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Setting Priorities

I am finding so much fulfillment in writing/blogging. It feels like this is what I am supposed to be doing at this point in my existence. 160 more words

Changing your Reality

The reality you currently live once existed in your subconscious mind, it was once a figment of your imagination, and it was once a dream. Your reality is made up of two distinct levels: the tangibles and the intangibles, things that we see and the things that do not yet appear. 668 more words

Become A Person Of Value

Qualification vs Competence – The dilemma of a failed Educational system

The workplace gateway has long been guarded by believers in institutional learning, people who made job entry requirement the qualification from a formal institution of learning. 744 more words

Become A Person Of Value

The Elevator Pitch – you are always selling

If your life was a business and your skills were a service or product and you had 20 to 30 seconds to spark the interest of a major mogul in you, it’s an elevator ride and you have one shot at this, what would you say? 752 more words

Become A Person Of Value

One Thing

Strip your dreams and pursuit to one, let your eyes become one, focused solely on that dream and vision and blinded to everything else. Let one thing consume you, light up your life as fire flows through your veins stemming from the unflinching fixation on one. 711 more words

Become A Person Of Value

Happiness Hustle - What you want now and what you want most

Every day our choices puts us through one of two experiences – Pain or Pleasure, our choices determine in the long run if we would have a happy life. 739 more words

Become A Person Of Value

To Sis, With Love - Leaders Are What We Are

To Sis,

Sis, I stared out into my garden today just in time to see a mother hen swiftly walking past my tomatoes with two chicklings in close pursuit. 313 more words