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I had been struggling with depression for several months. I had cut off my only friends in Wichita because of what happened New Years eve, Brett was no longer talking to me because of some of my believes, and my Papa and I were always fighting when he was home and he has recently found the cuts on my arm that I typically had covered with a black wrist band. 983 more words

Life Moments

Storage Room - complete

I love posted home reno projects on my blog so we can look back and see all of the improvements we made, and as well to have everything dated.  41 more words

Blarely a Mess

When making this blog I wanted to come up with a name that described me in detail… BARELY A MESS was the URL I felt described my life accurately. 72 more words

Life Moments

What's New in Georgia

On February 1st I flew to Georgia to what I thought would be a four day vacation. But when arriving I realized without a doubt I was going to be quitting my job when returning home.   293 more words


A Vinegar Valentine

Ah, Valentine’s Day – a celebration of love and ancient tradition. Given, I am not much of a celebrator of the day, but even I can appreciate the history of it, as well as how it has evolved over the years. 860 more words

Life Moments

A Valentine's Memory & Mousse

I think my favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is the spirit of kindness and love that seem to carry on throughout the month. Yes, it’s commercial but love is everlasting, right? 747 more words

Crochet Blanket - Vintage Ripple Pattern

I just love creating, I love working with my hands, I find it very challenging and rewarding.

I learned to crochet as a kid.  My mother taught me as a young girl, and I must say my cabbage patch dolls had a very sophisticated wardrobe including very chic and one of a kind ponchos. 152 more words