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Silence Is Required

Silence is required.
Cease the chatter from your hole,
That reflects heart, that reflects the soul.
Too many words uninspired,

An eyeless face. 43 more words


Mostly whining

I went to a Halloween thing at a metaphysical store, and had a mini Reiki session. One of the things the practitioner told me was that my throat chakra was blocked, and I should work on expressing myself more, saying what I’m feeling or thinking. 650 more words

Life Or Something Like It

Friends Without the Benefits

Hello dear reader.

If you have been kind enough to read any of my previous posts, then you would know that I am a large breasted female. 807 more words

Life- Or Something Like It

I am responsible for my feelings and actions

The last few days and weeks have been emotionally difficult for me. Things with D have been complicated, I’m struggling with the weight I have gained since having a thyroidectomy, and I had my first piece of assessed work for my latest university module due on Monday. 576 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

There's no remedy for memory, your face is like a melody, it won't leave my head

It’s been six weeks since I landed on home soil, and already California and camp and those redwood sunsets seem as foreign to me now as this world did when I was there. 370 more words

Life (or Something Like It)

A Catalonian Frame of Reference: What People Worry About

While being in Barcelona, I have done a lot of comparing with Beirut. It’s natural I guess, to compare your new relationship, flaws and all, ¬†with the previous one that gripped your heart. 448 more words