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Words Are Words

When words are words, that’s all they were,
Who tells you what to infer?
Looking beyond them, in to deep.
A nonexistent secret do they keep? 89 more words


Five Lessons I Learned In September

Hello dear reader. September has not been kind to me, and there have been a lot of hard life lessons I’ve had to learn. So here is five of the most important. 462 more words

Life- Or Something Like It

Where Did Empathy Go?

A detour on the commuter bus into NYC clearly showed how little empathy people have for their fellow passengers.

Because of construction the bus was sent on a detour and ended up taking a wrong turn.   137 more words

Life - Or Something Like It

A Deadly Book

A forgotten day finds her,
She remains lost,
In a search for knowledge, sure
There is no cost.
At the end she finds,
There is such a price. 41 more words


The Bad Juju that comes with the Aftermath

Michael’s First Blog on the Net | One of many blogs, this one dates back the farthest

Entry 09/23/2015 09:19:17 PM – Mentat 993

As of yesterday morning I’m through with all the things that I need to order and/or replace. 1,083 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Anniversaries... Yay, celebrate with fire and drama

Entry 09/21/2015 04:01:44 AM – Mentat 992

It’s rather surprising that it’s coming up on three months since the last time I posted a journal entry public.  2,123 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Mandatory Snopes Checks

The Presidential election season is the perfect time for Facebook, Twitter and other social media to implement automatic Snopes checks.  

You know who these people are.   200 more words

Life - Or Something Like It