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My Greatest Teacher

With your hopeful eyes, you bring me your ball
Knowing it will make me smile
Your tail wags as you nudge it to me
As I pick it up, you crouch low in anticipation… 118 more words


Unplanned moments !

The moments you make, plays forever in your mind.

Always be happy in the moment you live, that’s enough.

Be a little lost for sometime and cherish those parts. 45 more words

Sun Faith

As the sun prepares to disappear for its slumber
It starts its decent toward the water
The bright heat of the day
Is replaced with a soft cool twinkling over the waves… 92 more words


Short stories of a fat kitten

September 12, 2017

“Get out of the dishwasher!”, I shout. Words I never thought I would say.

“Meooooowwwww”, comes from the dishwasher. Sylvester’s high meow and purring echoing from inside my clean appliance. 209 more words


Perks! Caveats! Secrets! Collective Travel Tips for Going Solo

Many of the most meaningful and fun experiences in my life have happened while traveling alone. I met people who are now life-long friends; took part in a Vendemmia (family grape picking and crushing celebration) in Italy; was treated to an “insider’s” tour of Rome by a fantastic guide, Andreas, who made the sites extra special because he felt sorry for me traveling solo; and drove winding French roads in the rain to Rocamadour, France, on a spiritual quest to visit a Black Madonna. 2,658 more words

Life Moments

My Faerie Princess

Your laughter lights up the room
As you dance, excited to see me
My heart overflows with love
I really would do anything for you… 63 more words