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Everything Would Have Been Realized on Earth

Had the three disciples been willing to die with Jesus, he would not have had to die. Everything would have been realized on the Earth. Since the Holy Spirit came and there were spiritual sons and daughters, the father and mother spirit could build a foundation on the earth, at least spiritually, and fulfill the will. 449 more words


Alive With Christ

All people are unique and different in some way.  Yet all of us suffer from similar temptations and the sinful nature.  We are sinners because of things we do and the things we do not do.  124 more words

Faith Journey

Was Jesus "deeply moved" or "furious" at the tomb of Lazarus?

Q. In Nancy Pearcey’s new book Love Thy Body, she states that though many English translations say that Jesus was “deeply moved and troubled” at the tomb of Lazarus, the original Greek actually means that he expressed “furious indignation.” Pearcey then quotes Os Guinness as saying that Jesus was outraged because “evil is not normal” and that the death of Lazarus was contrary to the good and beautiful world God had originally created. 872 more words

Life Of Jesus

Life With The Spirit

We can be content knowing God is in control.  No matter what the world does to try and keep us away, God is always with us.  135 more words

Faith Journey

The Perfection of the Ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus Christ

The Kingdom of Heaven we sincerely wish for today is not only the hope of human beings but also the hope of God. Consequently, the ideology that can build this Kingdom of Heaven must pass through the individual level and possess world quality and universal quality to agree with the heavenly principles. 669 more words


The standard of love that Jesus established

What did Jesus do to realize the value of such a cosmic life? He elevated love. In other words, he propagated new words of the gospel to complete the value of cosmic life in heaven and earth. 695 more words

Sun Myung Moon

He is Alive

Text: Mark 15:42-16:8

Passage in Context

The last few days for the disciples had been a confusing
time. Peter had confessed Jesus as the Messiah (Mark 8:29). 2,066 more words

Life Of Jesus