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When I wish for more courage I look to Invictus. These words contain limitless power.

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit From pole to pole,

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The Paralysis of Uncertainty.

The paralysis of uncertainty is unmatched. Overcoming it seems to be even more challenging.

Uncertainty has a way of freezing you up and making simple tasks difficult. 610 more words


The Ruins of Balat, more than inspiration

You know that special period of the year, the time when summer is on its way to turn into autumn, that short moment when you feel like the nature is dancing slowly and changing the clothes while dancing, when your heart is capable to fall in love with someone new or to unlove someone forever and restart a new turn in a life, when nature inspires you to finally go towards what you have been desiring to get, when it makes you feel so mother nature to you, taking you into her arms while dancing and turning you together with herself. 363 more words


My Boobs are Shrinking

My boobs are shrinking. In 14 months, I have had to change bra size three times and bras cost a freaking fortune. What do you mean $65.00? 724 more words

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Don't Ask Me When I'm Getting Married

“How is ‘Oga’?”
That’s the sure question that follows greetings between people who probably used to date or from that guy who wanted to date you, but suddenly got married to someone else. 137 more words

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Would you pick someone standing in the rain?

Karu is such a lovely place. More lovely when it rains. There is no noise, but folks like Akara vendors still go about their business as usual seeing as it’s a Saturday. 154 more words

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Why I'm Having a Mid-Life Crisis at 26

I took all the right steps, I graduated high school, college, and got a full time job. I changed my full time job to a different one, and here I am, feeling unfulfilled in a different way. 277 more words

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