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Life Does not Stop for the Caregiver - It Just Changes

No one plans on caregiving particularly, for many it just happens. In my case it was an automobile accident which left my son Chris with a serious traumatic brain injury (TBI). 819 more words


The Artist, pt. 2 (Final Part)

Dancing through the field of my consciousness,
I gather up my thoughts like fistfuls of prairie grass
And bind them together to use the tips as… 73 more words


The Spectator, pt. 1

All of life’s occurrences –
Clouds floating across the sky of our lives.
On a sunny day, I lay in the meadow of my consciousness, 61 more words


Leveling Up

I turned 24 last week. (Be prepared for a slightly reflective post that kinda doubles as a pep talk to myself).

While 24 is still very young, I feel I am now at the age of expectations. 267 more words

Life Occurrences

Live music and dodgy hotels

There’s nothing quite like live music.

This past weekend we went to see O.A.R live in Saratoga – which was most certainly a highlight of our much anticipated day off. 269 more words

Life Occurrences

On the Rag: Why Life can be so Unfair!

Boo, fucking hoo. It’s my party and I will cry if I want to bitches, and cry indeed I will.

Let me lament, for you see, I feel the need to whine like a total baby. 755 more words

My Best Yet

I remember exactly where I was this time last year.
I was sitting on my couch in my city apartment. I felt sad and a little bit depressed. 314 more words

Life Occurrences