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Tiny Little Voices

The last two weeks have been hard. I have felt vulnerable at best and worthless at worst. You wouldn’t think getting passed over for a promotion would do that to you, except that the insult was one in a string of many. 639 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Easy As It Seems

The approaching night and this end,
Will give this mind some time to mend.
Nearing completion of another long maze,
Waiting for what would free her of this haze. 69 more words



There is never a right time, just always the wrong one. Too early and too soon. I wish you could have waited a bit longer for me to say goodbye but the choice was never mine, always yours. I miss you. Yours, Pollybert

Life Or Something Like It

"To Each His Own"

I care not for your subtle whinings,
While after me your gods are pining.
Wishing me to turn and worship,
Their cultish ways, their blackened, cursed ship, 68 more words



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If only the curiosity of children was as contagious to adults, as their smiles and laughter.

Life Or Something Like It

Everyday Slough

One so tired with one beside,
And waiting for the sleep betide.
The end of this long path draws near.
And he, with nothing left to fear, 53 more words


Coming up for Air

Entry 06/22/2015 12:11:24 AM – Mentat 929

I know, I know — no art…  Less of that lately (I’ll get to that in a minute), and a rather banal come all-over-the-place journal entry.  1,571 more words

Life Or Something Like It