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"Seeing Someone"

Around 12:30 pm:

I kid you not; I’m sitting here writing down my feelings in order to force myself to stop looking at my phone.  I can’t help myself. 493 more words


"Grandpa's Hat"

Jean and I were walking Kachina Wetlands near sunset a few weeks ago, when up rode this kid, stunting on his bike like you’ve never seen from 5-year-old. 69 more words

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monday memo

was there ever a shirt more appropriate for a monday than this one? oh, and yeah…who’s with me?! :)

hope your monday is as good as mondays can ever be. 11 more words


Everyone has a story...

I started writing this blog three weeks ago. And let me tell you, it has changed my life. Although I quipped about it being cheap therapy, it actually has turned out to be incredibly therapeutic. 595 more words




Постојано си го постауваше тоа прашање-зошто? Таа сакаше да се смени бидеќи нејзината добра душа и штетеше.Се обидуваше да биде добра со секого и да им угоди на сите..но никако не успеваше. Секогаш таа беше таа која плачеше и страдаше. Да,сакаше да се смени по секоја цена,но не успеваше,се обиде милион пати но не одеше. Осети дека има претежок товар,не можеше повеќе да истрпи..секој ден,секоја ноќ,бараше начин, но не успеваше. А другите ја гледаа како друга личност,како да е сосема друг човек,како да се сменила,и ѝ велеа : 

-Можеби несакајки се променив,прошепоти во себе..доста беше страдање САКАМ ДА БИДАМ ДРУГ ЧОВЕК рече таа и им одговори :
-Јас сум и не се променив туку престанав да се однесувам како што ви одговара вас !


Graduated and back to blogging! 

Note: I thought I had published this back on June 25th but it was a draft for some reason!

Well, two years flew by! In May I graduated from grad school with a Master’s in Social Work. 244 more words

Life & Love

Racism and Reconciliation

“My premise begins with the belief that God resides in every human being. And I think at the core, privilege is an othering of people. It is an othering of people that is also supported structurally, institutionally in such a way that it’s become the norm.

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