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A Question of Who

A crisis not of many words
And terrifying in its simplicity.
Approaches from behind the shadows
Cast by ones own identity.
“Who am I?” then “Who are you?”, 86 more words


Fun with hurricanes; a cautionary tale

I’ve lived in Florida for 20 years. Before that I spent nearly every summer here with my grandparents. I also was born here and lived here from age three to seven, so I really should know that Florida is a magnet for hurricanes. 891 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Home is a cave in California

One of the things I love about being a journalist (and, I should add, being single in my 30s) is the constant element of surprise. You never really know what lies on the road ahead, and what stories you end up writing about or being an active participant of. 393 more words



It happened 11 years ago this month, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Hurricane Katrina had flooded New Orleans. Every television station was broadcasting around-the-clock live coverage. 546 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Thank you.

Thank you Lord for the strength to get through each day.  Thank you for my son who worries for me and is determined I stick around as long as possible.  196 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Weary Paws

On weary paws
Through stretched out days
Blood stained claws
To memory fades.
“No rest for the wicked”
An unfair sentiment?
Because he’s unrestful
Means he’s not innocent? 53 more words


Let go of the steering wheel

On the way to bring kids to school this morning I started thinking about, aka freaking out about, our financial situation. What could I sell, what could we do, to get by another week? 252 more words

Stretching My Faith