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I am...

I am…is an extremely powerful start to a sentence. What follows I am… can change the way you look at yourself, and how others look at you.   60 more words

Motivational Monday

Most people dread the arrival of Monday morning. Back to work, back to stress, busy schedules and to-do lists. The brief retreat over the weekend only serves to amplify the heaviness when the work week returns. 722 more words

Chivalry isn't dead unless you let it be

We’ve all heard the saying “chivalry is dead” and after diving head first into the current dating scene you’d probably 100% agree with that statement. All guys want is sex. 536 more words

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How We Sold Our Home in 2 Weeks

Welcome back! The funny thing about the amount of time a home is on the market before it goes under contract, is that it doesn’t account for the amount of time spent prepping for its sale. 418 more words


8 Red Flags That You're Dating A Manipulator

The manipulator is a guy you will date and things will seem amazing. At first, you’ll be captivated by his whit and charm and wonder how you got so lucky. 252 more words

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66 Things Every 20-something Needs To Hear Right Now

  1. Life is way too short to feel embarrassed.
  2. Tinder is for sex, and sex only.
  3. If your relationship is sh*t, there are 7 billion other people out there.
  4. 717 more words
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October Theme Reveal - Root Down Ashi Box

This month in the Root Down Ashi Box we’ll explore transitioning with grace, getting grounded as we begin fall, and we’ll also look at the root chakra and the role it plays in grounding and transitions.   47 more words

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