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Angel Messages September 21 2017

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We love you

This is a good thing, Angels!!!

Angel Messages

Your Health Matters: 3 Powerful Perks of Living a Life of Purpose

Excerpt from: 3 Heart-Health Perks of Living a Life of Purpose

By T. Jared Bunch, MD

I want to talk about having a purpose in life and how it influences health. 805 more words

Health & Wellness

Balancing this world and the hereafter

What do we do when we are too concerned with only one part of our lives?

If we are obsessed with our looks, we might spend more time at the gym, always be concerned about makeup/hair, try new diets, worry about our wardrobes… 450 more words


Do you know why?

You might not have been born into a dynasty but build one, no one knew when you were born, how or where but make sure they know when you die. 439 more words


Win or Win

Be determined to accept only one possible outcome and that is to win. Excuses are for sissies and like someone put it an excuse is a good reason for a bad result. 374 more words


Setting Priorities

I am finding so much fulfillment in writing/blogging. It feels like this is what I am supposed to be doing at this point in my existence. 160 more words

Changing your Reality

The reality you currently live once existed in your subconscious mind, it was once a figment of your imagination, and it was once a dream. Your reality is made up of two distinct levels: the tangibles and the intangibles, things that we see and the things that do not yet appear. 668 more words

Become A Person Of Value