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Water water everywhere

How much is a glass of water worth to you? If you pay whatever price that is; or if it is free, does it taste sweeter? 974 more words

Life Outside Work

Mommy goes Digital – my first steps

There is no doubt that the world is going digital and people working in the business world need to adapt to this new way of conducting business whether they like it or not. 694 more words

Life Outside Work

You cannot be loyal to everybody!

Lately, it seems like every shop, when paying, asks me if I have a loyalty card. I have a few but my wallet cannot hold any more. 307 more words

Life Outside Work

2015 Resume Tips #3

In order to have a resume which has maximum impact on potential employers, you should carefully consider everything you include on your resume.  Allocating space to on your… 518 more words


Technology – With or without you

My alarm goes off at 7.15 a.m. on a cold Saturday morning in Dublin. I go down to the kitchen and make breakfast before checking the news and weather on my phone. 498 more words

Life Outside Work

Child's Play

Children using technology as part of their daily life – where do you stand?

Recently at work, I attended a meeting where the discussion turned to children and technology. 247 more words

Life Outside Work

Thoughts about Ignorance

I was thinking recently. This is a habit I’m trying to re-acquire. I’d actually recommend it and I now believe it’s more important than ever in a world of constant stimulation. 587 more words

Life Outside Work