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Being Present (Even With Second-Day Hair)

A greatly wise Friend (friend capitalized on purpose) disclosed that most highly successful people spend more time focused on balancing their inner world then their outer image. 388 more words

Life Management


When you’re stressed it can be hard to keep glowing. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of stress relievers to help you get back your radiance! 142 more words

Life Management

Transcending Life By Virtue of Bhagvad Gita ( R. Radhika & Vishank Singh)

The world is brimming with atrocities, plights and redundant sense gratifications despite being a creation of the supreme godhead. All it has to offer is the materialistic happiness and sorrows which ultimately takes us nowhere and we are wedged in the circles of death and rebirth. 2,540 more words

Bhagwad Gita

Without Change there is no progress!

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” (Joseph Campbell) 633 more words


Organise your life & business

Do you dream of something new coming into your life? Do you want to change your job? Do you have a new business in mind? Do you want to start exporting? 347 more words


How to Forgive and Forget | Real Simple

Bury the hatchet. Let bygones be bygones. Kiss and make up. We have so many ways of describing forgiveness—but so few strategies for actually achieving it. 932 more words

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Simplifying your Life

I found this amazing post that I want to share with you

Simplifying your life

Simplifying your life is a journey, not a destination. What might work for you this decade might not fit the next. 2,182 more words