype

My notebook was hijacked from me three years ago. It had forty-eight completely thought-out, outlined novel ideas in its pages. Poof! This notebook vanished. It was gone. 1,067 more words

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Dependence OR Independence

So, what you are ?

Dependent ?

Independent ?

What ?

What exactly are you into ?

Dependent ?

You depend for food, clothing, shelter, studies, entertainment on parents, teachers, friends and every other person you meet. 576 more words


You Natural Beauty

Natural beauty
Is a thing of
People have stood in awe
Of mountains and valleys, oceans and deserts
Drawn to them
From across the world… 55 more words

18 months on and the Commonwealth Games

It is astonishing how something which you thought you had buried can still come back to haunt you. The Commonwealth Games started almost two weeks ago and I was glued to the screen, listening to the action through the left earbud of my headphones, one eye on my work screen and one eye on the live swimming action. 628 more words

Life Lessons

Great Life Lesson

So I learned something today, that I though I should pass on, to the phantoms who read my blog.

it simply this, never accept a promise from someone if it is dependent on a third party.  218 more words

Life Lessons

How An Astute Scam-Buster Got Scammed

Many years have passed since I last posted here.  Many things experienced, relationships born and ended and reincarnated,  projects launched and completed and resurrected, and a lot in between.  645 more words