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Been a while

So yesterday was the first big storm of the season. The kids and grandkids were here, thankfully. The tornado hit across town, close to Brandy’s house. 347 more words

Life Or Something Like It

We're moving!

It was only a matter of time before we moved again, right?

Well, thankfully, this time we aren’t going too far.

We’ve been talking with Pat’s mom for awhile now about her moving in with us. 472 more words

Crazy Family


So, I’ve been single for nearly four months now.

Technically it’s been a little over seven since The Break-up, but I’m only counting from the point we stopped doing the whole oh-look-we-invented-an-excuse-to-see-each-other-whoops-we’re-hooking-up-oh-dear-how-did-this-happen-is-it-a-walk-of-shame-if-you-practically-used-to-live-here? 432 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

Of Sheep and Wolves

Early on in the movie American Sniper,  a young Chris Kyle‘s father is seen telling him something very simple, yet relevant and true. . 132 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Somewhere Far Away

One can only wonder why,
And what franks does with all his time.
And what he might do someday
If hes invited again to play. 56 more words


Eating disorders: Getting better without "recovery"

I realised that I haven’t mentioned my eating disorder in a while. The reason for that is that it isn’t as large a part of my life and thoughts as it used to be. 1,538 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

This is real life

Life is crazy right now, so as much as I’d like to write a lengthy, humorous, inspiring post, all I can come up with right now are some pictures from the weekend. 224 more words

Making Memories