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Thoughts from my virtual notice board

It’s been two days of back-to-back meetings. Most of them have been productive and interesting, but not all. Some decisions have been taken, lots of information has been shared. 402 more words



endless tigers
roam the jungle
to our approval
and consternation

Forrest Pasky

The grizzly world of teddy bear deaths

“More people are killed by teddy bears than by grizzly bears.” That was the Tweet that was first on my timeline when I woke at 2am this morning. 631 more words

General Musings

Wildernesses still exist

The account of Benedict Allen’s disappearance in the interior of Papua New Guinea, reads like something from a boy’s own adventure book. So far he has only been spotted by plane near an otherwise inaccessible air strip, and a helicopter evacuation will take a further 24 hours to arrange. 169 more words

General Musings

Life Is but a Dream: On Destinations Not Matching Plans

I awaken, groggy from a night of multiple wakeful periods where I toss and turn to find a comfortable position. My body is one big ache. 1,084 more words


Working from home : an informal guide

In common with many people, I occasionally choose to work from home rather than going into the office. Admittedly, the distinction between home and work had become more blurred for me in the past 15 months. 643 more words

Life & Philosophy

Quite disappointed and rather upset about this

This report resonated strongly with me today. My natural preference is to write in the passive voice. I try to avoid writing or speaking in absolutes. 534 more words

Life & Philosophy