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Chasing train cars

One round trip ticket to the city please. You let me buy the better option since it was indeed cheaper. I was wearing my trench coat and my thick rim glasses, you than and I were talking and you told me I look good in my glasses. 92 more words

Never apologize who you are..

I mean it when I say never apologize who you are to anyone.. I went on a nature walk today thinking god I just wish I had clarity on things I have moved on from everything but it dawned on me.. 279 more words

What I learned from Jen Hatmaker...

If we’ve met, you already know I’m a huge fan of Jen Hatmaker. When I heard that her and Nichole Nordeman were bringing their¬† 627 more words


Surrendering in the City

*Beep..Beep* I dread going into work that morning.. I breathed in and out as I try not to panic for my day ahead of me. I was shaking by the time my boss found me in my floor where I was working with my patients.. 365 more words

For Jen Hatmaker and Nichole Nordeman.

Dear Jen and Nichole,

As I walked into the church on Thursday night, with my Moxie Matters Tour ticket in hand, anxious and excited and praying that I would not lose all my chill during the meet-and-greet, I had a pretty intense feeling that something special was about to happen. 522 more words


Life moments I didn't realise were important until they were memories

1.  The former leader of the Salvation Army, General Eva Burrows, used to be based at the drop-in centre and church I used to volunteer at in Melbourne. 1,154 more words


2018 Capturing More of the Every Day!

After many years of hesitating about having a third child, we finally had our third son, and now when I look around my table at dinner, I feel it is complete. 303 more words