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Arms Akimbo

When I am talking with someone, I never know what to do with my arms. Should I cross them? No, that looks too closed off and serious. 432 more words

Life Moments

Facing Reality Head On

I was once told that everyone experiences a mid-life crisis every seven years.  At which point, you start to reevaluate your life, and of course check on your progress.   552 more words

Life Moments

Early Morning Lessons

Have you ever used someone else’s clothing to clean the baby’s spit-up? I have. C.J. made a small mess and S.J.’s pajama pants were on the floor. 348 more words

Life Moments

| E N O U G H |

Enough.  It’s an interesting word.  What is enough?  When is “it” enough.  Who appears to be enough?  Will we every have enough…?

You are enough. 690 more words

Life Moments

Coffee Shop Music

Now Playing: Random coffee shop playlist from YouTube.

This kind of music calms me down and helps me think. Especially during this week where I won’t get another break until next Tuesday (I hope). 46 more words


The Different Kinds of Soulmates And Their Real Purpose

Human life’s purpose is to return to unconditional love. Depending on the type of relationship, as we learn to love unconditionally,  we feel affection, friendship and romance. 38 more words

Life As We Know It

The Boy at Embarcadero

As I walked up the escalator, I squeezed my closed fist to feel the two, one dollar bills I was holding readily. As the escalator came up, I egged my neck to see if he was there standing. 540 more words

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