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My life , a tragedy, black time

One loved me as soul, I gave him sadness, he is a person who follows some qualities. Everyday I make him trouble, however he loves me. 209 more words

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Chill, hazey and ambient tunes that you can get lost in. Happy listening. Xx 26 more words


Sudden Descents

You know those days… you’re minding your own business and doing housework or working on a project when suddenly Anxiety, Depression or Misery grabs you by the shoulder, whispers (or yells) “Time For An Adventure” and whisks you off somewhere until you’re looking at the world through their veil, or up at a distant light from the pit they dug for you. 101 more words

Life & Love

Hierarchy or Life ?

A tiny hand clutching your finger, I was walking on the road just yesterday. I still remember the first day of my school when you were on your knees, trying to fasten my shoe laces. 540 more words