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Upcoming Back Surgery

Yet again, it’s been a while.

I have a reason, though.

It turns out I’ve had two herniated disks in my lumbar region for about, enh, 2 years and change. 207 more words

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The Starting Point is with the Self

In the world of self-development as I teach it, which utilisesĀ ancient principles for modern stress-free living; the starting point to discovering everything of true value in life; especially in the realm of the things that money can’t buy and; which no thief can steal from you, starts with knowing theĀ self. 1,180 more words

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Holy Moly

So it’s been about 8 months since I’ve posted anything, which makes me think, is writing a coping mechanism for me? Because my life has been wonderfully amazing, and tonight, I feel the need for some reflection. 333 more words

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May Theme Reveal - Manifestation and Yoga Nidra

As June brings us to the half-way point of the year, we are going to take a look at the ways in which we create and manifest in our lives. 70 more words

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Technically Single Again

I never in a million years think that I’d find myself rapidly approaching my mid-50s and technically single again… My husband and I, like so many couples before us and no doubt so many couples since; promised each other that we’d be together “forever”… Yet here I am technically single again, not by my choice. 2,472 more words

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Head Over Boots

Wow! Almost four months since I wrote my first blog post and I am already failing miserably. When I said I was a procrastinator, that was no joke-Obviously. 488 more words

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Some times I envy the life of birds, so carefree with no obligations to this world, they do not have to obey rules of this society. 127 more words